Stickman Readers' Submissions February 19th, 2008

Ex-Scammer Story

I've been reading submissions on for a while. Most of them are negative about Thai girls.

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I am not sure if I am the first Thai girl who confess that once of her life time she was a scammer. I sometimes don't understand why some of us wont change their ways. I don't understand why some of us could hurt guys who truly loved them. I believe that farangs did something bad to Thai girls too. Unfortunately those girls don't know about

I'm now 23 years old from Isaan, I am not graduated from College as I'm not from the wealthy family so I didn't have chance to go to college. Sometimes I feel unhappy about my life. As some Thais classify human by education
but I can do nothing with it. Just cause I can't go to college doesn't make me worse than those people who have chance to study in college. If my parents were rich I would not have to worry about anything all I had to do is study, study
and study. I would be doing my Master degree right now LOL, as I mentioned earlier that I'm not graduated from college so my English cant be perfect but I hope it's understandable.

I am an Isaan girl that look totally different from most of Isaan girls you have ever seen. I've been told I look Latina, been told by the taxi driver said he didn't know I was Thai until he heard me spoke Thai to my friend on the
phone. Many Thais told me this all the time. In my childhood most of kid made fun of the way I look. I cried so often cos I wanted to have Isaan looks, sometimes I wonder if my mother adopted me or had an affair with other guys.

I came to Bangkok when I graduated from high school. I was 17 that time got a job as a waitress at bowling alley, the wage was 5000 baht not including tips. I lived with my aunt so I didn't have to pay for rent which was good for me.

On my day off I liked playing online game and chatting on the net with farangs. Most of online farang are rude, talk about sex all the time. One of farangs whom I chatted with were interested in me. This guy had been in Thailand many times
so he knew about Thailand. He wanted to meet up with me if he came to Thailand. We were chatting and seeing each other on cam. I can't remember how the money issue came up. This guy is the one who first told me about Western Union he gave
me 10 digits and told me to bring this number to the bank with my valid ID card. He said I would get 100 USD. When I first heard that I didn't believe him cos NO GUY in my life had given me MONEY, not even my father. I went to the bank to
get the money anyway, suddenly my interests in chatting with him faded away.

So now I found out that it's pretty easy to get money from stranger over the net, just pretend to like them. I had done that many times, got money from strangers all over the world. Once I got the money, I blocked and deleted them.

I met P. the Greek guy on yahoo chat room. He started to PM me after he saw my pic on profile (it's one of my best pics ever, I once put it on website and I was a weekly featured member). I asked him for money from the first time we
chatted, he told me ,o problem. I got money a day later. P. was different from all guys I scammed money from. P. was nice. He never mention about sex (not even once). I continued chatting with P. and getting money from P twice a month or more
depended on my request (or command I am not sure).

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I asked him money by sending him SMS. Said I had a lack of money send me money now (yea I was that mean, I didn't know how to ask for money gently). 3 hours later I got the code for the money, he sent me 120 Euro each time that was minimum amount
of money.

P. asked me to marry. But I told (lied) him to wait until I turned 20. He thought I was his girlfriend. He thought I was only for him this was absolutely wrong. He asked me if he could come to see me in Thailand. I refused to meet up with
him. Why I refused? Because I had a boyfriend. Young boyfriend my age. I didn't want to go out with older farang, but still he kept sending me money. I spent some money on my boyfriend.

A year later I was dumped by my boyfriend. I called him on the phone. He could smell something so he asked what went wrong with me. I told him about my ex-boyfriend. He didn't get mad to find out that he's been used for over a year.
I asked if he could come to Thailand to see me. P. came to Thailand in a month.

P. called me and said he was now staying at The Grand Hotel on Rachada Road. I went to see him right away. I went into his room. I didn't wear sexy clothes, I wore a Mickey Mouse T-shirt and jeans LOL. He had a warm smile when he first
saw me, comforted me, gave me an opal necklace he bought from Australia. P. was a gentle man and he wouldn't do anything unless I let him. He tried to though but I didn't want to sleep with an old farang. There was a girl kept calling
him on the phone, P. asked if I wanted to stay over a night with him. If I stayed he would tell the girl to not come. I denied to stay with him. I went back to my room. waiting for the next day cos he promised he would take me to get passport
(I told him I want to travel overseas, he would pay for everything) and also to take me to shopping.

On the following day I went to see P. at the hotel, I waited at the lobby for an hour. P. came to see me with a Japanese girl. I can't remember her name but I will call her M. M was a very tall, cute Japanese girl. Now I knew why it
took him almost an hour to come downstairs to see me.

We all went to the Department of Consular Affairs to get my passport. All the time we were there M. was invisible. P. Didn't pay M. attentions at all though he told me that M. was his girlfriend but I knew that he could dump her any
time if I said yes I would let him to shag me.

I saw that M. and I wore the same necklace. I tried to take it off. TOO LATE!

M. saw it. She started making a drama. she slapped P. with her high heel. M. and P. had a fight at the consular… I felt so embarrassed. I didn't want everyone there think M and I fought over this old, fat, bald farang. All I wanted
that time was just MONEY and P was about taking me to shopping, I was praying for M. to stop making a drama.

P. got M. another taxi. I and P were going to Panthip to buy laptop computer for me but M. jumped in the car and tried to hit P. They argued in the taxi. P. changed his mind to not take me to shopping but go back to hotel. I really hated
that stupid Jap bitch that time cos she ruined my day!!!!

P. told the hotel staff to not let M. to his room again. She was mentally ill that was the reason P. gave to them. P. had to leave Bangkok right away because of that Jap bitch (she was a bitch to me anyway LOL) I went to the airport with
him, he gave me 300 Ruro. I was crying when he was leaving not cos I was sad to see he leaving but I was sad to not get to go shopping! He whispered, tell me to be a good girl, he would come again in couple months.

P. told me that he knew M. on the net 3 weeks before he come to Bangkok. She was pissed because she felt used but she stole P's money. 30,000 baht. Big money for a one night stand like her.

I kept getting money from P. and from other guys at time. I didn't have to work. I got like 40,000 baht a month!

It seemed like my money scamming business on the internet went very well right? How did it stop? I Had a American chat friend named C. He was 19, I was 20. I didn't know that we would fall for each other. I might being too honest or
I might just have a big mouth, I told C. everything. How I lied for money etc.

4 months after we first online chat, C. asked me to be his girlfriend. Be wanted to be committed with me. But he didn't want his girl to get money from other guys. He needed me to stop getting money from guys.

I called P. on the phone and told him that I don't want his money anymore. I told him that I wanted to be independent, but never revealed the real reason why I wanted to stop getting money from him.. P. cursed me. Yea that's what
I deserved. (P. had sent me money for 2 years) I changed my phone number never heard from P. since then.

C. asked me to work to get money for myself. I got a job at an American fast-food restaurant near Nana Post Office. It was my first time to see a bar scene from my eyes, not from TV or magazine. I knew many bargirls, I didn't care what
BG did to you or whatever you did to them but they were nice to have som tam with, funny to talk to. I liked to hear funny naughty stores from them. Bargirls who are not from Isaan think they are higher than bargirls from Isaan. LOL this
is a very funny thinking working girls at Nana are not only Thai. I saw some Phillipino working-girls (Phillipino working girls came to my place as a costumer and sat outside waiting for farang costumer), Russians, some freelancer Japanese (it's
not a latest news anyway cos I know that you know more than I do). I was surprised to know that there are many girls from different countries came to Thailand to work like this.

Back to C. our first year of relationship was hell. It was hard to change my ways. He caught me flirting with guys online. We argued every single day. I hated that he never trust me but again I never change my way. I kept chatting with guys
and got caught by C. all the time.

1 day I found out that C. flirted with girl. It made me know how he felt about me chatting with guys. I stop flirting with guys since the..

We've exchanged our e-mail passwords, because we have nothing to hide and this coming April. it will be our 3rd anniversary! We're so happy with our relationship. he trust me. He is still jealous. He tells me he loves me everyday,
I am one of the luckiest girls alive.

I don't chat anymore. I think ASL Stuff is boring. I am now so proud of myself. I come clean though C. still doesn't believe me LOL.

Stickman's thoughts:

Trust needs to be earned in a relationship. Unfortunately when one experiences a lack of trust in any relationship it can damage that person's ability to trust in all subsequent relationships. I think it's actually incredibly damaging!

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