Stickman Readers' Submissions June 30th, 2008

Meeting Chiang Mai Kelly

Every now and then something extraordinary happens to a man living in Thailand and my number came up a week or so ago in the form of an email. The subject line said “Once In a Lifetime Opportunity!” How could I resist opening up this one,
especially when I saw the sender was none other than Chiang Mai Kelly! CMK’s submissions have long caught my attention. When I first started reading his stories I had plenty of doubts if he was making up the stories about Princess and his
life in Thailand. Over time there seemed to be an order of progression and a series of overlapping consistencies that had me thinking this guy was real. But then I’d think “how could any ordinary man stay involved with a woman like
Princess” and I’d lean back towards the skeptical side.

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A few months ago CMK started posting on the Schoochers forum and his string of verbose but highly entertaining posts caught my attention and again my mind started to wander towards the skeptical. Maybe there was no CMK, maybe it was another
writer doing a very good job of creating an extreme character? I decided to find out. I PM’d (private messaged) CMK on the forum and said I’d like to meet him, any day, any time, any place. I’d come to him I said and buy him
lunch for the unique pleasure of meeting the man behind the series of most extreme submissions has ever seen. There have been some extreme submissions besides his, Dana comes to mind and some others, but CMK’s had the
ring of authenticity that left me wondering.

The next day my PM was answered in a polite and brief manner that basically told me where he was located and that he’d be glad to meet me. Less than a week later I fed his location into my Mia Noi (my GPS) and started driving
the nearly 200km journey south towards a beach town I’ve only previously heard of, but never visited. It was Songkran week and I’d brought along my laptop with some of my photographic work to share with him, and I brought a selection
of camera gear hoping for some nice photographic opportunities along the way. On the way down I occupied the empty moments trying to guess what CMK would look like, what he would sound like, and if I’d find him and his submissions credible.
God knows that many have had trouble finding my own submissions credible, so I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt in such cases. Still, an ex porn star, multiple orgies, and other equally unique adventures gave me pause, but what really
gave me a case of the serious doubts was his adventures with Princess. What kind of man would maintain a relationship with a violent unpredictable woman of questionable repute? What kind of man could tolerate this same woman “working”
around town as he wrote about?

30 minutes from my estimated arrival time on my mobile beeped letting me know I had a text message and I found that CMK was considerate enough to text me complete and accurate turn by turn directions to our meeting place. We were meeting
in a pub. Following his directions I soon found myself outside the pub and after parking the SUV I grabbed my knapsack with my laptop and headed inside. Walking through the door I immediately saw the place was packed with perhaps 15 – 20 guys
who met his general description. I’m not sure why, but my eyes settled on a small man with a glint in his eyes and the look of someone who has seen and done it all. CMK I asked? He smiled and introduced himself and soon I was seated across
the table from him and ordering a drink and some lunch.

It turns out we hail from the same country and even have similarities in our background. CMK was easy to talk to, never hesitated over a question, and immediately I found him totally credible. Much to my surprise I soon found it easy to believe
each of his submissions were grounded in fact. We had a pleasant lunch as he explained the workings of the pub, how the girls would give you a back massage while you talked and ate, where the short time rooms were upstairs, and which girls would
go with the customers. My eyes had caught an unusual beauty who I later learned was from Cambodia. She was tall and slender and her face was regal looking and I soon found myself wanting to photograph her. CMK saw my interest and told me she didn’t
go with customers. Still, I didn’t want to “go” with her, I wanted to take her photograph and I’m rarely turned down on these requests.

We continued talking and something I noticed almost immediately was the quiet respect the staff of this pub had for CMK, and the warm regards the ladies had for him. It was easy to see they knew him well, respected him, and more looked upon
him with a rare fondness reserved for lovers or perhaps parental figures. Quiet spoken, sincere, and supremely confident CMK had my full attention. During this time another friend and Stickman submission writer MTSInternational who is building
his retirement home in the area joined us and was grateful for the opportunity to meet CMK.

I asked CMK one pointed question. “How does it feel to be a legend on”

“Legend” he asked?

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I replied, “if you consider your exploits and experiences you’ve written about, I’m sure many look upon you as perhaps a sort of legendary figure on”

He looked almost embarrassed, shy perhaps. “I’d never thought of it that way” he replied. “I just live my life and sometimes I enjoy writing about it and sharing with others.”

I could certainly relate to that!

Time ran short and he was due at work soon so he bid me and MTSinternational a good day and we watched him walk from the pub, each staff member stopping whatever they were doing, whoever they were talking to, and making sure they acknowledged
him leaving and wished him a good day. MTSinternational and I who have known each other for some time looked at each other after he was gone, and both said almost at the same time that CMK and his life stories now certainly seemed credible. I
stayed around the area the rest of the day and next morning and discovered that the Cambodian lady did indeed go with customers, she was just very picky about which ones she found worth her time.

Nothing more was heard from CMK until about ten or so days ago. This came in the form of the above mentioned “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!” Reading the email further he said he’d like me to meet Princess, her daughter,
and the friend “Pan” he often mentioned in his submissions. He asked if perhaps I’d care to photograph them. I replied that I’d have to check my schedule and get back to him.

I’ll admit, I was more than curious. What kind of photographs was he interested in? Would I meet them alone or would he be there? Where would we meet? I decided I’d like to meet them and emailed him back with these questions.
Basically he left it up to me. “Any kind of pictures you want” he replied. Though a series of exchanges it became clear that they’d probably enjoy and expect to be photographed in the nude, perhaps together. Perhaps.. sharing
their friendship together. More than a bit concerned I told him I wouldn’t want to photograph or do anything he wouldn’t like. He emailed back, told me I had “carte blanche” and to have a good time. He would contact
me when they had a day off and could all get together with me.

Last Wednesday I received a text message from CMK that they could meet with me late Thursday afternoon. “Pan” was working at one of the bars in Nana and perhaps we could meet somewhere in the area? I suggested we meet in the
lobby at the Mothership at 7pm and everyone agreed. I packed my camera equipment, charged the battery for my portable studio light, sat everything by the front door, and was ready for the next day. Or so I thought.. The second and last part of
this series will be titled “Princess and a 300 baht Short Time Room” and will be complete with many photographs.

Until next time..

Stickman's thoughts:

Chiang Mai Kelly is indeed a legend and his stories about life with Princess are some of the most popular stories hosted on this site. CMK created a legend with Princess and I cannot wait to see your pictures!!!

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