Stickman Readers' Submissions March 28th, 2008

Delightful Filipina + Cell Phone – Schatzi 4 a Moment

He stands there, lost, with the Bacolod city map. She introduces herself out of nowhere and says she will guide him to his destination. Right from the beginning they have an animated, funny talk and her smile and laughter are addictive. He skips his evening
plans and asks her for dinner. At her sceptical looks he assures her that he is an honorable man and has no expectations whatsoever. She still looks sceptical, but agrees. She guides him to a quiet, Filipino-oriented barbecue restaurant with a
scenic river location and of course awful food.

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As usual, at the tables around them Filipinos are busy reading and writing text messages on their cell phones. He asks and she explains the phenomenon: An SMS costs only one peso or less (2,5 US cents). But one minute of talking is already
charged with at least 6 pesos (15 US cents). Many people earn only 120 pesos a day (three USD) – and then 6 pesos per minute of talking are too much, instead they text away. She is no exception, she says.

Funny, she asks him about the word "skets", but that's only her pronunciation. She claims she discovered the German word "Schatz" (darling, treasure) by chance when working in the library. He explains the meaning,
the pronunciation “Shaahts” and says that "Schatzi" is possible too.

When their talk gets even more animated, he starts to call her "Schatz" just out of fun, and she picks up the game. It sounds just funny within their English talk with a bit of Tagalog and Illongo languages thrown in for fun.

"But am I really your ‘schatz’ now", she asks flirtishly? No, he says, this expression would also be applicable for “just friends”.

They finally part around 8.30 pm. He says that the second next day he might be free and they could go on a day trip if she likes. She agrees eagerly.

Of course they exchange cell phone numbers.

19.02.2008 21:04
Grace Bacolod

Thank you very
very much. I was
so blessed to meet
you. You're really
a good person.
Thank you for your
kindness. May God
bless you. Danke
Henrik! Good night..

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20.02.2008 06:18
Grace Bacolod

Maayong aga
Henrik! (Good
Morning) have a
nice day! Enjoy
your vacation.
God bless! 🙂

20.02.2008 19:43
Grace Bacolod

You know last
night I dream of
you.. It's so
funny.. How i
wish we could
spend time again
together. Have a
good night rest.
God bless u. I
pray 4 u..

They do the daytrip on a rented motorcycle. They meet some of her friends for short hellos and he plays the polite joker that's always a winner. At one beach walk he gets a splinter into his foot. He sits down, but can't see the
problem area. She jumps by, inspects the foot and caringly removes the tiny piece of wood. At the restaurant she produces two tiny plush monkeys hugging each other. She gives him the one monkey she claims is the lady. "This is your memory
from me", she says, "it's corny but i hope you will remember me". All in all they have a great, worryfree time and get along perfectly, calling each other "schatzi" just for fun. He buys a 300 pesos (7,5 USD) phonecard
and stuffs it into her bag. He asks her to check the bag only at home. He also suggests more daytrips around Bacolod, but she has a lot of work to do; so he will do his day trips alone. At least they might meet for dinner one more time before
he travels on. They say goodbye at 5 pm.

21.02.2008 18:19
Grace Bacolod

Danke schatzi.. I
do enjoy too
much. Its

moment. Thank
u thank u so

21.02.2008 18:34
Grace Bacolod

Oh schatz i just
open my bag. I
was so surprise..
Why 300 ?
Very expensive
schatzi.. You've
done too 4 me..
How can i repay

21.02.2008 18:43
Grace Bacolod

Just Don't stop
me to say thanks
because that's
what's my heart
want to say 4 all
the goodness
you've done. I
could never 4get
u schatz.

22.02.2008 04:51
Grace Bacolod

😉 Maayong aga
schatzi! Wherevr
u go 2day pls
take care ok?
Schatz f u travel
on, u will not
come back here
in Bacolod?

22.02.2008 06:43
Grace Bacolod

My heart is very
willing schatz but
i need to do my
work left undone
yesterday. How
i wish I could be
with you again
today. I really
enjoy when i am
with you.

22.02.2008 07:40
Grace Bacolod

I feel like crying
schatzi.. I'm so
sad. Please take
care as always.
My mind was with
u but hopefully
u will enjoy. If u
couldn't come
back 2night, its

22.02.2008 09:13
Grace Bacolod

U should have a
hat.. Its too hot

Don't forget to
apply lotion so
that u will not
become redish
again.. So that ur
skin will not

22.02.2008 09:17
Grace Bacolod

I couldn't
concentrate my
work here. It's so
boring schatz..

22.02.2008 11:20
Grace Bacolod

Lunch time
already schatz. .
U need to look
somewhere u can
have lunch..

22.02.2008 12:37
Grace Bacolod







of love,



Thank u
4 being
a beautiful

take care schatz..


22.02.2008 14:49
Grace Bacolod

I miss everything
about u. I
remember what
u said last time..
I should not
think much
because u will
just pass by. so
sad to think
that u will leave
me 2morrow

22.02.2008 15:01
Grace Bacolod

So sad really. I
still want you to
stay suppose to
be but I know it
could not be. I
want u to know
that u made me
happy. It's so
obvious with my

22.02.2008 15:06
Grace Bacolod

But schatz what
will be will..
Friendship and
love will lead the
way. I should not
lose heart,
someday soon,
we could be
together again.
Take good care

22.02.2008 15:15
Grace Bacolod

I'm sorry if i
made u sad now.
Just enjoy
schatz. Share ur
memories there if
we could meet
again. Yeah lets
enjoy what's

They meet for a last dinner on the night before he travels on. She takes him to a very romantic, expensive place that's not in the guidebook. At 11 pm there is nowhere else they could go except the hotel. He suggests to go to his room
and see their pictures on the laptop. At her sceptical look he assures her that he is an honorable man and has no expectations whatsoever. They lie on the big bed and let the images pass by. They also create a new e-mail address for her so that
she can mail him to Europe.

Finally she stretches out and seems to sleep. He wraps himself around her and she has no objections. But then she starts to explain that "we are so conservative" and about "californication"; only later he realizes she
meant “fornication”. Nothing happens. At 4.30 am he brings her home by taxi.

Next noon he risks asking her for coffee at the hotel and explains that his behavior in the room had been wrong: They could not be partners, but good friends anyway. They are “just friends”, he assures her. He'd travel
on now, he says, but he might come back to Bacolod a week later or so. She looks very sad, but keeps composure.
23.02.2008 13:41
Grace Bacolod

Take care
schatz.. So sad..
So sad.. But this
is life. I know u
cant make u
stay. Enjoy ur
trip. Don't just
trust any person
u will meet. Be

23.02.2008 13:45
Grace Bacolod

Thank u 4 that
trust and

schatz.. Though
we are far from
each other, still u
r close to my
heart.. U will stay
4ever here..

23.02.2008 13:51
Grace Bacolod

Ur schatz
couldn't be with u
to take care of u
so u need to take
care urself 4 me
ok? U made me
sad now schatz..
Hope i could
recover soon..
May God protect

23.02.2008 17:02
Grace Bacolod

My schatzi.. How
r u? Did u already
reach ur
destination? Let
me know ur
situation schatz.
I still think of u..

23.02.2008 17:38
Grace Bacolod

Thanks GOD 4
keeping u safe..
Even me i


what's happening
to me. Its crazy
thing. It should
not be. Its just a
fantasy maybe. .
Huh. . Schatz

23.02.2008 17:46
Grace Bacolod

Schatz if u feel I
already disturb u,
tell me. I'm
willing to get out
of ur life if u
don't want me to
stay.. I'm serious

23.02.2008 21:44
Grace Bacolod

I was thinking f
i'll text u or not..
Huh.. Im afraid
that i might
dsturb u.. Its
very crazy.. But i
guess nothing
wrong f i say
gudnyt.. Good
night my schatz!

23.02.2008 21:58
Grace Bacolod

Im so tired and
sleepy but why it
is so hard 2
sleep. What did u
do 2 me schatz?

23.02.2008 22:03
Grace Bacolod

Schatzi let me
rest.. Come out
to my mind even
until 5 am.. Oh
schatz.. Im
crazy.. Crazy 4 u.
Gudnyt.. Sorry 4

23.02.2008 22:06
Grace Bacolod

Swet dreams my schatzi!

He texts back:
23.02.2008 22:08

"Sweet dreams" or "sweat dreams"?

23.02.2008 22:010
Grace Bacolod


23.02.2008 22:15
Grace Bacolod

Sweet dreams of
course.. Schatz. .
. If u have sweat
while u r
dreaming.. Just
turn on d aircon..
U made me so sad
schatzi.. We need
to sleep schatz..

24.02.2008 06:13
Grace Bacolod





I prÄy thÄt



yöÜr cöürÄgÉ,


yöÜr cömfört, &


bÉ yöür Lìght &
yöür strÉngth..
Maayoung aga

24.02.2008 07:03
Grace Bacolod

Every now and
then I want 2
remind u 2 take
care.. 2 eat ur
meal.. Also don't
4get ur hat
schatz.. I don't
even know why
i'm doing this..
just undrstand

24.02.2008 07:09
Grace Bacolod

My schatzi, I'll be
very busy this
day. I will
happy too if u will
enjoy there..
Just share to me ur
experience if u
have time. Lord
pls take care my

24.02.2008 12:54
Grace Bacolod

Schatzi have u
already eat ur
lunch? How r u
there my schatzi?

24.02.2008 21:13
Grace Bacolod

Schatz tank u
very much. Im so
happy 2 hear ur
voice. I can't
believe that is u..
U give 2 much
important even in
a simple things i
did.. Schatzi tank u!

24.02.2008 22:12
Grace Bacolod

Ur the first person
i think of when i
wake up and be4
i sleep.

25.02.2008 06:22
Grace Bacolod

To my dearest
Schatz, maayong
Aga! May GOD give
u more strength
which u really
needed. Enjoy
God's creation! A
blessed morning 2
u my schatzi..

25.02.2008 06:31
Grace Bacolod

Do you sleep well?
U have lots of
things 2 do this
day, so please
take care as
always. U know
where u can
found me if ever
u will miss me
schatz.. In ur

25.02.2008 06:48
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

25.02.2008 06:50
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod
As agreed, on a missed call he calls her back. She says things like "Do you miss me?", "Don't call noone else 'Schatzi'".

25.02.2008 07:34
Grace Bacolod

I was so inspired
again. My morning
was very nice.
Thanks schatz..
Hmmm i miss
every about u.
Don't 4get the
things I often
remind u.. Take

25.02.2008 12:16
Grace Bacolod

Lunch time
Already schatzi!
Choose the best
and delicious
meal. Rich in
vitamins and good
4 the heart.
Continue to enjoy
ur vacation. And
of course take

25.02.2008 16:01
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

25.02.2008 16:10
Grace Bacolod

Don't call. . I'm
Just checking if u
have signal and i
just want u 2
know that i
remember u. God
bless u my

26.02.2008 21:44
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

25.02.2008 21:50
Grace Bacolod

Gudnyt my
schatz! Maybe ur
so tired. I miss u
my dear schatz. .
Have a sweetest
dream tonight.

25.02.2008 22:01
Grace Bacolod

Schatz battery
empty. Pls call
me tomorrow.
Hope u have a
Great day 2day.
Gudnyt schatzi..
My sweet schatzi.

26.02.2008 05:09
Grace Bacolod

Maayong aga my
schatz! How's ur
sleep? May u
have a great
day.. I always be
the first person
who always
disturb u but
thanks because
ur happy 2 be
disturb too.

26.02.2008 05:15
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

26.02.2008 05:21
Grace Bacolod

Oh. . My schatz is
still sleeping
I guess.. I will go
to church schatzi,
i will text u again
during my free time. A
blessed morning
to u my beloved schatz!

26.02.2008 06:28
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

26.02.2008 06:38
Grace Bacolod

Hey. . how's my
schatz? What's ur
schedule now?

26.02.2008 07:02
Grace Bacolod

Maybe my schatz was
so busy now. So Lord
just take good care of
him. I entrust him 2
U. Remind him
always the things
he need not to 4get.
Bless him Lord.

26.02.2008 07:13
Received call:
Grace Bacolod
She threatens to visit him at his current location. He lies about distance and travel times. He admonishes her that further intense contact was no good for her, as they were "just
friends". He says he was stupid trying to get closer to her. "And thank u for being u."
26.02.2008 07:25
Grace Bacolod

C U later.. I don't
know how long is
it.. Thank u 4
coming into my
life. I will be fine
don't worry. I
exactly know
where 2 put
myself. I just
miss u. Sorry.

26.02.2008 07:29
Grace Bacolod

Wherever u go,
whatever u do,
please "TAKE CARE
bless u. Thank u
so much 4
everything. . . 4
being my schatz
4 a moment. .

26.02.2008 07:43
Grace Bacolod

I was so stupid
2.. I was not able
to guard my
heart. Dont
worry, everything
is still under
control.. We are
just friends. A
good friend.
That’s what
schatz means.

26.02.2008 07:48
Grace Bacolod

I should not think
more than that..
We are not meant
4 each other,
that's the reality
we need to
accept. I am just
ur friend.
Nothing more.

26.02.2008 07:49
Grace Bacolod

Thank u also 4
being u. U r good
more that I ever
know. It's my
pleasure to have
u. Have a great
day. Enjoy ur
trip.. Take care
because i care. .

26.02.2008 07:50
Grace Bacolod

Yeah it's ok 4
me.. We will be
friend schatz. .
Friends 4ever. .

26.02.2008 12:15
Grace Bacolod

Kindly have ur
lunch now..

26.02.2008 19:38
Grace Bacolod

Dinner time

26.02.2008 23:59
At his current hotel is a little party. His mobile phone announces one text after the other, but he doesn't even look. When he finally looks, the memory is full. When he deletes old messages, the new arrivals disappear.
He texts her that there was a a problem and he lost her new messages.

27.02.2008 00:32
Grace Bacolod

Oh. . Don't worry
schatz it's ok.. I
just worried while
ago because u
never told me if
how are u there
but now I'm ok..
Hope u really
enjoy ur party.

27.02.2008 00:36
Grace Bacolod

If party already
finished, pls take
a rest now. . Just
never mind my
text while ago.
It's not so
important.. Have a
gudnyt rest..Oh
morning already..
Maayong aga!

27.02.2008 05:30
Grace Bacolod

Henrik dear,
maayong aga! I'm
on my way to
church… U will go
to bohol 2day,
kindly bring
urself safe there
ok? I miss u
Schatz! Have a
nice day..

27.02.2008 07:25
Grace Bacolod

I'm so happy
every time i
receive text from
u. Thank u
schatz! My good

27.02.2008 07:40
Grace Bacolod

Schatz hmmm i'm
shy to ask u these
but could u please
call me? Just use
this number (…)
cos my battery
low. Thank u if
u can. Sorry, I
only just want
to hear ur voice..

27.02.2008 08:25
Grace Bacolod

Never mind what i
said while ago
schatz.. It's too
much. Suppose to
be i will call u but
but the battery of
my phone is low.
Have a nice trip
to Bohol.

27.02.2008 08:41
unassociated number

May God keep u safe
and sound. Did u
already eat ur
breakfast b4 u
travel? Don't trust
people too much ok?

27.02.2008 12:54
unassociated number

U have a long
travel.. Are u
hunger now

27.02.2008 13:01
Grace Bacolod

I received ur text
at midnight. I was
so sleepy at that
time, I couldn't
remember what
did i reply to

27.02.2008 13:28
Grace Bacolod

Schatz promise me
that u will send
our pictures.
Please.. I will put
that in frame. .

27.02.2008 13:35
Grace Bacolod

Thank you Schatz!
That's my keepsake
from u. My
treasure. I don't
know what lies
ahead of us but
1 thing 4 sure u
already bcame 1
of the best
treasures i have.

27.02.2008 18:41
unassociated number


Is an open Line
to heaven.
No card
2 use,
No Low batt





Gud cgnal.
& all messages

Make prayer a
Habit Lyk

27.02.2008 19:38
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

27.02.2008 19:55
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

27.02.2008 20:47
Grace Bacolod

Maayong gab-i..
Ur so tired in
travel? Surely
u are.. I'm on
my way home.
Please have ur
dinner. .

27.02.2008 20:56
Grace Bacolod

Schatz can i call?
But if u r still
busy, i can wait..
Thanks. .

27.02.2008 21:38
Grace Bacolod

I want to call u
but im afraid that
i may disturb u..
I receive no reply
from u so i don't
know if it is ok
4 u or not.. Maybe
i will let u rest

27.02.2008 21:44
Grace Bacolod

Just take ur rest
schatz. Im worried
if u r there already
bohol or where..
Im still waiting 4
ur information. But
hopefull u r there

27.02.2008 21:47
Grace Bacolod

I take a rest too.
. Goodnight and
sweetdreams to
you my dearly
beloved schatzi..
Every time I sleep,
i couldn't stop
thinking of u.. God

28.02.2008 06:10
Grace Bacolod

Sweet morning for
the very special
person there.

28.02.2008 06:12
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

28.02.2008 06:19
Grace Bacolod

Still sleepy? Ok.. I
understand.. Just
remember the
things i often
remind u every
day.. Take a
lot of care..
Thanks! Maayong

28.02.2008 11:39
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

28.02.2008 12:18
Grace Bacolod

Have a break..
Have ur lunch..

28.02.2008 14:02
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

28.02.2008 14:14
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

28.02.2008 14:33

Grace Bacolod
She asks if he really made it safely to Bohol and reminds him again to send her their pictures from the daytrip. He says that his camera fell into the ocean, together with their pictures. He also asks her not to call or
text before 9 am.

28.02.2008 14:56
Grace Bacolod

I have mix
emotion now, i'm
happy because i
already know that
ur safe but it's so
sad to know that
the camera jump
to the ocean.. I
plan 2 frame
our picture..

28.02.2008 14:59
Grace Bacolod

But maybe all
things work
together 4 good.
U will often
reminded of our
memories if u have
it. Huh. . Its so
sad. I need ur
picture schatz. .

28.02.2008 15:01
Grace Bacolod

The only thing u
have now is little
schatzi jane. its
good that she
didn't swim
together with the
camera.. Don't
worry schatz,
God will replace
a new one.

28.02.2008 15:04
Grace Bacolod

By the way, sorry
if i got hesitate
sometimes to text
u. U know already
the reason. But
thanks God it was
not true. Take
care always Henrik.
Danke 4

28.02.2008 20:53
Grace Bacolod

What is ur dinner
my Prince? Its so
cold now. Its
raining here.

28.02.2008 22:08
Grace Bacolod

Can i still say I MISS U?

29.02.2008 09:17
Grace Bacolod

The best
Of friendShp
doeSn't Only




it shOws



yet u


dspite diStanCe





29.02.2008 09:20
Grace Bacolod

Its 9 already.. So
here am i again..
Simply 2 disturb
ur sweet rest..
"maayong aga
dear!" hav a nice
day! Have a

29.02.2008 14:16
Grace Bacolod


that GOD
allows 2 come our
way is
with a purpose.

HE uses
Even the

error & the

hurt 2
mold us
into a
person of
greater value!

29.02.2008 20:01
Grace Bacolod

How are u? Good

29.02.2008 21:02
Grace Bacolod

I'm on the bed

Maybe u still have
lots of things 2
do now, just take
a good rest later.
Danke 4 keeping
in touch. Good
night little and
big Schatzi!

29.02.2008 23:53
Grace Bacolod

Schatz i'm so

i couldn't


No messages

02.03.2008 19:49
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

02.03.2008 19:53
Grace Bacolod

U never miss me
anymore. .

02.03.2008 22:00
Grace Bacolod

I feel like crying
schatz..I stop
myself 2
communicate u
because i know it
is not good 4 us.
But the more i try
to 4get u, the
more my heart
says "I MISS U".

02.03.2008 22:03
Grace Bacolod

I'm so sorry
Henrik. I'm so
sorry. I didn't
mean to feel this.
It is not my
intention schatz..
Please believe

02.03.2008 22:20
Grace Bacolod

Schatz good night.
I will go back to
school tomorrow.
Cellphone is
prohibited in
school so maybe i
couldn't text u
anymore until u
leave. I will miss
u schatz.

03.03.2008 06:33
Missed Call
Grace Bacolod

03.03.2008 06:55
Grace Bacolod

Maybe ur still
sleeping but
here's my

greetings. .
Maayong aga
Henrik! My
schatzi. . May u
have a great day.

03.03.2008 12:46
Grace Bacolod

Schatz can u call
me please? I want
to talk to you
before i go back
to school

He calls her again and says again it's over and good luck and may she find a new schatzi. They are “just friends”, he says. He says who knows, he may find another schatzi too once he's back in Europe. "But don't
call her 'schatz'", she insists. She explains that at her school cell phones may get confiscated during weekdays as some students text all night long.

03.03.2008 21:07
Grace Bacolod

Schatz good eve.
I was not able to
go to school
today. Maybe
tomorrow.. Schatz
can i ask favor?

03.03.2008 21:13
Grace Bacolod

Before u leave
our country,
could u please
roaming your sim
card? I mean we
need to register
ur sim card to
smart roaming
number so that i
can text u

03.03.2008 21:17
Grace Bacolod

I can send
message even u r n
Europe with
less expense. I
already ask the
help of my best
friend who work
in phone company
call center.

03.03.2008 21:22
Grace Bacolod

Ok i will explain
later. F u have
time just call me.
Thank u so
Much.. God bless

04.03.2008 06:40
Grace Bacolod

Schatz i will go to
school now. I will
just text u if
where u can call
or text me if i'm
already there.
Please take
care.. happy trip.
God bless!
Maayong Aga.

04.03.2008 09:12
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

04.03.2008 09:34
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

04.03.2008 10:44
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

05.03.2008 07:13
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

05.03.2008 07:36
Grace Bacolod

Schatz how are u?
Can i call u now?

05.03.2008 08:03
Grace Bacolod

I want 2 call u
schatz.. Please
tell me what time
ur departure on

06.03.2008 09:16
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

06.03.2008 10:16
Grace Bacolod

Schatz good
morning.. Please
let me know what
time u will leave
on 7th. Please
schatz. . Thanks!

06.03.2008 11:11
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

06.03.2008 11:19
Missed call:
Grace Bacolod

06.03.2008 11:32
Grace Bacolod

If u r busy, its
ok. I will just
wait ur call
tomorrow. Take
care as always.
My prayer are
always with you.
Have ur lunch by
in by. See u in
heaven. God
bless u

06.03.2008 12:37
Grace Bacolod

Schatzi, I 4got my
email add. Can u
please send me
my email add
again? Sorry. I
4got it. Tank u

He texts back that he lost her e-mail address too as he thought she has it anyway. He suggests she'd stop to call him "schatz", but just use his name or "grandfather".

06.03.2008 22:41
Grace Bacolod

It's ok

i will just make
another one
tomorrow.. By the
way, i made poem
and i dedicate
this to you..
In this way, u
will know what's
inside of me.

06.03.2008 22:49
Grace Bacolod

Yes.. I don't
know if u will
like it but with
all my heart, i
want u 2 know how
grateful am i 2
know u and be with
u 4 just a while.
Thanks schatz!

06.03.2008 23:04
Grace Bacolod

By the way, what
time you will call
tomorrow? So
that i could find
a good and not
noisy place.

07.03.2008 00:02
Grace Bacolod

Ok.. Good night
schatz! I will
wait 4 ur call


07.03.2008 11:28
Grace Bacolod

Lunchtime already schatz.. Have a break..

07.03.2008 14:44
He calls her out of the taxi to the airport. He will depart eight hours earlier than she thinks. She says lots of thank yous and seems to start crying. Due to her half-broken telephone, as usual less than half of her
sentences are understandable. She says he must have a bad signal. He promises to see her again if he will return to her country. He also says three times she'll have to move on and that they are "just friends". She says she instructed
a friend at the phone company to switch his SIM card to international roaming. Thus she can cheaply text him to Europe. He would have to send her a text when he really flies out because after that change he could not make domestic phone calls
any more. He presses End Call.

"Your girlfriend", asks the taxi driver?

"No, just friends".

Stickman's thoughts:

I really hate mobile phones and mobile phone etiquette. I know that puts me in a small minority but I find the devices horribly intrusive and as anyone who has my number knows, it is so much easier to get hold of me by email than mobile. I seldom have my mobile turned on and when I do, it isn't that likely that I will even answer it!

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