Stickman Readers' Submissions March 19th, 2008

The Story Of Madam Baht Cart Part 1

First some background. I am on the wrong side of seventy and have been visiting the Land of vertical smiles since 1976. I could claim 1974 but I could not escape from the transit area at Don Muang [or my wife and kids] on the first occasion I touched
down in Thailand on my way home to Australia from a tour of Europe. I have no idea what possessed me to want to delay my return home but the aerial view of the canals and the lushness of the scenery triggered an urge to explore further. The following
year I had another Asian tour that included a few days in Macau where I had my first experience of Thai care in a massage parlour at the Balboa Hotel, the die was cast.

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It would be another year and with the aforementioned wife before I finally passed through immigration to explore exotic Bangkok. We had a marvellous ten days doing all the touristy things and enjoying it all. But I was unable to forget the treatment I
had received in Macau and managed to convince the wife that a visit to the Chao Phrya Massage Parlour would be great therapy for my arthritis. It sure was and it also began what until now has been a love affair with Thailand and its women.

Fast forward almost thirty years, I have been living alone in Pattaya for the past ten years and although much older I still retain the original desire. For some years I have been a voyeur of the Stickman site and others like it and enjoyed many of the
submissions. In particular I enjoyed the off the wall contributions of Dana [well, most of them] and this prompted me to contact him and offer thanks for his entertainment which in turn led to a meeting which resulted in a challenge to contribute
myself. So like it or not, Dana, this is the story of one of my most memorable relationships with a Thai lady.

The year is not important but I think about 95. I had been spending three months in Pattaya and taking care of business at home for the rest of each year. My home from home is the Diana Hotel and on this particular Saturday I find myself hung-over and
short of funds so a trip to the money changers is required. Most of the money changers [pre ATMs] are on Beach Road so being too fragile to walk I jump on a baht cart to do the loop around Pattaya Klang and along Beach Road aiming for the booth
near PK Villa [since demolished]. There is another person seated when I board the bus who smiles at me and it seems to me that I should respond. Sawasdee Kab [my only Thai at that time] I say, Ka she nods. The rest of
the journey silence.

I step off at PK and move toward the money changers booth and do the business. Imagine my surprise when I turn around and see the same girl smiling at me. Never one to look a gift smile etc.. a short conversation follows. What your name? Where you go?
What you do? Where you stay? after which I invited her to accompany me back to my loom where we could get to know each other a little more intimately. A short cut through PK Villa and a small dirt track brought us to Second Road
and a left turn headed us toward the Diana Inn. Along the way I learn that her name is Nam and she hails from near Chaiyaphum and of course has only been in Pattaya a short while. In the room it was not long before I discover that as well as having
a pleasant smile she also has a very pleasant body and knew how to use it. The performance while not mind blowing was certainly satisfying and during the romp I became aware that she was lactating which I find extremely stimulating and this brought
on a premature conclusion to our first congress.

Remember though that this took place in the days when even freelancers offered a real service and there was not a lot of short time activity. The ladies normally expected a liaison to extend to the following morning unless told otherwise. So it was that
after a shower enjoyed together we relaxed on the bed chatting about the lactating thing. It was revealed that she had a son of 5 months who was being taken care of by her landlady in Soi Buakao but not to worry, he would not need another feed
for a couple of hours after which she could bed him down and return for the night as long as she could depart early for his morning sustenance. I took this info on board with a little doubt as even back then some of the girls handled the truth

Some hours had passed since our meeting and the AFL Football was now showing on the television. I was laying back on the bed enjoying the game, cigarette in one hand a glass of single malt in the other when I became aware that Nam had positioned herself
at the foot of the bed and was taking liberties, her head was between my legs and she was smoking too. My thoughts were; how good is this? Can it get much better? Have I died and gone to mongers heaven? My query was answered when Nam suggested
that we change positions. Expecting something outrageous, I had no idea what, I readily complied but when the same applications resumed with no discernible difference except that my cigarette was now in the ashtray and my scotch was out of reach
on the side table I queried the reason behind the request. My turn to watch TV was the muffled answer I received from Nam.

Right at that moment lust had turned to affection. Here was a lady that was not only attractive and erotic but had a sense of humour – what a combination! Nam was as good as her word and returned later that evening after her maternal duties and we were
to spend the remaining weeks of my holiday together. Although I did see the small child on the odd occasion when I took her to feeding sessions it was never suggested that he be brought to my room or in any way interfere with our relationship.
On my departure Nam gave me her address and suggested I might like to let her know if and when I retuned. No suggestion of financial support outside what had already been given, which was not much outside a one baht gold chain [at the time about
B6,000] and a classy blue cocktail frock [black ones are so common]. Remember this.

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A Dana Fan

Stickman's thoughts:

These stories from the old days always hold my attention and I often find myself wondering where the characters are now. What happened to them? Did their lot in life improve?

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