Stickman Readers' Submissions July 1st, 2008

Disgruntled And Dejected No More Part 2

After having so much fun and enjoyment in part 1 of our adventure together, we needed to wait one month until part 2 could commence. Much Skyping ensued. Man, did we miss each other.

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The days crept past, but one day it was time for me to pack up for part 2 of our Adventure. Had a good flight out to Suvarnapoom with China Airlines. Had the whole exit seat row to myself. Sweet. Don't know why people say they can't
find toilets at Suvarnapoom. I had no trouble. Hmm.

After leaving customs out to the arrivals hall, there she was… My heart skipped a beat and her face and mine lit up as soon as we made eye contact. Again, she was beautiful and tastefully dressed, with her twinkling eyes, her cute flower
dress, classy heels and wonderfully soft, shining long black hair. And her smell…Oh man, I adore this woman. We had warm and wonderful re-uniting moment there and then, we went upstairs to Bangkok Airways to buy the tickets for going next day
to KPN via Samui. We planned to stay only 8 days, because she would be very busy the week after with work.

Jumped into a taxi, upstairs, and went to the hotel she had in mind. As you can imagine, we spend quite some time and effort in getting re-acquainted ;o)

Next day, we got up before the crack of dawn, packed up and went back to the airport to get on the plane to Samui. Nice and relaxed flight on which we were very excited about going on holiday together for the first time. All the way from
BKK to Than Sadet on KPN's east coast took us about 9 hours. But once we were there, we were happy alright. The bungalow we had was perfect. Peace and quiet, great view over the Gulf of Thailand, clean double bed with a good quality mozzie
net, full size hong naam and big balcony with hammock and furniture, only 500 baht. All very romantic…

Since it was low season in the 2nd part of May, the beach was very quiet. This beach is very laid back with no noisy bars at night. Everybody there just wants to kick back and enjoy the good food and scenery. This beach has the added attraction
of having waterfalls just inland. About a 20 minute walk, but man, was I hot and sweaty by the time we reached the naam tok. It was well worth it. These are the waterfalls where the Kings of Siam have spent
some time relaxing too. The current King, as well. There is a Royal pavilion just behind the beach and some rock faces with Royal inscriptions.

We had a great time just relaxing in the fresh water pools, watching the water skaters and the dragonflies, cooling down. It is such a pleasurable sensation to sit here, freshwater slowly flowing over your body. We only left because we were
getting peckish again. As you well know, Thai people need their food on time.

We enjoyed ourselves famously all day, all evening and at night. She is still the sweetest woman I have ever had the fortune to meet in my life. Our love for each other just grew further. After a few days we moved on to another beach where
I had been every time before on my visits to the LOS. This beach, however, was almost full. Almost every bungalow resort was tem leeo. This was due to a group of about 50 Canadian youngsters doing their
annual holiday together. This was in the time of the Full Moon, of course.

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Mai pen rai, I managed to find us a bungalow anyway. Not the one I wanted, but still a cute little place on the side of the bay. It had the bare basics, but was still clean. The prerequisite gekko in place and the huntsman spider keeping
the hong naam bug free. Cockies are not usually a problem in this area. This time only 250 baht! Man, a price normal 5 years ago.

Again, we had fantastic time. We would get up at sunrise, because the sun basically burnt us outta bed. No fan, power only from 3 PM until 11 PM. We would just sit on the balcony floor taking in the view and enjoy our freshly made filter
coffee from the resort restaurant. The place was jointly run by a German fellow, so he knew how to make Euro style coffee. This beach has my favorite restaurant in the world. It sits on top of a big sloping rock face on the other side of the bay
and has a commanding view of it. This place has excellent food, western and Thai, at good prices, good and friendly staff, all Burmese though. I can actually speak better Thai than some of them! Speaking of which, my Jaoying has taught me a lot of Thai this trip. I can even read a little now.

The time came to return to BKK for her to work. We found a nice little hotel in her neighbourhood and stayed there the whole week. We went to Ayutthaya one afternoon and got caught in the rain at Wat Chai Wattanaram. As people who live in
BKK know, end of May there was a lot of rain and some flooding of streets.

We went to visit her parents, of course. They live out in Ratchaburi just outside Krung Thep Mahanakhon. I was a little nervous about meeting them and her sisters, but after the initial greetings, having lunch and giving of gifts, all went
smoothly. Her parents are very polite, sweet and softly spoken. They showed a polite interest in me, but communication directly was limited, due to my limited, but improving Thai. Later in the day we all went shooting and had great time. I scored
extra points with Paw by being a reasonably good shot. It sure was fun shooting with a .38 caliber Thai Police issue revolver with the real, lead slug, 158 grain ammo, none of that wadcutter stuff.

We decided to forgo staying at her parents' house because we would have to sleep separately and she did not want that. ;o)

So we stayed in a hotel which was completely cool with her parents. Had a good time with her parents and sisters, who are also a fun bunch of girls. Man, her youngest sister can eat! Slim as most Thai girls, but she ate more than I did.

Day after we went down to Samet. As you know, this island is popular with the Bangkok Thai due to its proximity to BKK. Most places on this island are quite touristy, but she has a favorite place she stays which is very quiet and peaceful.
Its a tiny beach with just a few bungalows (not cheap due to being national park all), but very tastefully laid out in a garden setting, using all the natural elements present. We only stayed two days, but it was yet again very romantic and relaxing.
The mood was always good and we enjoyed ourselves and each other every moment.

After returning to BKK it was only a few days until I had to leave. This did put a light pall on the mood, since I had no sure idea at the time of when I would return. We went to dinner at the buffet restaurant on the 82nd floor of the Baiyoke
skytower. Excellent food and excellent view. Yet again a romantic evening. Standing on the observation deck on top of the Baiyoke Skytower at night looking out over BKK was very impressive.

The last night together was tearful. We would miss each other terribly and I had no means yet to relocate to the LOS and for us to live together. We had spoken many times of how we would go about achieving this. I did go for a visit with
my company's office in Chatuchak, but even though they sincerely wanted to employ me they did not have any projects and were getting desperate to get some. Damn it.

Since all was still well between us, we had the strength to believe this could still work. We were continually amazed that we got along so well and that the whole trip went well.

After a sad good bye at the airport and a promise I would be back latest early October, I flew home and started work again.

But then…

Just a week after I came back to work, which was just two weeks ago, something happened to change the whole deal.
It turns out that my company had placed some orders for major steelwork at a workshop out in Chonburi somewhere. The company
wanted a rep from our office on site in order to follow the work. I offered to do the job since it was right up my street. A nail-biting week followed because my manager had to run it by the VP for an OK. I heard last Monday that he said: YES!

So it looks like I will be going back out to the LOS next month sometime for an assignment for at least half a year with a plan for longer. I will keep my salary, get allowances and they will pay for the relocation. In addition to getting
the WP and the nasty paperwork done! Too sweet, chai mai?

As you can imagine, we are both very happy and amazed at our luck. This is what we have asked Buddha for every day since we fell in love. Looks like part 3 is coming up soon and we can't wait to get started. Good thing I gave her a gold
ring with a diamond…

See, it is possible to meet a good Thai woman that cares for you and and is loving and honest. But, it takes two to tango.

I am singing with joy…

Chohk dee khap,

Stickman's thoughts:

That is excellent to hear of your relocation. Buddha must have been looking fondly at you.

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