Stickman Readers' Submissions July 8th, 2008

Broken Rawai Man Repaired

Okay, okay, I know that I stole the title but Khun Phet is my favorite writer and I hope to see many more submissions from him even though he may have his hands full at the moment. Best wishes to him and much happiness.

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Everyone seems to be sending in visit reports so I thought that I would write about my trip to Bangkok which was considerably better than staying in rainy Rawai. My last report from Rawai was darn distressing – to me anyway and I am glad
to be sending in a happier story.

I usually go up one day and come back to Phuket the next day every few months as I have a small amount of business to take care of there. The first thing I do at the airport before the cab driver even has his key in the ignition is to say,
‘Turn on the meter.’

Boy, do you want to see a grown man sulk and cry. They like to simply drive off and then when you say put on the meter they nonchalantly say some ridiculous price like it’s always that much and you must be crazy for asking.

Then, since a pall of gloom and disappointment falls over the front seat and shrouds the driver in remorse, he won’t be speaking to you which is a blessing, not having to hear: come here before, first time in Bangkok, you want massage,
good hotel, girl, day trip, go Pattaya, snake farm, floating market? A nice peaceful silent ride into the city is what you have.

I hooked up this trip with a dear friend from California, a very sweet man who grins constantly like the Cheshire Cat. After he divorced a second time in America he came here and instead of retiring he became an English teacher, met a nice
Thai lady and when their daughter turned six he went back to California to raise his family. He comes back twice a year for a visit.

We had a heck of a few nights, instead of staying just one night, I stayed for three.

The first night at my beloved Majestic Suites, located on Sukhumvit between the Landmark and Soi Four, rooms average 1400 baht and are excellent value. The Majestic Tailor shop is next door and they make superb shirts and slacks. Shirts run
about 1200 baht and slacks 1500 baht. The service, material, fit and quality are exceptional. No, this is not an advertisement; I just love these places and one more besides. I am not worried about the boutique hotel, Majestic, being filled as
you usually can not walk in and expect a room anyway. I book a few months in advance.

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I stayed the next two nights at the Dynasty Grande, not too far down Soi 4 although technically it’s on Soi 6 and an interesting walk it is, as the street is crammed with bars and message places, girls out in front in full force. 2880
baht for a night if you book over the internet but a bit pricy for my money however not a terrible deal as it has a pool.

Forget about the Nana, Parkway Inn and the Raja on Sukhumvit. If I want to pretend that I am in a SRO hotel in NYC where they house the deranged, decrepit and destitute I will go there and the Grace is out as. If I want to visit Egypt I will
fly there and see the pyramids also.

My very favorite place in all of Bangkok is Zanotti, an Italian restaurant on Soi Sala Daeng, as good of a restaurant as any in New York City. I saw it mentioned here on Stickman a few years ago and never fail to visit. This trip I ate there
every day but reservations are also a must. It’s usually packed with well dressed Thais.

My pal, the cat and I shared a huge seafood platter for two and what was so impressive was that it was cooked to perfection. And penne pasta with a light tomato sauce, tomato and eggplant bits with swordfish steak pieces, simply heaven. They
are a little weak on desserts but give you a few free light typically Italian fried pastry pieces if you order coffee. 3000 baht total for two of us including cocktails and salad. An excellent restaurant with good value for the money.

Then right to Cowboy, some complete nudity but all in all, just average or below average females except for Shark and Baccara which were jammed full. We did not go in as it was filled with Asians and we knew that the closest we could get
to a girl would be to sit near an Asian guy as he was bouncing one on his knee.

Down to Nana Plaza, not to many customers which is good but some of the bars had almost no girls and the bars that did have girls had very few customers with the exception of the Rainbow bars but even they had fewer patrons.

Hollywood on the left, on the third floor looked closed. It wasn’t but there were about three dancers in the whole place and not a single customer. We went to Carnival on the right on the third floor and I had a great girl as lively
as anything, rocked back and forth on my lap so much I was getting motion sickness; she was anxious for business I suppose, then she went to dance and I grabbed another cutie, same thing, humping me like crazy and she was a raving beauty.

God, we can have our choice of girls this time of year, I said to Cat, my friend from California, ‘and which one should I take?’

A difficult choice he replied.

Then over to Mandarin. They opened up a small bar on the second floor on the right as the first bar on the right cut itself in half.

Cat went there because the girls have gauze tops and he took home a girl from that club on his first night in town. He was raving about her but in the light of day so to speak and not being dizzy from the flight she was not a stunner after

I had two youngsters with bleached spiked hair on my lap, the real thing lap dancing. I said to my pal, I don’t know how much these drinks are but they are worth every penny; as of course we bought the girls drinks.

But my younger lap dancers had a bit of an attitude and were surprised when we split to go upstairs to the real Mandarin with the glass ceiling, and we are sitting there for a while and suddenly notice that not only do the girls have on no
pants (just short skirts) but no tops either, WOW. There was one with a killer body dancing wildly and I said to Cat, that would be the girl I would want to take home, so he says let’s go upstairs and the girls are just getting off and
slipping on unbuttoned open shirts and the one I like has the best body that I have ever seen and she comes over and says I know you. I say no you don’t And she says yes, you came to Midnight bar to see me in Cowboy.

Okay, now I say I am angry with you as I went three different nights to the Midnight to ask you to come home with me and it was always no and it’s been on my mind for 4 or 5 years and one time this guy even older than me came in and
she jumped up and left me and ran over to him.

We had a few drinks and she danced again and I said to my friend, ‘the first girl I spoke to in Carnival was a trained professional and I feel a bit shaky with this girl as she looks like a superstar and you know they don’t
usually perform.
But I said to myself I will not forgive me if I don’t take her as I will no doubt never see her again; you know how it goes here.

So off we go to the hotel, me feeling like a kid on a first date–5 years of dreaming about to come true.

How old are you? I say Twenty-one.

How can that be?

I saw you five years ago in Cowboy

I will be twenty-two in December.

Nervous as I was – back to the room and she turned out to be a dream date, as lovely and sweet as apple pie. She is saying later, and she was in no hurry at any time in my room, that she had a sponsor at Mandarin who did not want her to date,
only to dance. Well that’s silly isn’t it? What gets on people’s minds? Jasmine Fever? But he was paying her 20 thousand a week and she only had to do two short times with him as he was American and lived here with his wife
and kid.

‘He always helped me,’ she said.

I'm thinking a girl like this would need more help than the usual looking girl.

Like what kind of help? I said.

When my mother was very sick, he pay bill.

How much?

Big money she said not wanting to tell everything and also 'these' she said caressing her most perfectly shaped breasts. Ninety thousand baht.

‘Money well spent I said and there went my dreams of being her sponsor for a month.

I am just a child wishing to play with the big guys; after she left I felt like I needed a cigarette and a cognac, I was still nervous.

I took the same girl out the next night and had to wait a half hour for her to come back from a short time and when she was finished with me she spent ten minutes putting on her make-up in my bathroom so you know she’s going back to

Now let’s see, three short times at two-thousand each is six-thousand a night for thirty days, go figure. Even if she does not do that every night and I have a feeling that she might, I would bet that she makes way over a hundred-thousand
baht a month, way over.

I found a girl the following night that claimed to be twenty-one years old in Rainbow One; she was so sweet that she looked like she should do bubble gum advertisements on TV.

I took her back to my hotel and she was so slim I had the strangest feeling that it was like incest or pedophilia but it felt good and she was kissy face and loving which sometimes most whores are not.

I got the two phone numbers of these girls for when I go back to Bangkok but who knows — they move on. If I had millions I would buy both girls or rent them at least. But right now they are making a lot more money than I do, a lot more.

It was so nice to get away for a few days as I was getting cabin crazy sickness at home with all the rain day and night and we had lovely sunny weather in Bangkok, wonderful food and good company. What more can a man ask for?

I came home and my yard is a lake from the rain, everything is wet and my plastic boots were in my house of course, not in my car.

I am sitting here in Rainy Rawai, two nights later, thinking I paid two-thousand short time every night plus six hundred bar fine in Bangkok plus 91 bucks for the Dynasty Grande so I expended some cash— not that I can afford it.

And as soon as I got home the phone rang and it was this bar girl from Kata that delivers herself over to my house but I had just arrived, so now I am sitting home thinking that I paid all that money in Bangkok and this girl wants to stay
the whole night for a thousand.

I just called her and said to come over and bring a girlfriend – not fat please.

And they will stay all night for a thousand baht and two hundred bar fine each, so it’s a good deal as far as I can see. And I give the motorbike driver (one of the girls) an additional three hundred baht, well worth it not to drive
back and forth.

A wonderful life I say and I feel so much better for having gotten out of here for a few days.

Okay, not as clever as the real Broken Man and not as interesting as Bangkok / Bahtbus /Barry but it’s my submission and that’s it.

Stickman's thoughts:

An interesting trip report.

It does seem that the rates being asked these days in Bangkok, certainly in Nana Plaza, are 2,000 short time and 3,000 long term. Compare that to Pattaya where the rates seem to be 1,500 and 2,000…and then down away from the main drag in Phuket where you are it is a lot cheaper. Still, it sounds like you had a great time and that is what counts!

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