Stickman Readers' Submissions April 9th, 2008

My Story

I’ve been going to Thailand since 1976, probably 20 times all up.

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About a year ago I met Nui in Patong beach. She was very pretty, 32 years old and had one kid in Khon Kaen. Our relationship started a normal BG – Farang – stay one night thing, but I met her again the following night and we started
going together in long term basis. Sex with her was amazing and she just couldn’t get enough 3 – 4 times a day. I thought I would not survive for 2 weeks.

Over the 2 weeks, we started developing feelings towards each other and she was crying when I had to return back to Australia. 2 months later I managed to get 7 days off work and I was on the plane to LOS to meet her and we had 5 days together,
what we spent in Koh Phi Phi.

When I left I told her that I would be back in 4 months time and we could spend 4 weeks together travelling all over Thailand. We stayed in contact with phone calls but 2 weeks before I was to leave her phone went dead (disconnected). I was
hoping that she had just lost it and she would be waiting at the airport as she had promised.

When I arrived to Phuket there was no Nui. After finding a place to stay and a quick change of clothes and shower I went for a walk first to where she used to live and then her previous workplace. Nobody seemed to know where she was. I was
devastated but life goes on.

Later that night (around 10 PM) while I was still looking for Nui I walked past one bar when I saw this lady with a shy smile on her face. We made eye contact but I kept walking. For some reason I came back after half an hour and made eye
contact again. I kept walking but turned back because there was something on her I liked.

Her name was Asu and she told me she was 44 years old, had a body that many 16 year-olds would kill for and was closer to my age. We talked for a couple hours. I was getting really tired after working a night shift back home and then flying
to Thailand but I still I asked if she wanted to go with me and she agreed. There was no sex that night as I was too stuffed, but in the morning, yes.

The next couple of days I asked her if she wanted to come with me to Raylay Beach with me for 1½ weeks and she said yes. While in Rayley I asked if she wanted to go to Chiang Mai and spend some time with me even if I couldn’t
give her more than air tickets and food and she said yes. By that time we started developing feelings towards each other. I told her that I liked her very much and she told me the same. A week and a half later we left for Chiang Mai.

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The first day in Chiang Mai I started to get a flu. I was lying in bed having a fever and she was wiping my face with a wet towel when I quietly asked if she loved me. She thought about it for half a second and I saw her mouth forming a quiet
yes on her lips. From then on our relationship became more caring and more intimate. The following day she asked me if I wanted to visit her family in Isaan and I said yes.

We flew to Bangkok and took a bus Khon Kaen and after 6 long hours in the bus we were there. Her uncle was waiting for us and took us to his house. (Her parents died some years ago). The next few days we spent visiting her relatives and I
had a feeling that I was put on display. Our relationship had cooled down a fair bit. We only had sex every second day if I was really pushing it. She was not really interested and when she started talking about us building a house together I
started getting cold feet. A couple of days later I told her I had to return back home and I flew back to Bangkok.

I didn’t want to go back home yet. I still had just over a week left on my holiday so I took a taxi from airport to Pattaya to see how much it had changed in 30 years. It had changed a lot and I had had enough in 2 days.

I jumped on a plane and went back to Phuket. The first day there my phone rung and it was Nui. She still had my number and she told me she had lost her phone and had to go back to Khon Kaen. (I was there only few days ago, if only I had known).
She also told me she was having a baby and was crying for me not to leave her. When I started asking about the baby she started talking Thai and hung up the phone.

I sent her a few text messages asking if I was the father etc. but no answer. I started getting the feeling it might have been a trick on her part.

I went for a walk that night and while in Soi Eric I saw this beautiful smile on this lady’s face. I went to talk with her. She told me she was about to turn 41, had one kid, and had arrived in Patong few days earlier. Her name was
Noi. We talked a few hours and I asked if she wanted to go with me and she said “I thought you never ask”. We went to my hotel and she was HOT. In the morning she just said that she wanted to stay with me and I had one of my best
times ever in Thailand. We hired a car and looked around Phuket Island and just enjoyed each other’s company.

After just few days I had to go back to Australia. She came to airport with me and was crying most of the time asking me to stay. I told her I’ll be back as soon as I get time off. This was now 2 weeks ago. I managed to get 3 weeks
off and I’ll be going back in 2 weeks to spend 3 weeks with her in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and go to see her family. She has everything I love in a lady, a sense of humor, is close to my age, loves sex and really enjoys it and she’s
really cute. She is really fun to be with.

Well, who knows what might develop in the future. We might even stay together in the long term.

Stickman's thoughts:

Are you looking for holiday fun or are you looking for a life partner? Seems you are caught in two minds…

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