Stickman Readers' Submissions February 14th, 2008

Thailand The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Part 8

The Good:

He Clinic Bangkok

Man is it hot here, hotter than Singapore was. The humidity feels worse then when I left. I have already started to sweat and my shirt is stuck to my body. I look like someone who has just had a bucket of water thrown on them. Great, my girlfriend
Phim who was supposed to pick me up here at the airport is very late. So here I stand, wondering to myself whether I should try and catch a cab or wait a little longer. I have already been standing here for an hour, so do I stay or go? Ok, so
I go.

I finally flag down a cab. He opens the trunk of his car and I throw the suit case in, the heavy suit case in, when all of a sudden, I hear my name. Sure enough it's Phim, yelling something in Thai to the cab driver. Some words are exchanged
and Phim gives him 100 baht. I pull the heavy suitcase out of the trunk and someone else throws their case in and off the cab goes.

Why go?

CBD bangkok

Because you are over an hour late, that's why.

Not! Say land plane noon time.

No I said 11:30 AM is when the plane lands and it's 1:26 PM and here you are.

Car park, have car, go now.

wonderland clinic

We walk to her car, which makes me sweat even more and feels like forever to reach the airport parking lot. I should have taken the cab. I would have already been in an air-conditioned back seat relaxing. It takes forever to pull out of the
parking spot <Yep, that is one of my memories of the old airport, the dreadfully cramped car park – Stick> I can tell Phim does not drive very much, because it takes her five minutes to back the car up, all together twenty minutes
to leave the car parking area, if you include the exit line. Of course I have to pay for parking, Phim just looks at me when the parking attendant asks for the cash. We enter the freeway and of course I have to pay for the toll roads.

How is the baby doing?


Yes, how does she feel? Better? or worse?

Baby do bad, need money

What is the matter with the baby? What happened? Is it a flu or cold? What?

Need money, see doctor, no worry I take care.

Phim just looks straight ahead and does not look at me. I think this might not be the time to ask questions. I think to myself, about my Thai friend Tee and what is it he wants to talk about. He said on the phone, something to me about the
baby and Phim. He sounded like he knew something, something that I needed to know, but at the same time it made me upset because he could have called me at the hotel in Singapore to talk about this days a go. I also did not want to see him right
then and that is why I told him I did not want him to pick me up at the airport. I also did not want him to book me a hotel room in Bangkok. I had Phim take care of that.

Did you book me a hotel room?

Not! Can not. No card

Card? Credit card? Why? What are you talking about? I need a place to stay.

Stay, friend condo.

What friend? Who do you know that has a condo?

No talk, drive now.

All right, I am lost. I know nothing of Bangkok and we pull up in front of some run down apartments. Phim says condo, but they are run down apartments. The location is unknown to me. I have no idea where I am, or how to get to anywhere else.
I just do not have a clue, because of me not really traveling around Bangkok and at least getting to know my surroundings, I now feel very worried and scared, because I do not really know where it is I am going to stay. At least in the Nana area
I knew the bars and places to eat, but here, I would not even know where to grab a bite of food or even a cold beer and by the look of things. I see no foreigners around, so who could help me if I had a problem or emergency. We walk upstairs,
of course there is no elevator and the hallway does not have air-conditioning. Fourth floor of course and I am now sweating like a pig. Phim opens the front door to the condo and we go from hot to hotter.

Here stay!

Phim, this place is small and very hot. I do not know who lives here and I would rather stay in a hotel. I really think we need to look for a room somewhere else. Do you understand?

Here ok, have fan.

Who lives here? Is it a man, because I see a few pair of shoes and some shirts thrown around. Does a man live here?

Friend me, not worry, he gone long time, stay here, it ok.

Not ok, I want to go to a hotel.

Tonight stay, hotel tomorrow, miss you.

Wow what time is it, I must have fallen a sleep, the whole place is dark now. I stumble around in the dark until I find a light switch. The place looks worse at night, of course Phim is gone now. She must have slipped out when I fell asleep,
right after our I miss you sex. She knows how to wear me out and I guess that is one of the things I love about her. She is very good in bed and knows how to please a man.

You see, I have never had so much sex. I am 48 years old and I have never been married. I never really dated that many woman and of course never had so much intercourse until I came to Thailand. I do not consider myself a very handsome man
and my lack of confidence and being very shy did not help me get laid very often. I have never traveled, this being the first country that I have ever seen and me of course not having a clue about these people and their culture.

So do I feel like a fool? Most of the time I do, but how can you turn down these beautiful woman here in Thailand and Singapore? It feels like I hit the jackpot of life, but at the same time kind of scary, but the unknown is also very exciting.
I look around this apartment and notice men's pants and shirts hanging in the closet. I dig around a little more and find a picture of Phim and some unknown man, a foreign man. Old like me. Gee, I thought I was ugly. She has her arm around
him, as I dig around I find others of Phim and this man in different locations around Thailand. That’s when I realize it's time to leave this place.

I grab my bags and make my way downstairs. I am not really mad, but confused and I know it is time to leave. But where do I go? That's when I remember the cellphone Tee gave me.

Gilbert were are you?

Sorry Tee, sorry about calling at this time.

I come for you?

Would you please, but I do not know were it is that I am.

What? Give phone to taxi I talk to him.

Good, right, let me find a taxi.

Why you no let me pick you up at airport?

Sorry Tee, I had Phim pick me up. She took me to stay at some man’s apartment.

Not some man Gilbert, her man, her husband.

What? What are you talking about?

You must leave that place, very dangerous for you. This time you must listen to me or I am very worry you.


Not first husband, second man, you much danger, you must talk to me or I fear for you.

Stickman's thoughts:

Hehehe, this Phim really is quite the tramp! Unusual for a girl to take a guy to her place like that but I guess with the husband presumably abroad, it’s no big deal!

nana plaza