Stickman Readers' Submissions June 13th, 2008

Are You Different?

"She is different." How many times do we hear, that no matter what country you are in?

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If you have had a bad experience and go to the next girl this is something you will hear every man say when asked the question if he’s not going to make the same mistake. But the question should not be are you different but have you learned from that bad experience?

Because to answer the question yes, she is different all girls are and like all men are. Yes we have our similarities but at the end we are all different.

To go on so you had a bad experience with a bar girl that was only in it for the money. But ask yourself the question were you any different from the men she goes with for money. Yes I believe you can fall in love with a bargirl and she with you and face the same odds of making it work as the rest of us (50-50). But those odds get smaller if you are just like all the customers she meets, then she knows no, this is not going to work so let's get all the money out of it as I can. And who could blame her? If you are the same as the rest you should know it's all for the money and nothing else. But when you treat her like a girlfriend in the same way as you would do in your country you have got a fighting chance.

I know. I have seen it happen with a friend. He does not know that I know she sold her body to pay her way through university and live a good life. She was popular and made good money and she has given it up for him. Why? Well not for the money because he is not rich and she knows because he was always honest to her. To escape Thailand? No. She loves Thailand and with her degree could go to work in Thailand. She had a job offer with a good salary with an international company. Why give that up? To work in his part of Farangland? Could be. She has a job but not as good as she could get in Thailand. Here her degree is not worth much.

So why oh why are they still together? She can’t take him for all he has got because he doesn’t have much! There are far better victims to be found for a popular girl like she was when she danced in the bar. To give you an idea, she worked as a model on some occasions. Oh yeah, she is the kind of girl that makes heads turn and even the most God fearing man would pay her barfine and enjoy the spoils.

I read the Korski part where he was stating what the work would do to the mental state of the Isaan girl.

So is she mentally f*'ed up? No, she is just a normal girl (not from the Isaan area) like I know so many here in my part of Farangland. You can imagine my surprise when I found out she was a working girl because none of the things I read about the working girls and her state of mind I found in her.

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And I know a little bit about it myself. She introduced me to a friend she had, also a working girl I later found out. But I finished with her far before I knew because this girl had all the problems so clearly stated on Stickman and from writers like Korski. And I only had to speak to her on the phone a few times to find out there was something really wrong with this girl.

So to conclude maybe they are still together and have the 50-50 fighting chance we all have in a relationship because he might be different then all the other men she met in the bar.

Something to think about?

So I end this first item, with the comment to all the experienced writers to send me some feedback so I can write a better item next time. I have so much more to tell but for now was too insecure to write. When reading all the items so well written I thought I can never be as entertaining as them so I don’t write. A mistake I know just do it get the feedback and improve that is my motto now. You live you learn it just take some time to find out.



Stickman's thoughts:

Yes, there is no need to be insecure. Put something together and send it in!

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