Stickman Readers' Submissions June 26th, 2008

Pattaya Memoires 6

8. The Chicken run

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I met Khai in a beer bar in soi 7, Pattaya. There are a couple of bars in soi 7 where I know some regular customers and which I frequent on a regular basis to have a drink and a chat. Girls come and girls go in bars but I never saw Khai before
in that bar, although the owner told me she had worked there "on and off" for almost a year. Bizarre. I certainly should have seen her before but I had not.

It was a day in December in the very early morning. I was sitting at the bar and I was pissed. A couple of friends I was talking to were leaving the bar to hit the sack. Khai came over to me and asked if she could sit with me. I didn't
mind at all and offered her a drink. She was 25, petite, looked very good and she spoke excellent Thaiglish. A typical Isaan girl, dark-skinned, beautiful almond eyes and a flashing set of teeth. We started talking but it was nothing special :
where are you from, how long you stay etc. The only unusual thing is that I asked her those questions instead the other way round.

"Where are you from?"

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"Udon Thani."

"How long you stay Pattaya?"

"I go Udon Songkran" etc, etc.

Khai found this reverse questioning quite funny. After some time she asks me if she can go with me. She says she likes me. I tell her I like her very much as well, but that I am too drunk to take a girl to my room. I told her I would be back for her in
the evening. She was not too happy about this but I had already made my decision and I would not change my mind. At that point I went to my hotel without barfining Khai.

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I slept through the day and in the early evening I went back to soi 7. Khai was sitting at the bar and came my way right away.

"How are you tilac, me happy you not forget me" she said smilingly.

"I would never forget you honey", I replied.

I offered her a drink and paid bar upfront. After chatting with her for an hour or so we left the bar and went to my room. In the shower I spotted the butterfly tattooed on her shoulder. That does not leave a lot to the imagination, does it? The sex was
great and Khai said she loved it. She let me lick her pussy and she enjoyed it a lot. Not all bargirls are into this. She replied to me not all farang are into this. I felt good with her, too good…

There was something special about her.

The next day she stayed with me and in the evening we went out with some friends of mine and their girlfriends. I got drunk a little and decided to "check bin". When I was about to pay, Khai, who was sober as she almost never
drinks any alcohol, checked out the bill and apparently something was wrong. She talked to one of the waitresses (or bargirls) and my bills were recounted and I had to pay 200 baht less. "Nice, a girl that doesn't allow others to rip
me off, maybe she wants that privilege exclusively for herself!", I was thinking.

After that she took me to a very good but also very cheap restaurant. She said the food was very good and that I did not need to pay more than necessary. I liked the fact that she looked after me very well and that she was by no means trying to milk me
financially. We talked a lot and we were getting along quite well and we also laughed a lot about all kinds of stuff. It was an experience I hadn't had before with a bargirl, or any Thai for that matter. I was staying 13 more days and I asked
her if she would like to stay with me for the rest of my trip. This is in fact not like me at all, as I prefer short time engagements. I prefer to avoid falling in love and to consequently do stupid things or feel terrible when arriving back in
Farangland. Anyway, she said that this was not possible, however she would be glad to stay with me for 10 days. I found this very suspicious so I asked her why she would not stay with me the whole time. She looked at me and stared into my eyes.
Silence. She did not smile but bend her head. Then she said softly she had a Danish friend who was coming over and that there was an overlap between the day he arrived and the day I left. So she could not stay with me the last days of my trip.
Then she showed me a business card with a photo of her friend. He was a retired doctor, 50 years old who spoke Thai well and lived most of the year in Thailand. He was in Denmark that time to visit his family for the upcoming holidays. She said
to me she told him she was going to Udon to see her mother and son but she acknowledged that this was a lie. She didn't go to Udon but instead worked in the bar where she used to work before. That is why I never saw her in soi 7 before. She
simply wasn't there but with her friend from Denmark.

Khai told me stories about her visiting Denmark. She was there for a month and the few times she got out of the doctor's house alone, on the streets man after man approached her to talk to her. She knew that she was most exotic in Farangland and
that she could get many, many men. The Danish man gave her 60,000 baht on an occasion and now he gave her 200,000 baht before leaving for Denmark. I told her she should stay with that man and take care of him very well because he was a very good
provider. Khai nodded and said she liked him, but that she did not love him. She said she liked sex with me better and that I was not so fat and bold and that she liked men a little younger (I was 39 then). I thanked her for the compliments. Anyway
I was happy she did not tell me crappy stories about her going to Udon the next month or stories about a sick buffalo or whatever but instead she told me the truth right away (I verified the story about the Danish man with the bar owner and yes,
everything was true, the bar owner even knew the Danish doctor) : she had a very good sponsor coming over so she could not stay with me all the time. I told her I understood and that I was glad she did not put up some lie to me and that I appreciated
her honesty a lot. Then I asked her to stay with me for 10 days instead of 13. She looked at me, smiled and gave me a kiss on the lips. "Me like very mut", she said.

The following 10 days were simply magic. We went to Jomtien Beach a couple of times. One afternoon an old farang lady passed by in bikini. She had short gray hair, was over tanned, nearly black in fact, looking sloppy and she had a really
big belly. "Sorry tilac" I said to Khai, "I have to leave you, you see lady over there, I go with her long time, 20 baht." Khai started laughing like a child, she found this hilarious.

A few days later we saw another old farang women somewhere and Khai said : 'Look tilac, lady for you, short time 5 baht!" Laughter again.

Later in my room I was zapping but nothing interesting was on TV. I switched to a sports channel and watched some wrestling, you know that WWF stuff. Khai watched it carefully for a couple of minutes and then said very seriously : "Men joking! Before
me think men not joking. Man hit other man with chair. Me think why him not call police?" The way she said this with her funny accent together with the look upon her face was really fantastic. I still cannot help laughing when I think of
this situation. It was the little things like this which made a difference. We would laugh a lot about each other's remarks.

One day we were enjoying breakfast in my hotel (Khai loved English breakfast and coffee) when her phone rang. It was her mother. She was talking to her for a couple of minutes when all of a sudden she said her mother wanted to talk to me.
As her mother did not speak much English, I could say nothing more than "hello" and "how are you" which for me was more than enough. I was wondering what she told her mother about me and how this would all fit in the Danish
picture. I did not ask her. I didn't care. I remember she told me her mom does not know about her tattoo. She covered it when she was in Udon Thani. She used to have a tongue piercing as well ("Good for smoke!" I remember her informing
me) but she took it out when she went up to Udon to visit her family.

Me and my little Chicken (in Thai : Khai) got to know each other better and better as the days passed by. I tried to see her as a professional hooker providing me with the ultimate GFE (Girlfriend Experience), a beautiful exotic girl who
was honest with me and took good care of me. She saw me as a good customer, taking care of her, making her laugh and having fun and providing a good time. She told all the girls in the bar in soi 7 that I was a very good man.

She said she was prepared to come with me to Belgium and that she wanted to work in Europe. She offered for me to marry her so she could stay in Europe and she would then work at European rates for STs and LTs and we would share the profits.
Of course, as I would be her husband then, I would get my pleasure for free! She told me this in a very serious way, not at all joking! I did not believe what I heard to be honest. But hey, she is a bargirl and I laughed when she said this. I
did not say yes or no or anything. I'm afraid I think many bargirls would like an arrangement like this but few of them have the honesty, or guts, to tell it to the face of a customer.

I was doing my best to keep some distance. I was trying to see the relationship her way : as a business deal, but also fun times, nothing more, nothing less. But I did not succeed. I fell in love with Khai, head over heels. It was 9 years
ago I experienced this and I enjoyed it. I tried to hide it from her and never told her I was in love with her. I think she must have felt it anyway. She never told me she loved me or anything like that. For her it was business as usual. I tried
to keep it that way too but I failed. A couple of days before I left Pattaya she bought me a ring. Nothing fancy nor expensive, but I still appreciated the gesture. It must be said that in all the time I was with her I never bought her anything
and she never asked for anything either. She said it was for good luck in my life.

The last day we were together, that was the same day her Danish sponsor came down to Pattaya, we had to say goodbye. It was a lot harder for me than I thought it would be and when we were in each other's arms for the last time I could
not help crying. She didn't cry. She said it was not good for me to be alone. She pointed out 2 of her girlfriends who also worked in the bar in soi 7 and she said these 2 girls liked me. She told me I should go pick one to spend my last
days in Pattaya with. I thanked her for the offer. Of course I did not take out any of the girls at her bar. Khai was the only one on my mind. After we said goodbye she went to her room and got ready to go to the airport to pick up her Danish
doctor. I was alone and heart-broken. The GFE can really fuck a man up. She called me 2 days later saying she was in the toilet of a restaurant while her doctor was paying the bill. She said she missed me. I didn't believe her. She said she
was going to call me tomorrow, that was the day I left for Europe. I remembered the stories I read on your site, Stick, and I didn't feel comfortable at all with this situation. No matter how cute, friendly, caring and loving she was, I knew
she was a die-hard manipulative prostitute who succeeded in working me. I was madly in love with her but it didn't feel right at all. I thought something like this would never happen to me but it did. I thought I was a strong man, emotionally
that is, but at that moment I realized I was nothing but a weak farang monger. I reckoned it would be best to put Khai out of my system right away. This sounded very hard to me (and it was!!) but it was the only sensible thing I could do. I was
torn apart between my mind and my senses, between my head and my heart. But TIT, so I didn't gave my heart a chance to win. That night I took my 1-2-3 Thai calling card out of my cell phone and dumped it one of the stinking holes along 2nd
Road that leads to the Pattaya sewers. This way I was sure I would not call Khai and that she would not be able to get back to me.

I was in Pattaya again in April and I went to the bar in soi 7. I knew Khai was not there otherwise I probably wouldn't have visited the bar. One of my friends arrived in Pattaya a couple of days earlier then I did, so I asked him to check out the
bar and to make sure Khai was not working. I'm afraid that if we would meet again, everything would start all over again (the good life!) and I would not be able to let go of her, facing the probable less enjoyable consequences afterwards.
A tempting thought, but deep inside I knew she was no good for me. She might seemed a nice friendly little girl, which she certainly is, but I didn't forget she was also a smart and cunning hooker. I reckoned it was too dangerous to trust

And what about the ring she gave me? I still have it. It is in my living room in my Belgian apartment. I have a wooden elephant head hanging on the wall which I bought on my first trip to Thailand. Is has a small colourful purse (which I purchased from
the Karen tribe up North) containing some Thai baht coins, hanging around it. I put the ring round the cord on top of the purse, so with the money, as a symbol for me to never forget what, in the end, the bar scene and its girls are all about
in my beloved Thailand …

Stickman's thoughts:

You really fell for her, didn't you. I don't know, but simply the idea of the Danish guy in the background would have put me off. Not sure why, I guess that is just me.

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