Stickman Readers' Submissions July 4th, 2008

The Princess Quotes

The following are quotes from the Incountry submissions over the past three years.

mens clinic bangkok

The Princess of Patpong was not the prettiest girl in the bar. She had been a brick layer and hod carrier before she started dancing. When
the dancing season got slow and the food got scarce and the rent was due she tried boxing at the Pink Panther in Patpong. Patpong is to Bangkok like the South Side is to Chicago. Like East ST. Louis is to St. Louis.

She did well boxing. Not a small framed Thai girl she had a high riser butt that linked to her right arm and gave her a knockout punch much bigger than her 5’3”” frame. Her skin was darker than the average dancer, soft
but resistant to cuts. Her cheek bones were high and larger than most and her jaw was square and hard as rock. She could take a punch that would knock out or at least disable most Thai men.

Sweaty one night after going three rounds before her opponent retired she wanted to go home and shower.

Her corner man said the farang wanted to buy her a drink. She laughed and said no. The farang tipped her 500 baht and waved as she went out the door. She thought dunk dunk farang and went home.

Next Wednesday night she was back at the Pink Panther and the same farang was there. She asked her corner man, “who farang?” He enquired and returned with the words “Chiang Mai Kelly”. As she stretched and limbered
up her corner man came back and said, “Kelly pay dancer 5000 baht to box in your place and he speak, he want buy you drink”

Now 5000 baht was not chump change so she drank with Farang Kelly.

At a sleepy little beer bar in Chiang Mai the foreigner was sweating and working on his 6th Chiang beer and 6th shot of Mekong whiskey and he was feeling good. It wasn’t his first trip north and he liked these up country Thais. In
Bangkok even his 6’2" athletic frame was not enough to be sure ten of those little buggers did not do him harm when he got feeling frisky.

wonderland clinic

Chiang Mai was different, no Thai mob just a bunch of ex pats and friendly Thai girls nothing to stop the ornery spell if he got drunk and a little loud.

He asked the bartender who the bloke was at the end of the bar. The girl said, “Chiang Mai Kelly”. He thought who the fuck is Chiang Mai Kelly and dismissed the old ex pat as a mindless twit probably ex Vietnam riff raff drinking
his life away. He didn’t like old people. He didn’t like fat people. As a matter of fact he didn’t like people who were not just like him.

The night wore on and his tab grew by the hour as did his mood to hear some other music besides the awful mix of old jazz and 60’s rock and Doo Wop that was loaded in the CD player.

He let everyone know his displeasure. But nothing happened. These little slant eyes were ignoring him, he thought.

Who own place he bellowed?

The girl closest him nodded in the direction of Kelly.

Hey old man, he said, change the fucking tunes.

To his surprise Kelly did not look up from the yellow pad that he was writing on and that was the obvious center of his interest.

He yelled again louder this time but still no response.

He got up from his bar seat and walked, lurched over to the end of the bar to confront this “Chiang Mai Kelly” face to face.

He yelled close up and in his ear “Change the fucking tunes” and unleashed a roundhouse right that was telegraphed from outer space and in slow motion.

Kelly was taking a cigarette from its package and looked up as the devastating blow was coming aimed for his head.

Kelly didn’t flinch as he pulled the cigarette out of the package.

The Princess of Patpong was standing quietly at Kelly’s side as she always did.

The big farang did not see the upper cut coming. It hit him the same time as the Muy Thai knee to the groin. Long before his punch reached the halfway arc his head snapped back from the princess’s right and her knee doubled him over
just in time to get her elbow in his temple.

The only thing keeping him conscious as he fell backward towards the floor was the searing pain in his crotch. His head hit the wood floor with a bang and he rolled over in a fetal position trying to protect what was left of his manhood.

The princess was putting ice on her knuckles as Kelly poured her a whiskey. “Princess you getting to old for this stuff” he said as he looked at her right hand. “You know I could have taken him.”

The princess laughed and drank her whiskey down and wondered where she would be without Kelly.

She looked at the yellow pad and at the words at the top of the page and wondered what they meant.

She wished she could read English. Well maybe next year she would learn.

She asked “Kelly, what you write?” “You stoy me again?”

“Chi, teluk I story you.”

“What called stoy?”

“Princess Patpong, name story. I’ll read you after, OK?”

“Sure, sure. go home now.”

“OK baby go home now.”

A night club in Chiang Mai.

There is applause. Oh God. Princess has vaulted up on stage and is standing in the corner one pants leg rolled up and the zipper of her jeans half down and her ass length hair flying in the breeze as she gets her groove on.

The band has stopped except for the drummer. Now for any women reading this if you are not the prettiest chic on the planet remember the Princess.

I watch the eyes of the crowd. She has got them focused on her naked calf, her unzipped fly and her waist length hair.

The Bangkok shuffle is but a memory. This is a razor sharp hard as nails Patpong Pro. She will shake you and bake you and slit your throat for a dime and you will die a happy man.

The Princess learned to dance in places where bullets were as frequent as drum beats (I looked at her passport).

She earned every bump and every grind the hard way. She knows how to work a crowd.

The crowd is clapping. A Japanese guy gets up and tries to tip her. She grabs the cash and kicks him in the chest and he liked it as he rolled back to his seat and broke the chair he landed on. Ya, she’s a pro.

I try and not look. She is giving me that hand signal like she wants money but I know that’s not it. She wants my Swiss army knife.

Oh well, there goes another pair of jeans.

I give her the knife.

She can handle a knife and the guy on the spot light hit’s the blade as she slices her left jean leg open to the waist. Damn that knife is sharp. Just like daddy told me, always keep it sharp. And then she whips the knife into the
top of a Peavey speaker.

Her chest is struggling. It looks like her bra is having a battle with her body. Big breast and surprisingly perky for a 37 year old Thai lady.

The base player has now joined the drummer and I think I am watching a porn movie being made. The guys in the crowd are starting to get hot. The women in the crowd are starting to smell the guy phernomes and they are getting randy.

They all see her eyes on the pole. The pole is like her nirvana. She is a pole whore. She likes the pole and the pole likes her. The lead guitar starts to whack out the high tones. And her hips start to pump. Everyone in the room knows what
I know every night. She takes a flying leap like a runner sliding head first into home she snags the pole and in one fluid motion snakes up the pole and off goes the sequined purple City Woo top. I don’t know what the hell City Woo means
but that was on the shirt I bought her at the night bazaar.

Now the girls come back out on stage and start singing.

Princess is being a good girl and keeping her pants and bra on for the time being as she works the pole while the girls sing.

I get two songs to relax. Before the crowd can’t take it any more and they all stand up and start stomping the floor.

She throws her hair in her face and hangs her head in rhythm with the beat, turns around and rips off what remains of her jeans and purple panties.

By now the band is dancing around the pole.

She has got them begging to see her tits.

The hundred baht notes are flying towards the stage and the wife of the Japanese guy is trying to give her money.

Her hair covers her face and chest as the drummer is going crazy and when she releases those puppies. For Sweden they aren’t particularly big breasts but they really create a stir in Chiang Mai. In Chiang Mai she is stacked. In Chiang
Mai she is Pamela Anderson.

She raises her arms and shakes her hair from her face and I think I am in a Fellini movie.

Every profession has it stars. Golf has it’s senior tour and thousands of people still clap and Patpong strippers have the Princess.

A middle aged Isaan woman that on a given night if the moon is just right and the lights are just right and if the music is just right can still bring the house

I woke up this morning to a cold wind coming in over the green mountains as a result of the cyclone coming through the night before. My eyes still closed I hear the swish swish of a broom. A soft singing as princess is doing her morning sweeping.
She opens the sliding glass doors to let the fresh morning air in and gets the mop and then she begins her ritual of moping the entire place and scrubbing down the bathroom signing softly some Thai ditty that I vaguely recognize.

I hear the ham sizzling in the wok and smell an omelet cooking. My eyes are still closed when the espresso machine makes its hiss and I know she will wake me soon.

Kelly, gin cow.

The Pig and Whistle, Pattaya.

I told the Princess she was just like a Farang and the bar ladies were ripping her off just like they ripped off Farangs and she wasn’t even getting laid in the process. I reminded her that I paid the bills and my cardinal rule “no
honey no money.” I could have stopped there but I was wound up. I started with the you have no friends routine. When you sick, who take care of you? When you want clothes, who buy? When you want to visit parents, who pays? You don’t
even go to the cheap Thai hospitals, you go Farang hospital, same same Farang puying. You eat Farang food.

You drink Farang Tequila. Damn woman you are turning into a Farang. Next month you lose hair and grow pot belly just like Farang. She of course kept telling me to shut up because I was getting worse by the minute.

I finally went downstairs to the pub to cool off. An Old Speckled Hen took the edge off of my anger. While at the bar a whirlwind looking vaguely like the Princess storms by me and out into the night.

A half an hour later I was engaged in conversation with two older likeable Brits about politics and bar girls when the Princess makes her grand re entrance. And she is not alone. In tow she has two ravishing creatures with hardly any clothes
on. Slightly drunk they dance into the bar with some remnants of Thai folk music playing in their heads.

She moves with her contingent straight to my seat and requests very loudly, CHECK BIN CA.” The bill comes in seconds and she takes out her purse and throws 300 baht on the bar and turns to the nice English gentleman and says, “Sorry,
Kelly not talk you now. Kelly ow boom boom.”

With that one grabs my beer and the other two me and we head upstairs to our room.

I have to give her credit. She is not a feint little flower. She never uses a feather when a sledgehammer will do.


I was ready to skip town. Calling my usual hotel in Bangkok I found it booked so Princess called a long time friend who booked us a room at the hotel she manages. I was skeptical because of its location on Soi 7. It seemed too close to Club
Eden. I have never been to club Eden (why pay for what I get every night) but I had heard that Eden was using the hotel next door for its activities.

I tried to communicate this to Princess but her response was, “You want Club Eden? No problem.” “No, that’s not what I meant dear we have whips and things in suitcase.”

It was a difficult thing to communicate. I said, “I think it is a short time hotel.” She said, “Yes, so?”

We then made the mandatory stop at Voodoo in Nana. I know everyone who works there, and you would think that they would cut me a little slack. Nope. They hustle me just like any other dumb Farang. Maybe even more so. I buy a fifth of Thai
whiskey, 500 Baht and pour everyone I know drinks and the darn waitresses are still hustling me for cokes at some God awful lady drink price.

Voodoo tripped my trigger again and I had another adolescent hissy fit. Damnit woman you are getting hustled again. 2000 Baht for drinks in two hours. And don’t hook me up with any of these ladies because I have been there

and done that and there are more starfish here than in the Indian ocean.

She is up to the challenge. That’s why I love her.

We trot up to Sexy Night and she announces upon entering in a loud voice, “I horny, I want a lesbian.”

Later that evening I finally see the hotel room. It has a mirrored ceiling and one big bed and a TV with a video player. I say, “Princess, there is no chair, there is no table, there is no balcony!” She responds, “take
off clothes, take shower and get on bed you crazy man.” This answer, of course makes perfect sense to me and I comply as the two ladies frolic around my reclined figure.

I now have Princess, a lesbian from Nana and my Hi So uni student in a king size bed with a mirrored ceiling.

There are perhaps better places in the world for a man to live than Thailand. But somehow at the moment the names of those places escapes me.

The next day is Princesses sixth birthday party this week and apparently the big one. She won’t tell me where it is or who is coming but from my incredible ability with the Thai language I have determined it is either at the headquarters
of the 32nd Thai Airborne Division or at a brothel with whips and chains (who says I don’t speak that well?)

To prevent me from jumping out the window Princess has told me the rest of the vacation is on her including the big birthday bash.


I have a small home in a bad neighborhood in Pattaya.

However, by poor exploited bar girls standards I am sure my home seems like a mansion. We weren’t in the house five minutes and her friend Pup the gypsum gypsy asked if she could move in with her son who is a very nice boy, so she
informed me and has never been in any kind of trouble and is very quiet. She offered to pay us 4000 baht per month for our extra bedroom. She suggested the son sleep in our spare bedroom and she would share a king sized bed with myself and princess.

Since I have a real soft spot in my heart for exploited women I thought this was a good idea. Princess had a different take on the situation and was making gagging noises in the bathroom as the her friend showed me her nice brown nipples
that had suckled four children.

I still think I would have been OK if she had not been a screamer also slapping her butt and yelling one more time cowboy did not go over real well. I realized she had probably dated a guy from Texas and was trying to make me feel at home
but my lovely lady did not see it that way.

Princess slept on the couch and did not speak to me for a day.

I don't know how you all resolve conflicts with Thai women but I don’t speak about the problem and try to change the subject.

My subject of the day turned out to be how our house in Pattaya cost twice as much as our home in Chiang Mai. I stomped around for an hour or so muttering how I did not really like the place and it cost too much money. I don’t need
two bedrooms or two living rooms and the kitchen has no ventilation and her cousin won't give me back the washing machine I gave him a year ago so why do we need a laundry room and so on.

Princess was sitting on the couch absorbing all of this for an hour until she said in her tender, shy, submissive way, “YOU SHUT UP I TAKE CARE OF TOMORROW, NOW SHUT UP.”

The doorbell rang the next evening and standing outside my door were three women. One 30 something and two 20 something ladies with suitcases. These ladies had just got off the bus from a small town up North. Princess had rented out our spare
bedroom. The 30 something one I vaguely recognized as a dancer from Nana but I had never seen the two younger ones.

I enquired if they had jobs in Pattaya and Princess said she would take care of that tomorrow.

Am I thinking of leaving Thailand? Yes.

For one and a half years we lived happily in Chiang Mai. Five months ago we moved to Pattaya and the Princess changed from a nice housewife to a raging drunken, Thai boyfriend keeping, 40 year old Go Go dancer. She needed a 400% increase
in money to keep her Thai boyfriend who is 15 years her junior.

She stops dancing and going short time with Farangs about 4 AM and goes to Thai night clubs where she gets drunk and dances till 8 AM.

She comes home and yells at me sometime between 8 AM and Noon.

Twice she has attacked me with a knife and a cleaver.

A couple of weeks ago she broke my toe in three places with a thrown bottle of Listerine.

I retained a lawyer and he told me it was better for me to do a runner than try and kick her out.

Of course she tells me that her new job is just for exercise and she never goes short time or long time with customers.

I had an friend bar fine her and take pictures. He has a really great camera. I think I could go to wall mural size with the photos. I show the pics to Princess and her response is, “I only do this one time because he is very handsome.””

One of my American friends here is so concerned about my welfare that he has offered a rent free house on an island and offered to have me picked up by a truck of his and completely moved out of my house in 3 hours.

I have been drugged and mugged and my passport stolen along with my cell phone. It is the second cell phone that has been stolen in two months. I may have been drugged at the Go Go where Princess works. I really don’t know because
I have no or a spotty recollection of the rest of the night after I visited her bar. I do know for the next three days my mouth was as dry as a desert.

I went to Princesses’ Go Go sometime around 10 PM. I had a couple of draft beers. My first of the night. I tipped Princess 300 Baht for dancing, as is my normal practice. I tipped her daughter 100 Baht because she was dancing with
Princess. As an aside it is interesting to watch them both dance. From the front they don’t look much alike. The Princess having large breasts and the daughter small ones. But from the back it is like watching the same woman. Except for
her daughters butt which is really a work of art. I won’t go into the rest but In addition to it being a topless club it is a bottomless club.

Princess is the oldest dancer there by 15 years but she is also the best dancer. When I come into the joint she goes into high gear. I imagine her daughter would do the same but she does not have a high gear and is not really a good dancer.

I have not left Thailand.

I have left Princess.

Thank you to all of my friends who have written to enquire about my health and well being. I am fine.

Last week I left home and moved into a hotel.

It was not my swiftest or smartest move. But it got the job accomplished.

What pushed me over the edge?

The Princess bar fined herself three nights in a row to attend birthday parties with her friends. Normally she asks me to go. Sometimes I do. If I expect a bunch of cheap Charlie Thai men who are unemployed or little employed I know I will
be expected to pay most of the bill and I don’t go to those.

This last week she asked me to go to none of the parties. So I realized she was taking her Thai boyfriend.

The last of the parties was Pan. I have known Pan for two years and even cooked and completely paid for her last birthday when she came to Chiang Mai to visit.

I expected to be asked to Pan’s but I was not.

The next day we had a chat and I told her I was afraid of her violent temper when she was drunk and although I did not mind giving her money I was not going to support her Thai boyfriend. I told her this in English and Thai four times and
then left for the hotel.

Pattaya Soi Seven.

You might be asking yourself why a rational man was walking into a Go Go where one of the main dancers had tried to kill me and it had taken me at least two weeks of planning to fly the coop without getting hurt. The above would be a rational
question any place else except Thailand.

In Thailand many times rationality and reality itself is suspended in Pattaya time. Newton’s laws do not apply here. For every action there is not equal and opposite reaction. Sometimes for every action there is no reaction and sometimes
for no action there is an awesome and opposite reaction. For those who don’t know. Pattaya is not on the planet earth. Pattaya is on planet Pattaya or some strange vision of Kurt Vonnegut.

Every day for six month I had watched the girls get ready for work. I watched them go into the shower in a towel. I watched them put on bras and knickers under a towel. I watched them sleep fully clothed or in teddy bear pajamas. Never a
glance of pink. Never a nipple askew popped out of a towel. Every time they sat down in a micro mini skirt a hand or purse would automatically go to the crotch so never a glimpse of panty.

Now in all probability I would see three of them dancing topless and bottomless on the same stage. It was too much temptation for me not to not take just one look.

There was a hush as we walked in. The ladies on stage stopped dancing. They all knew what had transpired between my self and Princess. They knew about the violence and my poor broken toe and the incident with the cleaver. On everyone’s
mind was the question, had I brought this crew to tear up the place and the owners hand went to the phone to call the police realizing his bouncers were not up to throwing out Trevor (a giant of a man) let alone the rest of us.

One legged Dave saved the night by shouting at the top of his lungs, “Come on girls show us some pussy” and throwing a handful of 100 baht notes on the stage.

The tension was broken and off came the little skirts. They were bottomless anyway but the tiny see through skirts offered some modesty. There they were, Princess, her daughter, and Pan all dancing bottomless on the stage all in a row.

Her daughter was dancing modestly sideways towards us and Pan her best friend kept her legs closed doing the Bangkok shuffle but Princess put on a show. Gyrating all around the stage making sure everyone had a good look. She tore off her
skirt revealing a new shave job and her breasts heaved with rhythm and emotion. I am reminded about an old musical I saw about that famous American Stripper Gypsy Rose Lee. There was a song in the movie about every stripper needing a gimmick.
Princess's gimmick is wrapping her skirt abound a customers neck and pulling his head into her naked crotch. She has other games in her bag of tricks that allow a middle aged woman to haul in 5000 baht a night on stage most of which are better
seen and felt than written about.

There are women who are whores who shouldn’t be whores. There are women who are not whores who should be. Princess is the consummate whore. She is a lady who should be a whore, who is a whore. Ten of her, ten years younger in a bar,
would produce the most profitable bar in Thailand. There is of course one big problem. Thai bar girls are as trainable as house cats. Princess also has another problem called drinking till comatose every night.

Watching the proceedings I started to feel a little torn between typical feelings of jealously and my rational self.

I have never been a jealous person and have participated in multiple sex partner parties with all of my wives and most of my girlfriends in the States. However, there was something about watching your significant other and her daughter (not
my daughter) sell their bodies that was troubling.

I had of course made up my mind not to give her anymore money because that was a bottomless pit but I still felt somehow responsible.

After an atomic war who would be left? Princess and the cockroaches and my second wife and almost all of Soi Six. The rest of us will be all gone.

I had known the three of the women for two years. But since I only lived full time with Princess the other two I had an inconclusive opinion of.

I watched them manipulate people with the ruthlessness of a African mercenary. Of my six roommates, all different ages and from different backgrounds and at different earning levels they all had one thing in common except for Pan. They all
had Thai boyfriends that they transferred hard worked for Farang dollars to indolent, drunken, albeit cute Thai young men and all the detective services in the world are not going to catch them.

How do I know? Because I am a night stalker, a cat tracker. I am out at 5AM in the morning. I know the karaoke bars.

The exception, Pan went with a couple of Farang that I know and they both told me she was a starfish. No wonder, in addition to a Thai boyfriend she also had a Thai girlfriend.


It was late. I was getting ready to call in a night at Bar Noi when Princess called. I had not talked to her in a week. She explained she had been up country but I figured she had gone long time with some unsuspecting Farang. She was at Cham
Isaan eating a late dinner. She ran out of money so she called me. Her challenge was to figure out a reason for me to come to the place that had started the decline in our relationship. Cham Isaan at the corner of 3rd road and South Pattaya road
is the place where the Thai ladies go to pick up guys for pay for play. When I first went there I thought it was a Thai night club and indeed it

is that. Ten singers and a band and a bunch of dancing girls or boys depending on the night. It is a big place seating 500 plus and serves Thai food. There is no dressing room and the 20 or 30 dancers change costumes behind the stage near
the toilets.

In the back of the club there is an eating area which stays open after the main club closes at 2 AM.

Princess asked me if I would like to meet Pan’s girlfriend. “What””, I asked, “Pan is a lesbian!” Princess informed me that in addition to a paid Thai boyfriend Pan had a paid girlfriend. Pan makes
big money. She is usually bar fined by the week. She is a small Thai woman with blonde brown hair in her middle thirties. She is attractive but her real strength is putting on makeup. I have watched her get up every day for six months and she
is not really a crowd stopper in the morning. Her hips are a little to wide and her chest a little too small. When she dances most of the time unless she sees a mark she is a Bangkok shuffle girl.

In the two years I have known her I always wanted to have her and many times have watched her sleep next to our bed in her little girl pajamas and wondered what she would be like but since she was my lady’s best friend I always kept
my distance.

I had watched them both dance at the Silver Star A Go Go in Pattaya and though they were both dancing bottomless one only rarely found out if she had shaved that day. Now Princess was asking if I wanted to meet her lesbian lover. I interpreted
what she was saying as a proposition to have a foursome, me and the three ladies after I paid for drinks and dinner.

I should have known better than to go to Cham Isaan. Every time we had been there I have gotten into an argument with Princess over the young Thai guys trying to mooch drinks and pad my bill.

Upon arriving I informed the three ladies that I would pay for only their drinks and not any Thai gigolos. This being agreed on the large bottles of beer began to arrive. After a half hour of drinking and chatting a young Thai guy began to
start walking past our table every 5 minutes and Princess would give him a drink out of her glass. This happened twice when I called for the check, paid it and started to walk away. Princess threw her glass at me and had picked up a bottle when
she was restrained by our waiter. She threw another couple of glasses as I walked away.

It was Saturday when Princess next called. I had taken her to the Ramikin Hotel outside of Pattaya a couple of times before. It is a nice small clothing optional hotel. On Fridays and Saturdays they have swinging parties by the pool and the
rooms adjoining the pool.

Princess had taken a two couples there that she had met while dancing at the Silver Star. One of the ladies is a very well known celebrity in Europe. Princess specializes in couples and women at her club.

Princess, on Saturday, asked me to attend the party at the swinging hotel to watch her perform. I told her I had a date that night and in any event I did not want to pay the single man fee so I would be coming as a couple.

I had expected Princess to have a partner. She did not. She showed up at 10:30 PM dead drunk.

I knew the evening was not going to go well when she threw the pregnant cat across the room. As the cat bounced off the wall she gave me the finger. My date was half Chinese with a white complexion. If you did not know she worked at the King
Kong you might think she was Hi So. That is what Princess assumed. Princess retired to one of the rooms and I entertained myself watching the other couples copulate in the rooms adjacent to the pool. I didn’t know where Princess had gone.
She returned in a half hour with two other ladies clad only in a towel. There were nude people swimming in the pool and others chatting and having oral sex poolside. Mostly Farang men with Thai females but a few Farang women as well.

It was then that she attacked. At first with a water bottle and then with a beer bottle.

I tried to distract her to give my date a chance to get out of the general area. I tried to work my way toward the door. She began to hit me as I made a run for it. She has quite a punch but I finally got out the door as the towel slipped
from Princess.

I thought she would not follow me outside naked. But I had not counted on her temper. She not only followed me outside stark naked but picked up a 8 foot two by four from a scrap heat and began to swing at me with the large piece of lumber.

I have talked to her a couple of times since, asking why she had attacked me. She replied, ““you didn’t say hello to me when I walked in.”

It’s been a couple of weeks since she has called. I have been refusing to give her money and I think she has given up.

The daughter still calls trying to pick up some quick cash but I have told her I don’t have any money also.

I am sorry for you Princess. I hope you find another Farang who is a better match for you. Pattaya beat you baby. There is nothing left inside you except tears and Thai whiskey. It is not just a rough city for Farangs. It is a rough city
for everyone.

There was the night my friends and I watched Princess encourage three Nigerians and two football hooligans to have oral sex with her on stage for 20 baht.

One of my friends got up and left after the second one. The other two left after the third one. I think, feeling embarrassment for me.

I stayed and watched and considered why she was doing this particular act. To spite me. To make me jealous. Or just to make 20 baht.

After her show she walked up to me naked and still on the stage and asked me for a tip. I threw 20 baht at her and told her that’s what she was worth.

That did create a minor problem because the 20 baht was in coin. It’s a good thing the owner of the Silver Star A Go Go is a Thai Army Vet with USA tattooed on his forearm and knows me from the Vietnam era and tolerates my occasional

Why do you think he gave a 40 year old beat up old whore like Princess a job at one of the hottest Go Go’s in Pattaya? Because I guaranteed she would earn her keep and to her credit she did.

Dave's and Mick’s wives know Princess and told her I was ill. She showed up and insisted on taking me to the hospital. I could have gone to one or the international hospitals by myself but they are four times as expensive so I
let Princess take me to one of the three Thai hospitals in town. They informed me that my left arm being numb was caused by high blood pressure. As long as there was no pain they assured me it was not a heart attack or stroke.

I didn’t really want Princess back but it is very hard to imagine being in a Thai hospital alone with no one speaking English. The doctors all speak English but few of the staff do. Plus Thai hospitals require a relative staying with
you or they will not give you a private room.

The doctors also told me to stop smoking and drinking or I would die.

When I couldn’t get out of bed and felt weak and unsure of my steps, when I felt a tightening in my chest and feared the worst Princess stayed with me. She dragged me to the hospital when I did not want to go and stayed with me 24/7
until she was convinced I was out of danger. Even if her interest was 100% monetary I appreciated it.

End Princess quotes.

That was over 12 months ago.

Stickman's thoughts:

Princess, like Chiang Mai Kelly, is a legend.

nana plaza