Stickman Readers' Submissions May 22nd, 2008

Midst Farang Winds And Cold Rains, I Contemplate Haiku Of Thai Bar Girls

idst farang winds and cold rains, I contemplate haiku of Thai bar girls

Lights above, eyes below, gent-

mens clinic bangkok

ly swaying on beat, disturbs

not the rain outside.

Eyes meet, smiles sent, hands

motion, soft touch, shyness ends

as clouds fill the sky.

“What your name” I coo

with lady drink to wet the

wonderland clinic

nights of dry season.

Hotel shower soon

sweaty embraces, amid dreams

of rice harvest days.

Farang snows chill not

my heart more than my boyfriend’s

unanswered phone calls.

My tears fall on Ohk

Pansa; he leaves me and my

dream of decent life.

Prayers of never end-

ing Songkran go unanswered

when colored lights appear.

Sun sinks low on Mac-

ha Bucha as lovely girls

gather behind bar.

Mamasan quacks loud-

er than thunder lights as we

silently drink Chang.

His hand in mine, I

feel the daggers of Thai eyes

as Patpong rains fall.

Mark and Jens arrive

week of Songkran, one to Pat-

taya, two to Phuket.

Hand between my legs,

I kiss bearded mouth as daugh-

ter plants family corn.

Lent’s reminders: josh

sticks and candles for Buddha,

AIDS test for myself.

This Fall night, Noi eyes

my flashed knife; do not take my

customer again.

Lies, lies, lies, gathered

in flowered boat to drift a-

way at Loy Krathong.

Candle lit, gentle

push, water wakes, I turn to

face bright Cowboy lights.

Bright lights, loud sounds on

Khao Pansa, beacon the

lonely on dark soi’s.

Farang explodes more

than thunder rains. Yes, I go

with man, I have to work!

Farang sleeps, now quiet

on hot evening while I hold

ice to my eye.

Why farang boyfriend

sit alone in dark room and cry

on Christmas night?

New Year’s reminder,

I grow old, yet when does work

end and life begin?

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