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The Story Of Madam Baht Cart Part 6


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Perhaps six months later I received a phone call from Nam who was then in Chaiyaphum and asked if I was living alone and could she come and stay for a few days. As I was interested in finding out what had been happening in her life I agreed. She arrived
a few days later; FF had relocated so no disharmony. After the customary it’s nice to see you again blowjob, the interrogation began.

First question was.

Where is Mr. Thomson?

Oh he have no money he go back England.

Did you know he had small money when you marry him?

Oh yes.

Then why you marry him?

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I marry with him to get new passport..

Why you want new passport?

I have new passport I can go Singapore, I can see French man Papa for Willie.

Why you want to see him?

He no pay money for Willie I can make DNA and then he have to pay. I have friend work Orchard Tower she know where he live where him work.

Do you have money for plane ticket?

No but I work Pattaya one week and have money enough, already have money my bankbook for show Immigration Singapore. Then I work Singapore while I wait for DNA and go Embassy for Frenchman. I can do.

Well, she stayed a little over a week and sure enough made the required amount, some of which I contributed. It was a pleasant time, no hassles we were just old friends who had been through some ups and downs and we were helping each other out. It was
at this time that I was reminded of her humorous side. One evening during a post coital recovery period she asked the following question.

Why you call me baht Cart?

Because I met you on the back of a baht Cart.

That why she said, I thought it was because everyone can ride on me, now I not angry you call me baht Cart.

After leaving for Singapore I did not see her for some months but she turned up again to stay a couple of nights and tell me that things went well in Singapore and the Frenchman had started sending money again. This in addition to what she had saved in
Singapore from her work plus quite a substantial bank account, a home paid for and a collection of chickens and pigs meant she could take it easy for a while.

We said our goodbyes and off she went to the village. Some time after this I relocated. After six years in the same condo building I had decided that since I looked like seeing my years out in Pattaya I should at least secure my own accommodation. This
of course meant new phone numbers, new bars, new friends but the loss of some old ones including baht Cart.

Reflecting on our on and off relationship which had lasted 7 – 8 years, there had been some really good times and we had come to understand one another, cut through a lot of BS and developed a sort of incestuous father / daughter relationship. Also on
the plus side was a degree of trust. Our financial arrangements once established were honored. No conniving for more, no stealing. When shopping bins and change always tallied and there were no demands for gold or expensive clothes etc. All in
all it had been a fairly successful relationship albeit fractured at times. With lines of communication severed I had put the period into the memory bin so imagine my surprise when the phone rang one day some 12 months later. Of course it was
Nam. She was in Pattaya, just arrived and needed a place to stay for a few days as she had problems that she would explain when she saw me.

Her story was that she had somehow fxxxxd up in Singapore [ I never did find out how] and was hustled out of the country for a second time but fortunately on two different passports or the problem whatever it was would have been more serious. She had
no money at hand and wanted a similar deal as in the past, a base to work from to get her a stake to go home with. Of course I agreed, why not? After a rest, a shower and a change of clothes she hit the street to do what she did best, arriving
back late that night in a happy mood. Evidently her work had gone well.

Next morning I had a few hours work to do at my office so I left her in bed. She muttered that she would probably be out working again by the time I arrived back so I was not concerned when I arrived home and she was not there. Her suitcase was where.
She had left it and my wallet was where I had left it on the bedside table. I spent the rest of the day reading and working on the computer and was surprised when the time reached 6 PM and I had not heard from Nam. She rarely went long time as
she could earn more doing a few shorts and spend the evening watching TV. I fed myself showered, shaved and decided to head out for a few beers. She could wait outside for me if she returned. Ablutions completed and a clean shirt I was ready to
roll. I picked up the wallet and bam, it had lost weight. In fact it had lost 10k, not kilos but thousands.

That was the last time Nam and I crossed paths. Her toiletries stayed on the dressing table until they were used up by a succession of visitors. Likewise the clothing she had left in her suitcase. She had taken with her only her ID and my money [she did
leave me B1500 perhaps to tide me over until I could reach an ATM]. Why would she do that when she had never stolen before? Why would she do that when she knew that if the situation was that serious I would have probably given her the money? Why
would she destroy an 8 year relationship for so little? Perhaps desperate people do desperate things. I have had money and goods stolen from me before and since and I put that down to stupidity and carelessness on my part and try to be more alert
in the future. You can recover from that. But when a trust is built over a long period of time and it gets destroyed in second that is difficult to understand. That was December 04 and I have not seen or heard of Madam baht Cart since that day.

A Dana Fan

Stickman's thoughts:

That's a nice series. It's fascinating watching these girls' lives unfold as they do the circuit between their Isaan village, Pattaya and Singapore. It is a circuit may have ridden before, and many will ride in the future. The sad part about all of this is that they do it for many years but few seem to win the farang lottery, so to speak.

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