Stickman Readers' Submissions April 30th, 2008

How To Play The Game – For Numptys

I am a big fan of Stickman <this has got green star written all over itStick> and a lot of the reports put on here are very useful. I am 21 year old Londoner and know the tricks girls play in every walk of life,
Thai or not. My first visit to Thailand was recently and although I’m not due back until the New Year I still read the submissions. I can’t help think that all the men who say that their lady is different and that they gave them
money whilst in a relationship are all a bunch a mugs. What in the world would possess you to give these money grabbers your hard earned money? (Don’t answer, like I don’t know the answer to that.) And I'm not saying all Thai
girls are money grabbers, but in England if a girl asked me for money or half expected some dollar before the year mark of the relationship she's be fxxxxd off straight away.

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My motto is and always will be "you pay for your own meal but the dick is free" and it hasn't failed me once. The thing is when we were there, me and my 2 pals didn’t pay for 1 brass.

I’m not saying we're the best looking geezers. I understand it’s because we're young. I'd go in a gogo bar, once they are all over me, I’d say me no pay for boom boom. Simple. If they weren't up for
it, fuck 'em. But the majority would say they'd wait until the bar closes or I'd take their mobile number and ring 'em once me and the boys had finished clubbing. Lets 'av it right! And for the people who think they can
wife off a bar girl, they need to sort themselves out. And in my opinion if you get stung by a deceiving, cheating woman out of a large sum of money then I say more fool you and fair play to the girl. Harsh but true.

If you meet a girl and it looks like you want to carry on seeing her but you're not sure of her intentions just tell her she ain't getting a penny out of you. Or better yet make it clear from the outset. Even if you got to say,
"Don’t mean to be rude sweetheart but because it happened to me before, I can’t give no money. If you like me it doesn’t matter about money." Now as soon as that line is dropped you'll see straight away what
her intentions are. If you like her but it's clear she’s after your wallet mug her off. All the fellas who say we had the most amazing sex or experience together or we clicked as soul mates, if you drop the "you ain't getting
a bean out of me treacle" line you'll soon see how right you was. And if I'm in the situation where she wants money from me then she’s out of the hotel loom faster than you can say serwadikaaaa.

What’s wrong with you people? It’s a bit different because (I assume) I'm a lot younger than a lot of the men who have married and donated to ladies. But I ain't in no desperate need for any girl. Having said that
Thai girls are beautiful and I met one girl at the full moon party. For the record we will call her Arris (That’s because she plated mine until it was red roar). I understand only Londoners are going to get that but I don’t give
a monkey's.

Now I didn’t rump her on the first night, which she either had the painters in or has some respect for herself. Which is a good thing. Although at the time tuggin myself off weren't on the agenda. We spent a bit of time together,
which I'm thankful for because she showed me and the boys around, acting as our tour guide, sweet. She seemed to be a good girl. Not a brass and had loads a money of her own. She had her ugly really aggressive side but I just laughed. Didn’t
scare me and if I needed to I would have just restrained her if she had attacked me. You can’t let these girls manipulate you. If they notice you're scared then they have some room to manipulate and call the shots. Then you'll
end up giving her loads a money to fxxx off. How about no, you fxxx off, I don’t give a monkey's whether you know Thai boxing, that ain't going to mean nothing when you've got a bottle a Chang 'round your nut. Not literally,
obviously, I'm a gentleman but that’s the mentality to have and they won’t keep pushing you, believe me.

It’s like one girl the morning after, wanted money. I told her the night before she weren't getting any money and she was cool with that. Then in the morning she tries to stick it on me once I’d sprinkled. I play the "I
will go hotel, shower ring you, we go out for lunch and I'll give you some dollar then" routine. Very hard to get away but I did and did so on other occasions with others as well. The only thing is if you see the girl again she goes
nuts so again you have to leave. The moral is you have got to play the game. Not be some donut who rumps a girl and then is in love. Yeah she might be beautiful. You might not have been with a woman with softer skin. She might suck Hampton like
no one else. She might even plate your arris. She might make you feel like your the best thing since sliced bread but what are they doing? Playing the game. 2 years down the line, you've paid for the mum and family to have a better life and
give her untold (gold, money, property) but she's still mugging you off by rumpin Jurgen Ze German. What is the matter with you men? If you let her know from the start then everyone knows where they stand. If you’re feeding her money
and gold you will always think in the back of your head, is it me she loves or the conveniences?

The long part of it is that I still see and speak to Arris. She lives in Finland and we go half : half if we ever want to meet. I do like her but always will have my guards up. I’ve covered the base that she wants a UK passport so
told her I ain't marrying her. Covered the money side by telling her she ain't getting a penny but am definitely more than willing to see how it goes and give it a chance. Now tell me, who’s playing the game?

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Please let me know your thoughts on this email and I will try and get back to you.

Stickman's thoughts:

Fair enough about being straight up with the women and having some free fun. Just remember though these girls often have little. OK, some make a packet but some are genuinely hard up for cash.

But when it comes to marrying one of this lot, I am with you 100%!

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