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Thailand The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Part 7

The Good:

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Man, it's hot real hot here, JoJo would you pass that sun tan lotion over.

Sure Gilbert, my honey.

Now this is nice, been like this all week. JoJo, is it always this hot in Singapore?

Sometimes, we get the rain too. Are you hungry?

Ya, order some of that grilled shrimp and some beer, that beer you know, San Michael's beer or what ever that Philippine beer is.

San Miguel Gilbert, it's called San Miguel. I will be right back, I do not see the pool waiter, so I am going to the front desk and place an order.

I jump in the pool to cool off and as I pop my head up from the water, I see Jojo slipping on her sandals and putting her towel around her waste. What a beautiful woman she is, I mean what a body. These ladies from the Philippines are so
much more built then the women in Thailand. Filipinas can really pack it in their bikinis and their breasts are so much bigger then your average Thai lady. Jojo is so much more relaxed and easy to get along with. Her English is perfect and the
way she smells and dresses is so much more elegant then my girlfriend Phim.

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Wow, just thinking about my Thai girl Phim makes me a little sad. I have been here in Singapore for all most two weeks for a quick passport stamp, so as to return to Thailand for another thirty day stay. I fell guilty because I could have
returned to Thailand after a three day stay or less here in Singapore. But here I am enjoying this very clean and beautiful island city with my Philippine escort Jojo. My friend from Thailand Tee set this all up even though I did not want to cheat
on my Thailand girlfriend Phim. I have become very close to Jojo and right now this feels like the right thing to do. I feel so much more relaxed now. This city does not have so much tension or give me anxiety like I was feeling in Thailand. It
feels like such a slower pace here and the people are very nice, the food good and the nightlife that Jojo has taken me to seems very different then Thailand. We go to some very nice clean nightclubs. Jojo really goes all out, with some really
beautiful dresses and shoes. She even takes me shopping and picks my clothes, so I look really good and together we make the perfect couple.

But the fact is I have not called my girlfriend Phim in ten days and I did promise to call her when I arrived here. Not only do I fell guilty about this, but I feel scared as well. Scared because of what Phim might say to me. Perhaps this
will break up our relationship. It was already on thin ice when I left Thailand and me going away from her without calling might not set well with her. I have made a promise to myself to call her tonight.

Now Jojo is another story, since I meet her we have become friends, not only friends, lovers too. She makes me feel like everything we do together is all right but I really have not talked much about her life. She seems private and changes
the subject when I ask personal questions. She just keeps coming up with things to do here day and night, she keeps me very busy. We are always on the move around Singapore, you name it and we have been there. I understand this to be her job as
a guide around Singapore, but I wonder if she has slept with other men and is this her only job – but she seems to skate around the questions I ask her about anything personal. I do not like secrets and any other time this would not bother me,
but I think I am starting to like her a lot, maybe a lot more then she likes me. Tonight might be a good night to get even closer to her, maybe a quiet dinner together and some drinks by candle light, a walk on the beach together would be nice.
I should try to build on this, I think Jojo would be the perfect lady for me and it might be time to move on from Thailand.

I have the hotel make reservations at one of the best restaurants in Singapore by the beach. My lady gets dressed up and turns heads as we walk down the street and I feel like a million bucks. This lady brings out the best in me.

We order the best wine in the house along with a dinner to die for. I can not take my eyes off her and I hope this will be a night for both of us to remember. Everything is going to plan and after paying the bill I suggest a walk by the beach.
We both remove our shoes to walk in the sand and touch the water. The moonlight, the stars, it was for sure a night I would not forget. We stop at a bar on the beach for a drink and after a toast to each other, I felt it was time to see how long
we could keep these feelings going.

I know my hotel reservation is over this coming Sunday and I was thinking of trying to extend my stay here in Singapore.

Oh that would be a good idea Gilbert, if they do not have an opening at your hotel , then I will help you find another.

Great, then you would not mind if we hang together a little longer?

After this Sunday?

Yes, I would like to see more of you. I could even fly back to Thailand for a passport stamp and return here, or just go to Malaysia. Maybe that would be better, it's closer.

Well I could give you my phone number here in Singapore, but you would have to book me through my agency and schedule me for your stay here. I will give you that number too.

I am just going to be away for two days at the most. Couldn't you just wait for me?

No, Gilbert I have another job starting Monday after you leave, maybe a three week stay. He was a customer before and he wants to see me again.

Really? I do not understand, I mean do you stay with him? You know in the same room, like with me.

Yes, of course silly.

Then you mean, you sleep with him, together, you sleep with him?

I hope, at least that is what he pays me for.

If we see each other again. Would I have to pay too?

Of course silly, unless Stan pays for you again.

My brother in law Stan paid for you?

Yes, he was once my best customer, but now he is very happily married. I wish him the best and we are still very good friends.

I thought you were an escort, a tourist guide for Singapore.

I am that and other things for the right amount of money. For the right money I can act and be anything you want.

But, but I feel, I thought it was different, I was feeling, falling…

Gilbert? You did not know? How could you not understand? This is my job, I have to do this. For my family, my sister, brother, father, mother. With the money I make I can take care of everyone in the Philippines for a very long time.

But I have feelings for you!

And I for you, but this is my life. It has been wonderful being with you, really it has. I wish things were different. What do you think Phim does for a living?

She works at a bar. She has to pay the bar when she leaves it because the place fines her for not being there.

And do you pay her for sleeping with you?

Yes, but out of love and because she needs money for her brother and sister and her young sister’s baby. She does not get paid if she does not work, she needs the money.

And you think, you are the only man she has done this with?

I do not really know. In fact I really never thought about it. It has been a month and a half since I left the Untied States. Most of the time I have been in my hotel room with Phim. Mostly because I was sick in my stomach, but a lot because
Phim does not like to go anywhere. When I think about it I really have not seen anything in Thailand and she keeps me locked up pretty tight.

By plan, I imagine. She no doubt has reason for not letting you out. Number one because you are easy money and number two you might see a better looking lady to take her place.

But you have taken me every place, you do not worry about me looking at other women.

You want to see other woman? No problem let me show you more of Singapore Gilbert.

We take a cab to a place called Orchard towers. Jojo takes me to many bars and shows me the ladies of the night, ladies from all over. Russia, Vietnam, India, Thailand and yes the Philippines. I see the many men looking and shopping around
the many ladies standing in the street, some even asking Jojo for a night together.

She explained to me about Thailand and the area around the Nana Hotel where I stayed. She told me about the circus area, the place called Nana Plaza, the black hole she called it. I started to understand that I am in Asia and prostitution
is very real and that my girlfriend Phim could very much be like these women. Phim? Oh yeah, I have to call her. I will call her. I am a little upset at myself for not knowing what I was getting myself into and if Phim was being straight with
me or not. This was someone I was falling in love with in Thailand. Hey, what kind of person am I? I was going to dump her for Jojo, but now look where this is going. I will call Phim and break this up tonight and it is time I started looking
at this with a different point of view. It is time I started playing this game differently, maybe this falling in love thing is not the right thing to do in this or any other country.

Jojo I need to make a phone call. I’ll see you back at the hotel.

Wait, I will go with you.

No, you stay here a while. You know, come to think of it, just pick up your things tomorrow. I need time alone.

Gilbert, I am sorry, I am sorry if you are mad.

No, no Jojo. You have been very good to me and I love you for that. I hope that we also can remain friends. It would mean a lot to me.

I will see you again I hope.

Yes, you will see me again. Huh, that is I will book time with you.

She smiles at me and says "Yes, please do", then she gives me a goodbye kiss, one I will remember for a very long time. I catch a cab back to my hotel. I need to set things straight before returning to Thailand.


Phim, this is Gilbert. I want to have a word with you.

Jilber, why no call me? I miss you, why no call?

Listen Phim, I have been thinking and.

Jilber, need help, baby sick, baby so sick, why no call?

Your sister’s baby?

Not pay doctor, need you help, sorry darling. Not know what do. You no call.

She is crying and I feel like I let her down. Her voice sounds so sad and I can feel her pain and sorrow. I promise to return right away. I hang up the phone and think to myself that this lady really needs me. How could I let her down? How
could I think she was like all the other women? I knew the baby was sick. Her sister told me before I left to Singapore and here I am, having a good time with another woman. I feel like such an ass. The phone rings in the hotel room. It must be


Tee, is this you?

How you Gilbert, you come back Sunday. I meet you airport.

No I have to come back before. I will catch the first plane tomorrow back to Thailand. Phim needs my help. I should have come back much sooner. Her sister’s baby is sick and.

Yes, know baby sick.

You do? Then you could have helped her. Did you? Did you help? Why didn't you call me about this Tee?

Why are you trying to stop Phim and I from being together?

Not. Yes Gilbert must come back Thailand. We talk about baby. . . . . . . We talk about Phim

Stickman's thoughts:

Good to see this series continued… That Phim sounded like a nasty piece of work…

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