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The Story Of Madam Baht Cart Part 2


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Back home in Australia business is good but the marriage not so. Thirty odd years, a couple of separations and reconciliations find it wearing thin, the bond is still there but the passion is not. We are more best friends than lovers. This is fine for
the business but on a personal level without the intimacy and passion of earlier years it's like a roast dinner minus the gravy.

The time arrives for my departure to Thailand another three months to balance nine months of celibacy. Some weeks prior to leaving I had sent a letter to Nam informing her of my pending arrival not knowing or really caring if she received it or would
respond to it if she did. It was a shot in the dark as she did not have any means of reply. I had not given her any contact details for fear of upsetting things on the home front. Besides there is no shortage of ladies willing to share time and
help spend money in Pattaya so the cost of a stamp was not going to be a great loss. Even so, I found myself hoping that I would be remembered and somehow a reunion was possible. Imagine my surprise and joy when my taxi from Don Muang arrived
at the Diana Inn and who should be sitting at Kiss restaurant awaiting my arrival but Nam!

The next three months were spent together; the child was now being cared for by her sister in Chaiyaphum. During this period I found out much about her previous life. The usual poor family background, married off to a Chinaman at an early age with a son
the result of that union now aged nine years and also staying with the sister. Never did find out what happened to the Chinaman and never really cared. The other child though was fathered by a French man with whom she had a fairly stable relationship.
Seems that it was conceived while she was living with him in Singapore but he was unable to care for it or her as he was busted for drugs and had problems buying his way out of the situation. She was banished from the country and returned to Thailand
where she gave birth to the boy. Having had some experience in selling herself in Singapore to probably help support the French man’s habit, it was easy and probably necessary to follow the same line of work when she returned to Thailand.
None of this was a problem for me as I had no intention of doing anything other than enjoying her company on a pay as you go basis. After all, I had a wife, family and business at home. This was a diversion that would end when my time was up.

I was not the nor am I now the sort of person that wants to have the upcountry family experience [I spent enough time in my youth seeing that sort of sqalour up close and personal] so on the occasions that Nam had to visit family she went alone and I
sought other company. Never once in that period were any financial demands made of me other than what would be considered normal upkeep [for those that like the nitty gritty it was about B 10,000 per month]. When it was time for me to return to
the real world there were no tearful goodbyes or protestations of undying love but I think we both realized that it wasn’t over. I did give her the address of a trusted friend and suggested that she could contact me there should she feel

I left Pattaya having enjoyed the most enjoyable holiday to date. Sure other trips had put more notches on my belt and I had experienced wilder sex and probably more of it on previous visits, but never before had I allowed myself to indulge in what has
come to be known as the Girl Friend Experience. Boarding the plane at Don Muang for the flight home I had no inclination of what was awaiting me at the end of the journey.

Anyone still reading? TBC

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The old dragon was waiting for you at the airport with divorce papers? (Sounds like Christmas came early that year if my guess is right!)

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