Stickman Readers' Submissions May 12th, 2008


I was never able to attract young beautiful women when I was young. I was raised without much control and by the time I was ten years old I was already drugging and spent my teen years in a bad state. I cleaned up in my twenties, and at the end of them,
produced a child with a woman I never really cared for. I left her soon after the child was born, but continued to put all my energy into my child. Launching a career and taking care of my child took me through my thirties. So when I was in my
forties was the first time I was available for the GFE. And when I found it in a Asian girl twenty plus years younger than me I fell in love deep.

Love happens when two people get their deep needs met. For me, that need was a young beauty who adored me. For Asian women, as noted at this website, it is all about the money. That powerful attraction of my wanting a young beauty and her wanting stability
and money drove our love affair for over a year.

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After a year my need for a GFE had been met and I became less inclined to freely part with so much cash. When you first find that Asian young beauty who adores you, all you want to do is give give give. But after a year, you get tired of giving all the

On her side, when the cash started drying up and the love faded, she went back to being an independent woman fully capable of making her own money and not really caring to make me the object of her adoration. So the love faded.

Here is the problem. For most of us, life is a struggle and not conducive to remaining in love for the long term. So most people have the GFE, and by the time it wears off, they are married with children.

Now a friend of mine once said the only reason two people really get together is to have children. That is one good reason to hang in there when the GFE is gone. The problem is I have already raised my child and I am not having anymore. So, once I had
my GFE and now realize, from reading the website, I can duplicate the GFE anytime through spending money, what chance do you think there is I am going to fall back into marriage with my Asian girl. At my age, as my power is fading while hers grows
more powerful. Well I can tell you the chance probably isn't great. Not when I know that parting with my precious retirement money was a big reason this young beauty was attracted to me in the first place. No, at my age the best thing is
for me to enjoy myself.

Now in the traditional days, marriage was a business contract. Women depended on you and vice versa. She produced children and kept house and you provided means.

Today, women no longer need men. They can handle both sides of the business contract themselves. But it leaves them worn out, angry, lonely, bitter and unattractive. So the contract to care for the woman is no longer valid. Men used to stay married and
meet the need for a GFE with a mistress or p4p. He would keep his marriage contract because his woman needed it. Now a woman doesn't really need it, so the man is not obligated to stay married to a woman when the love is gone. He is free
to make money and pursue temporary GFEs.

That first time you get Asian love it feels like you have been deprived for so f***ing long. When you get exactly what you want you are so grateful. You luxuriate in it for a year. By the time it finally burns out, you are often married, maybe with kid
and house. Mine was long distance, so no marriage or house, but I did spend tens of thousands on travel and gifts. As always, just tuition for needed lessons. I believed many of the myths found on this website.

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The fantasy to find a poor girl to take care of me and my child. Never consider that she may not be happy to come to my country. That she would have nothing in common with us, be bored and not able to make a living etc. That she was perfectly fine without
me before I came along. That many of them make a profession out of milking and discarding unsuspecting farangs.

So now I talk with the stunners and the GFE pulls at me but I know it is just the GFE and not realistic in the sense that young women only want old men for their money. I still talk with my girlfriend but now I accept no impositions. I don't harbor
as many illusions.

Maybe in the future I will allow some impositions with her or some other girls, because I won't want to be just alone. But they will probably be more on my terms, in line with my age, and what I have learned.

Stickman's thoughts:

A good friend's father once told me that it takes a very long time to learn the rules. And by the time you know all the rules and understand the game, it is just about game over.

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