Stickman Readers' Submissions April 12th, 2008

Faces of Bangkok – A New Flame

A dip into the hotel pool does the trick to finally wake me up and make me feel alive again. Overlooking the Bangkok skyline from the edge of the pool the happenings of the last twelve hours now almost feel like a distant dream to me. If the temporary
loss of hearing in my left ear due to last night’s blasting sound system wasn’t a very unwelcome proof of my adventure it might have just been one for real.

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I check my mobile. No messages from her. Good. I realize I’m selfish to think this way but I’m actually glad she has to work today. She’s sweet enough but I doubt I would want to spend my entire day with her. I appreciate
solitude, especially after a wild night out like yesterday. I just feel sorry for her that she has to work after having slept so little.

I head to Sathorn to my favorite day spa. If I don’t happen to have any other plans in the afternoons I usually treat myself to at least 90 minutes of Aromatherapy massage there every single day I’m in town. It’s a place
where lots of middle class Thai folks like to go to for their treatments, yet in this particular branch there’s usually a good number of tourists around too due to its central location in a tourist area. There are no extras on the menu,
at least not that I’m aware of, and I appreciate it.

I don’t know how many masseuses are working in this particular establishment but I’m guessing at least a few dozen. In the past I’ve never had the same masseuse twice, and I am very good at remembering people’s
faces and especially a woman’s touch. Yet today this rule is broken. I get assigned the same girl as the day before. I’m pleased as she did a good job then and was also pleasant to talk to, if a bit too serious in her demeanor for
my liking. However, she seems more relaxed today. As she recognizes me she immediately puts up a smiling face.

Unlike yesterday, as she works my thighs her warm and soapy hands get a lot closer to my private parts than the day before, basically almost giving them a slight rub too in the process, leaving me wondering. Did I tip her that well yesterday
that she thinks I deserve a bit of special treatment? Actually I didn’t think so! I don’t encourage her, yet I can’t help wondering how far she would go. At this time what she is doing is more ticklish than arousing actually.
Most of the time I have to bite my cheeks from the inside to stop myself from laughing out loud.

As I leave the massage room after having gotten dressed again I tip her 50 Baht for a job very well done and put up an inquiring face while looking at her. She smiles brightly and winks at me twice with her left eye only. Can anyone tell
me what that’s supposed to mean then?

Tonight I’m invited over for dinner by an expat friend. And not only that, as I have learned only yesterday his wife has lined up someone for me to meet at this occasion too. She is into matchmaking as it seems. That should be interesting.

Having overestimated the traffic I arrive at his place early, giving us the opportunity to catch up on the last few months since we met last, before eventually his wife and her friend arrive.

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I’m always interested in making the acquaintance of a nice woman, and this is not an exception. And wow, I am well impressed. Her name is Wipa. She’s 24 years old, originally from Chiang Rai, and quite a sight. Very much different
to last night’s girl this one has the aura of a lady, traditional and gentle, suave and beautiful. She’s gracefully elegant with very soft facial features, large curious eyes, and a very shapely body.

Upon entering the room she gives me the most graceful waai I have ever received, whispering a soft “Sawatdee Kha”. I’m already smitten with her. Not good!

She appears rather shy and struggles with her English, partly forcing me to resort to my marginal Thai language skills again. She’s visibly surprised I speak any Thai at all.

I soon learn that she grew up on a farm in the North and came to Bangkok six years ago to study. She works fulltime Monday to Saturday to finance her now almost completed studies of law and is just looking for an additional job to earn extra
to save up for a Master’s degree.

I have to consciously stop myself from openly staring at her through the serving hatch from the sofa in the living room while my friend’s wife and Wipa are preparing our meals in the kitchen.

My phone buzzes announcing the receipt of a text message. It’s last night’s girl Nit.

“Nit hotel 2330 ok?”

I’m not surprised. Without giving it much of a thought I type “ok” and hit send. Probably not a good idea but I don’t feel like having an otherwise unavoidable argument about this on the mobile at this time now.

The four of us small talk over dinner and I learn a few more interesting things about Wipa that attract me even more to her.

I give her a lift in the taxi on my way back to the hotel and drop her off at her place. Before exiting the taxi she offers me her phone number. I offer mine in return and promise to contact her before I leave. She looks happy. I feel another
potential hangover lurking already.

On the way back to Rama IV I call Nit.

“Where are you?”

“At your hotel already!”

And she sure is, sitting on a balustrade in front of the hotel’s parking lot snacking on sliced green mangoes. She puts up a happy face watching me stepping out of the taxi and immediately shoves a slice of mango into my mouth.

There isn’t much talk between us. Less than fifteen minutes later we are in bed. I’m tired. She literally rapes me. Sex is better than the night before. She’s a fast learner. We sleep at 3am.

To be continued.

Stickman's thoughts:

She's a fast learner…or you're a good teacher!

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