Stickman Readers' Submissions July 4th, 2008

My Delightful Isaan Gambling Princess

Where was she today? With who was she today? Did it really matter?

At 10 pm last night I visited the Nana gogo where Bee now works as of Thursday last week – only 4 days so far. Bee was dancing on stage – sensually hugging the pole – making an old mans heart jolt with excitement. This gogo has so many gorgeous young ladies – “technically” more beautiful than her. But Bee has a style all of her own, naturally elegant – without pretence – on stage and in more private settings. She delivers all – without ever compromising her independence.

This gogo is visited mostly by Japanese who like fairer skin – so I have been told. Bee is of the darker Isaan variety. She has been in this “business” only since September 2007. Her English is almost non-existent which gives me a chance of improving my fledgling Thai. The first time I bar-fined Bee was September 23, 07 and many, many times since. Now – well now – she lives with me – so far for one whole week. Bee reached out and directed me to sit down at the stage – to admire her? – I declined, just kissed her hand and walked back home – hoping she would silently open the door at 2:15 am (she has a key – since Friday – and the Lobby’s security guards have no problem letting her pass).

Bee apparently was bar-fined Thursday – short-time – because she came to my place not until 3 am. On Friday night JR came from Udon. He said he waited for Bee outside Nana at 2 am (keeniow not even bar-fine – but then she owes him already a “loan” of 7,500 baht). She was drunk, passed out on his sofa and stayed with him until Saturday afternoon. Then she took a shower – at her “primary residence” – my place. She dashed out of the bathroom in full view – all without – for a towel. Intentional or forgetfulness? Whatever – beautiful memories for one, whose days are “on loan”.

Saturday, after work she came back to me. Judging by JR’s SMS tone – it upset him. Even after 8 years in Thailand (6 years married to a Thai lady), he still believes “love” is the primary motivator. Bee was supposed to go with JR to Udon to live with him, this weekend. I also felt it was better for her, JR really seemed to like Bee. I told him Bee wanted “security and money” – “If you offer her 30,000 / month she will go with you – no doubt. If you offer her 12,000 / month – she will consider her options but still go with you.” He offered her nothing – except of course he would “take good care of her”. “Money is not an issue”, he said.

Some say that age and looks do not matter to Thai ladies – but money (money = power) does. I disagree – when all things appear equal – she will still go for the younger option – every time. Reflecting a little further on this subject, this “principle” applies to Western cultures as well – but Western ladies are “in denial”.

I told Bee: “You can stay with me – temporarily – but I will not give you any money”. Well – I have violated this “promise” several times already. There was the white uniform she needed for 200 baht and the boots were only on loan for the first day. There was the black uniform she needed the next day, another 200 baht – and of course there were the black boots for 1000 baht. Essentially Bee has with me what she wants and needs “Security and Money (from a well paying “job”).”

Pai tamngan – joop joop”- after her gentle then passionate kiss: “Mai mii tung”. “Tammai?” But I gave her 100 baht. Off she went to work at 6 pm Sunday. Now, Monday afternoon she is still not back. She should show up shortly to take a shower, change – and with a repeat performance: “Joop joop – mai mii tung” – off to work.

Where would she have been – certainly not short-time. More likely JR delayed his trip back to Udon, for one more day. JR SMSed me that Bee called him at 6:30 pm Sunday. Bee became very angry when he told her that he had to get up at 4 am Monday to catch a plane back to Udon. Therefore, he had no time to see her. But maybe his passion became stronger as he contemplated Bee, stronger than his sense of responsibility – and what is one more day? JR speaks good Thai and is only 42 years old. A much better match for Bee than I at? – well – whatever.

Bee is a good Isaan girl but has the same habit of lying which almost appears to be part of the National DNA. Some farangs claim the sure way of telling whether a Thai girl is lying is to check “if her lips are moving”. She worked in a Department Store in Korat before she came to Bangkok to “make big, big money”.

In the beginning Bee appeared delightfully shy – and sweet. I think PR (who I did not know of, at the time) and I were her primary “costumers” for a long time. A friend called it “time-sharing”. Conversation was difficult but manageable.

Late last year it became apparent that there were problems: Did she have a boyfriend? – Were her family’s requests for money excessive? – Was she gambling? She asked me to buy her a gold ring – I did – for 4,100 baht. A week later – she had pawned it “Mai mii tung” (I have no money). She came with bruises, a black eye and without phone. She claimed she had a fight with a girl – and asked me to buy her a phone. I bought her a Nokia for 5,600 baht – a week later she had a different, better phone for about 12,000 baht. This better phone also lasted only a few weeks – replaced by a cheaper Alcatel flip phone.

She requested “loans” frequently – but always “paid” them back. Finally I told Bee: “No more – No more – NO more”. I had a tough time to ask her in Thai: “Which part of “NO” do you not understand?” – But I managed. She became very, very angry, as only a Thai girl can. She dashed across the soi – and didn’t call me – for a whole week.

I “love” her – in my way – but then what is love? Is love – that glowing feeling you may have after the climax is over? Is love – this urgent pressure until the climax? Is love – this sense of responsibility you may feel, of helping someone in need, when it would be easier just to turn away and claim ignorance?

One says that “the urge to help is stronger than the urge to be grateful” – therefore maybe “the urge to help = love”.

But now back to my principal subject: “My delightful Isaan gambling princess”.

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Stickman's thoughts:

I know many guys over the years who have moved girls in. Some have done so because they thought it was the start of a relationship, yet failed to fathom that her bringing simply a small backpack with her meant that most her stuff was somewhere else and this was merely short-term.

Other guys have done as you have, and allowed the girl to continue working. Perhaps it was a place for her to stay. Perhaps she is only allowed to go short-time? Perhaps she doesn't even chat with customers? It always seems to go wrong, somewhere along the way…

Looking forward to the next installment.

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