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The Maximum Experience

  • Written by Anonymous
  • July 23rd, 2008
  • 6 min read

I have now been to Pattaya (the love nest) 3 times. My first visit was back in may 2005. Before I go into this story let me tell you about myself. I'm 21 from England have a full time job working as a telecommunications engineer. I had a beautiful
girlfriend who I left because after coming back from Pattaya. I wanted to go back.

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The girls there are some of them are the nicest people you will ever meet but most and I mean most are there to scam your money. I fell in love with an Isaan girl called Kai. I could talk to her, understand her, and have fun. But I started
to realise that they just want your money and don't really fill for you.

The first time, I was at Pattaya for 3 weeks after being in Koh Samui which is a paradise in itself. The air is clean the sea is blue and the sand is golden. This is were I went wrong and I would like to try and explain what I did to nearly
cause harm to myself.

The first night in Pattaya I ended up checking into a hotel, having a shower and taking a walking along beach road. Anyhow I ended up at this bar on walking street. There is this girl and I mean she is the cutest thing I have ever seen. My
heart started to speed up as she kept looking at me. Being a gentlemen I bought her a drink and she came and sat bye me, her name is was lets say p to keep things easy. She was about 4ft 8 slim body, long straight black hair, very good English
which only tells me one thing she has been with a lot of men.

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For the first 4 days I have the best time of my life doing the tourist thing with her such as looking at temples, going to the beach and a lot of shopping (for her). We end up on the 4th night going back to the bar were she works. Now I have
had a few beers by now and I am looking at another girl who is even better looking than P. P goes and orders our drinks and starts talking to her friends at the bar.

There I am and I cannot stop looking at this other girl which to me is the sexiest thing I have seen bearing in mind I though this about P (that's what beer does to you). She walked over to me slowly just in case P came back. She walked
past my table and put a card there with her number on saying call her in 10 minutes. Me being young stupid and full of cum said to P I'm going to get something to eat I will be back in 30 minutes.

I walked along Walking Street until I found a pay phone which I called Kai on. The phone was ringing and ringing but just as I was about to leave she answered and asked me to meet her outside Lucifer's now. I got there in about 3 minutes
and there she was in a red dress looking like a princess. She asks me if I would like to go back to her condo which I agreed to do (stupid me). This apartment is better than my hotel so I know that she must have a rich farang supporting her. I
end up having the best sex of my life. She was letting me do what I could only imagine doing in my wildest dreams. Somehow after the great sex I end up falling asleep waking up only to find out it's now 11 AM.

I got dressed, woke Kai up, kissed her and asked if I could meet her again sometime and she replies "You have my number, yes" so I then walk down to reception and get a taxi back to my hotel where I find P is in the breakfast bar
downstairs looking on to the main road, waiting for me as she knows I will be back to collect by belongings. I walk over to her and ask her if she had been there all night. She replies "Yes, in your room." I find it a little odd the
hotel would give her my key. I suppose they know that she has been with me for the last 4 days now.


P is asking me all these questions (where have you been, who with) demanding me to tell her. I tell her its none of her business and it's got nothing to do with her. I tell P go away and I tell her I don't want to see her anymore
and give her 5,000 baht for being with me for the 4 days. I'm not a real bastard, am I? She says that's not good enough and she found something in my hotel room which I need to get back to my country. You got it, my passport. I put everything
in the safe I thought. But then remembering I had to use it to check in and put it in my back jeans, packed had a shower then went out plus I haven't needed yet so I totally forgot that it wasn't in my safe.

P is not demanding money. All she wants is for me to tell her the name of the girl and were she lives. I say I don't know her name and I paid for a hotel. P says you lie. My friend told me you were with Kai. P already knew I don't
know why she wanted me to tell her. was it a game I don't know and I'm still puzzled to this day. Anyway she walks off and throws my passport in the swimming pool (bitch).

At least I got it back. It wasn't too bad and thank God it still got me home.

I ran to my room grabbed my phone and called Kai. Explained what had just happened saying that P is pissed and probably on her way over to her condo right now. Kai says ok meet me at the Pattaya view point. I go and hire a bike and go straight
away. Not knowing that P knew I was going to do that and waited for me outside and followed me (I had no clue). I arrived at view point over looking Pattaya to find Kai waiting for me. The next thing I remember is picking myself up off of the
floor and my head was bleeding and P and Kai were fighting. I could see glass on the floor so put 2 and 2 together and realised I had been bottled. I was on heat it anger so I grabbed P by the hair and threw her on the floor and me and Kai ran
off shaking and scared.

I never saw P again. Obviously Kai worked in the same bar and carried on working there probably until this day and know one has seen her. I suppose that her rich farang paid for her to move away. All this trouble for what? Nothing, I brought
everything on myself and I deserved it, I suppose. The worst thing about all this is I stayed with Kai for 2 weeks and the last couple of days before my departure found her stealing money from my wallet.

I don’t want people to think when reading this to think that Pattaya is a bad place because if it was why would I have visited another 2 times and have a flight booked to go back in September. I have had a lot of experiences in Thailand
and in my next story I will tell you something very funny what happened in a gogo bar. So keep an eye out.

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Stickman's thoughts:

This is a pretty good example of how the bar scene can be totally screwed up… Stealing passports, throwing it in the pool, threats, fights over customers…it is all seriously messed up.