Stickman Readers' Submissions May 6th, 2008

Weird Morality

Don’t know if I’m the only one but it seems to me some of the so called morals of this world are way out of kilter.

For instance if we take what is deemed acceptable to be shown on TV, shooting killing and dead bodies complete with blood and guts are daily fare on the news and movies yet the naked, or partly naked in the case of females, human body is
unacceptable and censored out every time.

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Here we have war, killings and violence all products of hate, anger, greed, jealousy and viciousness which are fine for us and our children to see and the naked human body something that is natural and normal, some may never admit it but
we all have one hidden away somewhere although many may have never seen the light, let alone the light of day since their infant years, as taboo.

And god forbid sex is even worse the culmination of a loving and happy relationship, or at the very least an interlude of mutual pleasure would seem to be too horrible for us to witness and is something if seen by children would scar them
for life.

To me the human body is a thing of beauty, let me qualify that by saying the fit human body, unfortunately there are many bodies out there that have been rendered less than suay maak by excess of food and drink, lack of exercise
and general neglect, so why is this thing of beauty so reviled?

Well there seems to be elements of religion in this and in the case of the Christian religion this is another strange thing because if I remember rightly the Bible tells us, somewhere close to the front, that “God made man in his own
image”. Now if this is true then saying the human body is dirty, disgusting, pornographic and all the other words used then it is also saying the God of the Bible must be the same.

Some countries seem to be worse than others for this despising of the body thing, take the US for instance and the Janet Jackson tit episode a while back something that at the time was said to have shocked the nation. I watched it on American
TV, by the time I saw it the offending body part had been blocked out, and the presenters were all in agreement that it was a serious breach of the countries moral code.

There was a woman who called in to the TV station and said that her children had been “traumatized” by this. Now Trauma in my dictionary is serious and sudden injury, I am assuming that it didn’t actually break their
arms and legs so she must have meant mental injury. What sort of upbringing could these children have received if the sight of a woman’s breast could cause mental harm? What is the first thing that happens after a baby is born and passed
to its mother? It is held to the breast right? It is quite difficult for a woman to hold a young child without it being held to the breast therefore the mothers breast becomes a place of refuge, nurture and safety and unless, for whatever reason,
it has had a bottle stuck in its mouth immediately a place of nourishment. OK these kids may have been unfortunate enough to never before have seen a woman’s breast uncovered and may have wondered what the lumps under mums shirt were but
trauma, come on.

Other countries are even worse. I met a couple in my travels that had come to Thailand from Pakistan. They said they had arrived there at night and been taken by car to their hotel. The next morning when they set out to explore they knew
of the dress code for woman and the lady was dressed with long pants, long sleeves and a head scarf but the man had on his usual hot weather gear of shorts and tee shirt. They said the hotel staff were horrified he was told ‘you can’t
go out like that you will be attacked and even killed’. The woman offered to go and buy appropriate gear and was told a woman can’t go out alone she could be attacked and raped so one of the hotel staff went and bought acceptable
clobber. What sort of moral values deem a man’s bare legs and arms unacceptable while attacking, killing and rape could be expected?

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We are told that nakedness or going topless in Thailand is culturally offensive, I have heard the same rubbish from the Pacific Islands and New Zealand Maori. In the latter cases it is little more than 100 years since it was the norm. This
only changed with the arrival of the missionaries and their trade cloth.

Must have taken a bit of convincing woman who had always been bare breasted that suddenly their bodies were an abomination in the sight of the lord. No doubt there was an element of dressing up in it for what woman does not like to adorn
her body? So now it is culturally unacceptable to do without the trade cloth.

From the little I have read of early Europeans in Thailand both sexes were not averse to throwing off their clothing and bathing or cooling off in a river or the sea and that wasn’t very far back in time either.

I wrote part of this in an internet shop surrounded by kids playing games most of which seemed to involve shooting and killing, what are we teaching our kids with all these games? Yea so it’s not real but very easy to translate into
the real world and for kids brought up on killing people or things on their computer it can’t be such a big step to doing it to a real person

And war with all the casualties, I believe there are supposed to be rules of war, the Geneva Convention or something. Well I can tell you right now they need to be amended way back to the old times when kings and generals rode at the head
of their armies and were first into battle.

If OBL’s place was in the drivers seat of the first plane then two big buildings would very likely still be standing and if Dubbya and his cronies who wanted the Iraq oil had been required to be first on the ground with pig stickers
in their hands you can bet dollars to doggie doo five years, and counting, of bloodshed would never have happened.

Don’t get me wrong on this one I believe they were correct in going after OBL any way possible, someone who would do something like that desperately needs to be removed from any society, but going into Iraq amounted to taking their
eye off the ball, to use a football term and of course because of the division of resources they still haven’t got him.

So there it is, the dead bodies, carnage of war and fighting, that stem from all the bad emotions are OK to see and the games with killing and brutality are fine but the natural human body should never be seen and the sight of any sex, a
loving act, is way out of line and probably against the law.

Incidentally I don’t include rape as sex, it is violence against woman and with children, that is child abuse.

Bushman Bill

Stickman's thoughts:

Thailand being socially conservative is very much against the showing of flesh. I will never forget one Thai girl I was chatting with online who wouldn't send me picture of her in a bikini because she felt it was impolite to do so. It took much convincing that I would not be offended before the pictures were forthcoming!

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