Stickman Readers' Submissions March 25th, 2008

From Hookers and Ladyboys to Love and Happiness

I have been reading many of the articles on this site over the years. I have paid attention to some stories, ignored others, and even got annoyed at some. So I just wanted to give an honest account of my journey from a sex obsessed 21 year old pup to
a loved up husband.

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My first trip to Thailand was in January 2005. I had just finished my degree and I was set to travel the world on my own. Although I was going to be travelling to many places around the world I decided the first place on my itinerary should
be Thailand. I had studied many of the forums and had flirted with the idea of taking girls from Nana Plaza. I had also even thought about trying a katoey but as soon as I arrived and saw how cute the Thai girls were I decided against

As I was a backpacker my first night was spent in Khao San Road. I met lots of cute farang backpackers but decided to move away from this area. I had been dreaming about scoring beautiful Thai girls and I had slept with plenty of English
and Scandinavian girls before. So anyway I decided to move into a hotel close to Nana. That day I went to some of the bars around Nana but decided it was too early to get drunk. So I hopped on the skytrain and set off to the MBK. I had never seen
a bigger selection of poor quality clothing. I was not impressed. But then I saw this beautiful girl in a university uniform.

She was with 3 other friends but she was the only one I had my eye on. One of the things I had loved about Asians was their beautiful brown skin. She was fairly white and not what I expected to like in a Thai girl. But she was stunning. I
decided to go over and try to chat to her. From what I previously read in the forums a “good Thai girl” may not be too impressed with a farang approaching them. But I had also read what they considered to be good looking –
young, clean shaven, smelling nice, clean shoes etc. I had never tried to chat up an Asian girl before so I decided to go down the cheesy route.

Well it worked anyway. I asked her whether she would like to come and get some ice cream with me. She (Ob) had ok English and was a Computer Science student at Chula. We had fun and she was really cute. She had to go back to class so we arranged
to meet again later that night. So later we went out to dinner. This time it was just the two of us. After this I liked her even more and we spent the next 3 days together. But it was different than courting a farang. No kissing on the lips and
we were not even close to having sex.

At the end of the third night she came back to my hotel and came up to my room. All we did was watch a DVD but we did kiss and fool around a little. But we didn’t do anything too serious. I could see she was really developing feelings
for me. Although I thought she was sexy I was only here for a month and didn’t want to get into a hugely serious relationship. But I decided to see how things panned out. She told me she had a summer home in Koh Chang and suggested we go
to it for a couple of nights. I said yes and I was really looking forward to it. She went home to get her belongings and said she would be back to my hotel in the morning. That meant I had the night to myself so I decided to check out the Nana

Again I had read plenty in the forums so I thought I knew what to expect of the Nana Plaza. I had seen the place a few days before during the day but not at night. It was a total shit hole and a complete firetrap. But this time it was buzzing.
The noise and movement was incredible. The feeling of walking into it was amazing. Really the only thing I could compare it to was scoring a goal for my school in a cup final. Pure excitement. I went into the first gogo I saw. WOW! Now these were
the cute brown Asians I had been dreaming about. The quality of the women was much higher than the ones I had seen outside in the other bars. And dear god they were filthy. From what I could see I was the youngest guy around by about 10 years.
The girls were going crazy and nearly the whole gogo bar jumped on me. I loved it. This is the excitement I had read about. It was this very second in the first gogo bar I entered that my trip changed.

After half my first beer I was French kissing and feeling up two of the girls. They had my hands all over them and their hands were all over me. I decided kissing and fooling around was ok. There was no way I was going to bring a prostitute
to my room. I bashed around from bar to bar and got really pissed. Then I decided to go up to the second floor. I walked up the stairs on the left hand side. As I was walking past a bar called Cassanova a very tall girl grabbed me. Straight away
I knew it was a ladyboy but decided to go in for one drink.

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I stayed for more than one drink. After sitting down I thought this was one of the most beautiful creatures I ever saw. So exotic and we were all over each other. At about 1:00 the ladyboy bar was closing and Tea asked if I wanted to go to
The Tunnel bar for a drink. I said yes. We never made it as far as the bar and ended up back in my hotel. The guys at reception thought it was very funny and made me pay 500 baht extra. I didn’t really care as I was pissed. Well anyway
my first experience with a man was amazing. She was so hot and it was a totally great night. At 6 AM I had to ask her to leave as Ob was coming.

Ob arrived and she was so excited about our trip. The second I saw her cute little face I was full of regret. She looked great and I couldn’t help but smile at her. But my heart was not in it. I decided to still go to Koh Chang. I
was asleep in the minibus all the way there. Bloody long journey and I was very hung-over when I woke up. I was shocked when I saw her summer house. The place was fantastic and she had a swimming pool. We had a nice day splashing around and kissing.
But in my heart I was longing to go back to the bar scene.

She told me she was a virgin. This only increased my feeling like a shit. And again I really felt like she was falling for me. In fact I thought it was more than falling. I had never had a farang girl fall this fast. That night we went out
to dinner and it was pleasant time. When we got back to her house I was tired. We kissed a little and fell asleep. The next morning she was so happy and told me she wanted to have sex. I believed her when she told me she was a virgin but even
if she was lying I couldn’t do it to her. I knew my feelings were elsewhere and I needed to be footloose and fancy free. I had to finish things with her.

I told her I had had sex with too many girls before her and it was better she could be with a Thai guy who would stay with her in Thailand and have a realistic relationship. She was crushed and was pleading and crying for hours. OH MY GOD!
It had only been a few days and I was shocked. Anyway she went off and was talking Thai on the phone for a while. She came into the kitchen with her bags packed and said she was going back to Bangkok. She told me to lock the door on the way out.
She ran away crying. I decided not to follow her. That was the last I saw of her but I did speak to her many times on the phone and I got many angry emails. I am sorry for the way I treated her but I truly did not expect her to fall for me this

Now I was in bar mode again. I didn’t want another relationship. Just simple no hassle p4p for me please. In fact as I was young many of the ladyboys and girls didn’t want cast for their service. I am not boasting but that is
the way it was. I guess I was lucky. I was back to Bangkok again and stayed for a further 2 days. I went around the Nana and Soi Cowboy area fooling around with ladyboys and girls. It was great fun and I was having the best time of my life. One
day I went to the Soi 7 Biergarten and spent the day drinking. What an experience. Crazy place with some crazy girls and expats.

I then went to Samui. My time was again spent drinking around the bars. I spent two weeks in both Lamai and Chaweng. Really fun places. I spent a week drinking and partying with a number of different bargirls in Chaweng. Every night I would
go clubbing and then spend the day on the beach. Oh how I wished I could have lived in that place forever. The next week I spent drinking and sleeping with ladyboys and going to Super Sub night club every night. Again I wished I could live in
this place forever.

After my fun in Samui it was one night in Bangkok before going to work in New Zealand for a few months. My first trip to Thailand had changed my life. What an amazing place. I was distraught on the plane to NZ. I was too young to experience
something as amazing as this country. Everything else in my life was just going to be a disappointment. I had just left the most fun place in the world. The first night I spent in NZ I was crushed. All I wanted to do was return to Thailand. I
understood what people had said about Thailand being a drug and I was hooked. I knew what I was feeling was not rational but I didn’t care.

Within 3 weeks of arriving in NZ I had booked a return flight to Thailand. It wasn’t for 3 months but at least I now had something to look forward to. I felt I could enjoy work and weekend fun now, knowing I would have my fix in a
couple of months. But I was counting the days until I left.

The months actually passed fairly quickly. And finally the day arrived and I was heading to LOS again. But this trip was only 12 days. I was determined to enjoy myself. In the months preceding I had continued reading. This time I stayed in
the Nana Hotel. What a crazy place. But it was great fun and I am glad I did. I met a beautiful bargirl and she asked me if I had ever been to Pattaya. I hadn’t been but had read a little about it. I decided to go with her. I didn’t
really know 100% what to expect. Little did I know I was doing the equivalent of moving from cannabis to heroin.

Wow this place was amazing. We spent the first day drinking in Soi 6. It was great fun but I didn’t think the girls were great looking. There were also a few manly ladyboys that didn’t really impress me. The bargirl (A) told
me it was ok if I went with any other girls. I said it was ok because she was fun and she said ok. Later that night I went to Walking Street for the first time. Nothing that had previously happened in my life could prepare me for this street.

We went to gogos and discos and had a ball. I had found my spiritual home. Well I had found heaven for bad boys anyway. Both of us got fairly wasted. We went Jenny Star Bar and drank with a few ladyboys. A said it was ok if I went with one.
This time I agreed and went off for an hour. BIG MISTAKE! I was stupid and I would never do something like this again. I was very naïve and obviously didn’t know enough about Thai girls. She was balling crying when I came back. In
fact she cried all night. I am an idiot sometimes and this is a prime example. She was still very angry with me the next day but she calmed down a bit. She stayed another night but left after the second night. When she left we were on ok terms
but I had really learned my lesson.

I stayed in Pattaya for another 2 nights and had more fun. This place is so much fun and you can really do what you want. I befriended a couple of expats who gave me the much needed low down on the place and the girls in particular. I would
no longer be a fool. I went to Samui again and spent a few days in Lamai. Again I went clubbing with my ladyboy cabaret friends. Another great trip but it was too short and I was once again crushed returning to NZ.

I was back at work and I missed my crazy nights in Thailand. Especially Pattaya. After a month of missing LOS I booked a flight for 4 months later. This time I booked with a mate. Again I was counting the days until I could get my fix again.
The time went by fairly quickly again. THANK GOD.

This trip was my third to Thailand and once again I had the same amazing feeling in my stomach. But this trip I was only going to Pattaya and it would last 2 weeks. Me and my mate had a hoot and it was real bad boy stuff. I went to Soi 6
every day and Walking Street every night. It was full blown butterfly mode now. I knew the deal and I wasn’t getting myself in trouble anymore. I had a blast and I was distraught again when I left.

I was sick when I arrived back in NZ. I lasted 3 hours before I went down to the local travel agent. I booked myself a one way flight back to the UK with a 3 week stop over in Thailand. Fantastic. No terrible wait this time. My friend was
still in Pattaya so I went back and hung out with him. I did exactly what I did for the previous 2 weeks. Again I was loving it. But after 15 days I was in bits from drinking so I decided I needed to take it easy for a while. Drinking and partying
with ladyboys everyday is harder than you think. I booked a two day trip to Koh Samet on my own to relax.

When I arrived in Samet I thought it was beautiful but it was a bit boring. But I needed some time like this. On the first night I was on my own eating and having a relaxing beer on the beach. There were two farang girls and two Thai girls
sitting close to me. They saw I was alone and asked if I wanted to join them. The two farang girls were Scottish and lived in Pattaya where they worked as English teachers. One of the Thai girls was a teacher in the same school. The other was
an office worker. Her name was Bee. I had never seen a more beautiful creature in my life. She was stunning. Also her English was excellent as she had studied it in university. She was really fun and I was taken immediately. I had never had a
girl make a great impression on me in the way she did. I knew she liked me too but she was a little scared because I was a farang. I spent the next day and night with Bee and her friends and had a great time. They returned to Pattaya the same
day as me and we agreed to meet up alone this time.

When I got back to my Pattaya apartment I was smitten. I thought about what I had done over the previous year. I was now 22, I was in shape and good fun to be around. What was I doing with all these bargirls. Had I become a sex pest? I went
to meet my mate in Soi 6 for a drink. For the first time I really looked around. Fat, old guys sleazing around the soi grabbing young girls everywhere. Did I really want to be one of these guys in the future? I had a good Chula girl fall for me
before and now I had another amazing girl like me. But this time I felt the same. I knew at that moment I was done with bargirls. I was too young to be like this and I didn’t need to be the way I was.

I met Bee again that night. We spent the night in the Irish bar in Walking Street chatting and watching football. She was amazing and I arranged to meet her again the next night. The next night was another blast. This girl was perfect. I
asked her to be my girlfriend and she agreed. I was so happy and so proud to be with her. This time I behaved and didn’t go near any other girls or ladyboys. I changed my flight and stayed for another week. She stayed in my hotel every
night but we never had sex as she wasn’t ready. I respected her decision and fell in love with the most perfect little princess I have ever met.

I was crushed leaving Thailand. But this time it wasn’t because I was leaving LOS. I was leaving the best thing that I ever met. I know it was only 9 days with her but I knew I loved her. Thailand was like a drug to me. But I had taken
it enough times. I was no longer addicted the way I was before. This time I was logical and knew what I wanted my life to be like. It would not be spent going to Thailand every 4 months for a 2 week sex holiday.

When I got home I spent 5 months chatting with Bee online every weekend. She was such a sweetheart and I couldn’t wait to see her again. This time I was back in the UK and I was waiting for my girl. I wasn’t just wanting to
get back to the bars. My next trip was alone and I was going to meet my girl. This two week trip was amazing. I was very well behaved and we spent every night together. I was even more in love. And this time she was ready for sex too. It was amazing.
It was the first time I ever had sex with someone I truly loved 100% and I fancied her more than anyone I had ever been with. I told her she could visit me in London. She was delighted and was really looking forward to coming.

As soon as I was home she applied for a holiday visa. It was accepted as she earned ok money and had a letter from her boss saying she would return. She came over for 6 weeks and had a great time. My family loved her and all my friends loved
her too. I knew I wanted her to be my girl for ever. I was so happy. On her last day here we got engaged. When she left I was heartbroken. I cried for the first time in my adult life.

I had to wait 3 months until I went to see her again. When I returned to Pattaya it was alone and only to see her. She had to work every day so I used to booze a bit or go to the beach in the day. Then every night and weekend I would spend
it with her. This was a 2 month trip and the time I spent with her was amazing. There were no bargirls and no ladyboys. I did go out drinking with mates who lived there but it was them taking girls and not me. I am over that. Thank god I got that
out of my system on earlier trips.

Anyway we married and everything was cool. I was so happy. On return to the UK I had to finish an MBA I had started. So I had to wait 6 months for her to join me. But her spouse visa was quickly accepted and she is now with me here. It's
amazing and I am so happy. My rock and roll days are over and I am so content living with my wife. I work in banking and she has a good job in a crèche. She loves it and the place. So far so good. I went to Thailand with good intentions but
I got caught up in the crazy life that so many people get lost in. I don’t know how many guys I spoke to in Soi 6 told me they had been coming to Pattaya for 10, 15 or even 20 years. Thank God I copped on and this wouldn’t be me.
I was so lucky I found Bee.

Now I don’t know what the moral of my story is to be honest. It is just the true story of my experience with LOS. I hit the Thailand drug hard and managed to come out with something good. I don’t know how but I did. I am glad
I am not the guy I was in Thailand on my first few trips.

And I have read many of the horror stories of relationships with Thai girls going south. But I can say with my hand on my heart I will do everything I can to take care of Bee and make her happy. I love her so much. She is only 1 year younger
than me (23) and we have similar education and interests. Her English is strong and she has friends here already. My family loves her and she enjoys her job. Although she doesn’t drink she enjoys going to nightclubs with me and she is proud
of the job I work at. Her family are similar to mine and they seem to like me. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope it works. Ill break my balls trying. Although I haven’t had to try very hard so far as it has been great.

And do I still miss Thailand? I've already got my next holiday booked. I am going to Rome for a week to see the sites. But I'll go again in the future. There is no hurry.

Stickman's thoughts:

That's an amazing transformation you made, from Thailand virgin to hardcore sex tourist to happily married man.

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