Stickman Readers' Submissions April 29th, 2008

Disgruntled And Dejected No More!

In the time since my last email to you, my life has chanced drastically. For the better. I am neither disgruntled nor dejected anymore.

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Today I watched my soot thirak walking through the passport check at Amsterdam airport. She came to visit me here in Holland for 12 days. They have been the happiest days of my life so far. Let me tell you why.

After moping a little some days after writing you, I decided to have a look at ThaiLoveLinks which you had as banner on your site. I looked around and was stunned by the enormous amount of beautiful girls / women who were looking for a man. Became a paid member just to see what would happen. I had already booked my next ticket to BKK for middle of May, only 1 month to go, so I thought a little ground work for setting up some meetings would not be bad. Heaps of interests received, but nothing to catch my attention.

Then I saw a profile that immediately struck me as different from the rest. Her picture, nickname and intro phrase were very intriguing. I was even more intrigued after reading her profile. I managed to get her to chat, but she said right away that she did not really like to chat and had to go soon. I asked for her mobile number and asked if I could call her later. She gave her number and I called her.

We hit it off well from the word go. We ended up talking for an hour the first time. She said to me don't talk too long because it is phaeng mak mak. Explained that I had a special international calls SIM. She speaks English very well, but also a Scandinavian language. Apparently she had lived in Scandinavia for 3 years a little over 3 years ago. Cheating guy etc. She took off.

After that, I called her regularly and two weeks later I got my internet connection hooked up and we started video calling on Skype. Man, Skype rules! We talked for hours, every time, which soon became everyday. I would rush home from work so that it would not be too late for her. Many times we talked until late (for her). She has her own company so has to put in the hours. Due to the nature of this job, if I would divulge her business, some people would know who she is. Absolutely nothing to do with bars and such like.

She is the sweetest woman I have ever met. In the whole time we spoke, not once did a red flag come up. I have of course carefully prepared myself for the usual scam stuff that you read about, but this girl has been on the level all the way. It went from good to better to smokin'. A lot of bpaak waan. After a while I asked her sort of as a joke if she would like to join me at my company's anniversary party. She was over the moon. She said you want me to come there? Jing jing thirak. She was very excited I wanted her to visit. I offered to pay half the ticket and visa cost. She did not ask me to…not even a hint.

Stick, you must know a little bit about Thai girls getting visas, tourist or otherwise. Never thought that it would be so difficult. Farang often gripe about having many limitations in the LOS, but I tell you, an average Thai can not just buy a ticket and go. Besides the money involved, much more than your average monthly Thai salary, getting a tourist visa for the EU is no joke. Luckily, we had all the papers needed. Took a good 4 weeks in all to organize everything.

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Let me tell you it was worth it in every sense. We continued our good connection and seamlessly went to the next stage right there at the arrivals hall. All felt good. She said several times while Skyping that she felt very comfortable with me.

The whole stay went without a hitch. We like everything about each other. We both felt this. Expressed it many times. After only a few days we declared our love for each other. It was perfect. We make each other laugh, never any uncomfortable moments, sensing what the other is thinking some times. We both had not had so much good sex in our whole life. 4 to 6 times a day, I shit you not. I am a little tired now…

She is fantastic cook and does a nice massage , too. She even liked my cooking. She even took a picture of my fried eggs with ham roll and cheese on bread. Not only that, she likes Weet-bix! With milk, cane sugar and cinnamon. You ever seen a Thai eat that for brekkie?

She is everything I look for in a woman. She is very Thai, but also knows about my culture too. She even wants to learn my language. She wants me to lean more Thai, and taught me some things that were used often. Like: Thirak, mee arom. Yaak jiaw-chai noi deaw nii! Not only that, she wants me to move to Bangkok, which I am working on. Her parents come from Ratchaburi, but she was born in the North. But enough lovestruck pedestal talk.

The message here I guess, is that I am happy and I finally figured out what it takes. Just took me 35 years.

This is a positive story about Thai women and so I want to say this. It is possible to have a relationship with someone that you meet online and it is possible to find a good Thai woman who respects you. It is possible to genuinely fall in love with each other. However, you need to follow the same rules or guidelines that apply to all ladies, but especially Thai ladies.

Do not try this with a (ex) bar girl or similar. This has been done to death.

Find a good Thai woman not much younger than you. 5 – 6 years MAX. In our case 2 years. Smile a lot, show an interest in her, be polite, be relaxed, do not moan and complain, be nice to her all the time, be clean, be honest (yes, really!), treat her like a princess (unless she is the Queen of Drama or a child). Do not EVER start sexy talk online if you want a good one, or she will block you. You may however flirt your ass off. The good ones will put you to many tests. Most you will not notice until later if ever. You will have to pass them all. You will need a little chohk dee. All the basic rules have been described in other subs here. There was one a while back that summed it up very well. Maybe you know which one I mean, Stick?

So, part one of our adventure has just finished. Next month, we start part two. I wanted to let the readers know that this could happen to you.

I will keep you posted if you like.

Chohk dee na khap,


(my new Thai name)

Stickman's thoughts:

It's great to hear that things are going so well. Long may they continue.

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