Stickman Readers' Submissions June 16th, 2008

Beauty And The Beast

This part is inspired by Korski’s “Distortions Of A Hooker Kind”.

I was wondering the same question. Why do you see so many men walking around with “ugly” girls when there are so many pretty girls to be found in Pattaya?

Well for one, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are many times that me and my friends where checking out girls in bars where I live. And always we find that what one finds attractive another does not. One likes chubby, thin, painted, big, small, the eyes and so on. But that aside. The real stunners are recognised by anyone.

So why oh why do men settle for less in Pattaya when they have to pay for it?

Are they all cheap Charlies usual the uglier the cheaper I think (I don’t have any experience picking up bargirls, just never done it). But I don’t think so. So I did the the only thing I could think about and that is talking about it with a stunner and an “ugly” girl. How did I come to do this? I will tell you, it was not my first question but by answering my first question I came to find out about the abovementioned question.

The last 4 days of my tour through LOS I had to spend in Jomtien alone as the group I booked with split up there. Some went to Bangkok, some to an island or another place. So there I was alone in Jomtien with 4 days to spend. It was there sitting at the beach in Jomtien that I found myself wandering how a gogo club worked financially. I decided to go and find out, and to do that I would go to Walking Street.

Now to tell you a bit about me. I am the kind of guy who can be curious and never get in to trouble. Why, I don’t know but I always seem to blend in with the crowed wherever I am. And I am always forgiven if my curiosity takes me a step too far. A smile and a joke and that’s all.

One example: In Italy I kept up the owner of my hotel all night with the telephone in his hand and the police on speed dial. Why? Well I was in a bar with a friend and we were having a great time which led to some guys to inviting us to come over to their table and share a bottle of wine. And one bottle became a few bottles, nothing wrong here. But what we didn’t know was how could we know that the guys where known mafia. And we were spotted by the daughter of the hotel owner who calls her father in panic! What to do. The father replied do nothing until things go wrong. I will wait until they come home with the phone in my hand. So we got home at 4 AM wondering why the owner was still up. He told us the next day. We thought the guys we had spoken to in the bar were just joking about it, because they did tell us they belonged to the mafia. We joked with them about it all night because we thought if you belong to the mafia you would not talk about it in the open. How wrong we were!

So to get back to Pattaya and the quest to find out how the gogo club worked financially, I cloud not believe that so many clubs could have a means of existence. So of to Walking Street I went.

The first thing I did was walk up and down Walking Street and think of the best way to find the answers. This is how I did it. I found a popular club with a strategic place at the bar where I could see everything, the customers the ladies and the cash register and what took place behind the bar. Next, I invited a cute girl to sit next to me and buy her a lady drink so it looked like I was chatting with her and could not keep my eyes of her beautiful body. It worked! After two lady drinks the girl told me all I needed to know about her and her end of the deal and I saw what I needed to know about what else was going on behind the bar and the cash register. But is was not enough to get the whole picture. Here I got sidetracked. I noticed when I looked over the girls in the club they where roughly divided in two groups, stunners and not so attractive. And then I noticed something that got me to get the above mentioned question before answering the question I walked in with.

What has happened? My curiosity got the best of me. I saw with my own eyes that the “ugly” girls where getting a lot more attention than the stunners, and saw in the time I spent in the bar about 5 “ugly” girls walk out with a costumer and only one stunner. So I asked the cutie at my side if the stunners where available for men or not. She told me all the girls in this bar are available for action. Ok at the same price or? Yes the barfine is 600 for all and you have to pay the girl 2000 baht. All girls? Yes all girls. Then she looks in my eyes and says what troubles you, you looked distracted all night. So I tell her. Her answer I did not believe, I went to 3 more gogo bars to find out the same she told me. Why did the men in the club go with not the most attractive girl in the bar well here it is. She told me that a lot of men are scared to take home a beauty. WHAT? Yes, a lot of ugly men can’t get it up when they have to perform with a girl that is way out of their league. She told me that she was barfined by a fat German who walked around with her all day to show her off to his friends but when they came to his room there was a knock on the door and in came some old fat mamasan who took care of business while she had to sleep on the spare bed. Call me crazy but I checked this in other clubs and all the same ugly girls go with ugly men and stunners go with stunners with the usual exceptions. Maybe the girls I talked to had there fun with me but I think they told the truth. But this is something you can check in the gogo club of your choice and please let me know the answer you get from the girls. Like I told you my experience is limited to asking questions I never used there service. Plus I have only been in LOS twice and one time was with my Thai girlfriend (no, not a prostitute) who also told me some stories of farang men visiting Thailand. Stories that made me ask her the question why she was with this farang. Her answer I think you can answer yourself. Some time in the future maybe I will write what I think are the basics to make any relationship work.

So I leave you with a quest of your one to find out if there is truth to my item or if it’s all bullsh#@. Looking forwards to your answers.



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Stickman's thoughts:

This is rather bizarre. Generally speaking the better looking girls get barfined first. Whether their performance lives up to their looks may be debatable but they do tend to be first cab off the rank.

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