Stickman Readers' Submissions July 26th, 2008

My 1994 Far East Trip in verse

Hello everyone. I have been an avid reader of this wonderful site ever since I started courting (love that word) a Thai lady, whom I have subsequently married and comes to these chilly shores 1st August. That journey is currently being penned, started
as a four piece submission and is already about six or seven!

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This site have been invaluable, and the readers' submissions a breath of fresh air and honesty. Long may it continue as long term, I plan to retire in the LOS.

I first travelled to the Far East way back in 1994, I've just dug up a poem I wrote after I got back, hope you like it.

To begin…

In a mad rush,

The time is near,

My flight soon leaves,

Away from here.

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A window seat,

Is what I get,

A burger for lunch,

And then I am set.

Along the runway,

The jumbo rolls,

Then we are airborne,

Paradise calls!

Air hostesses, (I was flying Singapore air)

Of incredible beauty,

Fill my glass,

With alcoholic booty.

The flight is long,

13 hours in all,

But the destination,

Makes up for the toll.

And when we finally land,

Its with a sigh and a smile,

My stress has been vanquished,

The hols started with style.


The streets are clean,

The air is clear,

No sign of crime,

Anywhere near.

Singapore has beauty,

But order and law,

Its warm and its humid,

I look what's in store.

A trip to the zoo,

An island tour,

Food aplenty,

Spicy, sweet and sour!

A ride on the cable,

Whilst outside is a storm,

To Sentosa island,

To learn of my current home.

The history of Singapore,

Is laced with much culture,

Now its got independence,

And a bright, wealthy future!

Hong Kong… (before the British gave back to the Chinese)

Towering blocks,

Buildings so high,

Everywhere you look,

They reach for the sky.

A city of neon,

Down every street,

Millions of people,

With someone to meet.

Electronic heaven,

Markets galore,

Bargains to grab,

And there's still more!

Food stalls display,

Fish, meats and sweets,

Restaurants entice,

With smells of their treats.

A phone and a pager,

That one and all has got,

Hong Kong is a place,

That just never stops.


Cars and tuk tuks,

Bikes of all types,

The city is a traffic jam,

Through day and through night.

Fumes and pollution,

Streets full of holes,

But ancient are its people,

And friendly are their souls.

The Grand Palace,

A most beautiful place,

A myriad of colours,

The grounds like a maze.

Splashes of gold,

Green, blue and red,

Its awesome splendidity,

Will stop your mind dead.

Another shoppers dream,

There's everything on sale,

But remember to barter,

Not to, is to fail.

Thai food means spice,

And flavours galore,

Just one small mouthful,

And you will want more!

Sleaze and sex,

There's plenty about,

All deviations,

Normal sex is out!

A most tiring time,

To see all there is,

Three showers a day,

Is just the start of the list.


Am I in paradise?

Such beauty before me,

White sandy beaches,

And clear green blue sea.

The sun is quite hot,

When the rain is at bay,

So slobbing on the beach,

Is the order of the day.

But when it does pour,

There's still loads to do,

Swim, gym or eating,

To name but a few.

Palm trees and orchids,

Lobsters and prawns,

Make you look forward,

To each waking dawn.

Glittering sunsets,

Swims in the rain,

Cocktails at eight,

At nine o'clock the same!

Big hearty meals,

From Thai's with a smile,

It makes me feel happy,

I'm here for a while.

Snorkelling and jet skis,

It all was such fun,

Its just what I needed,

This island in the sun.

Going home (sniff)…

But fly back I must, it seems,

Back to normal (ish) life,

Returning to work again,

With the trouble and the strife.

On the flight back,

I dream of my past,

Of roaming the far east,

Which could never last.

Memories and photos,

Will be with me always,

And much shall I think,

Of those special 21 days.

The end.

Well, since that visit in 1994 I have gone all over the world, but never back to the Far East, and in particular Thailand until this year. That story is coming, I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Now having a Thai wife (not a bar girl) I have learned a hell of a lot more about the Thais and Thailand. A lot of what is said on this site, both negative and positive, and their counter arguments area a lot of the time based on some truth.

The memory I cannot get out of head right now? Chopping up the pigs head at near midnight of my wedding day, then the girls cooking it up and me being sick as a dog the next three days!

Have fun, stay safe all.

Stickman's thoughts:

Nicely put together.

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