Stickman Readers' Submissions January 31st, 2008

The Good And The Bad Ones

I've a read a lot of stories on this website and some stuff about Isaan girls, marriage and what they can do with you.

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A lot of the things told on this website are merely negative. That's why I wanted to write my story.

I'm a 31 year old man who went for the first time to Thailand in July 2005. I've just finished with my farang girlfriend who I lived together with for more than two years and wanted to explore Thailand with another friend.

I was used to travel in Asia as I has been to Indonesia and China a couple of times before, as a single guy.

My story starts out in Bangkok. The first night started out pretty sedately. However, after some beer and finally getting into the mood, I and my friend ended up with two bargirls in our beds. Welcome to Thailand!

The girls were quite professional and after that one night we never met them again.

The second night was much the same story. However, when we were loaded, we were just hanging around in Khao San Road and I started talking to two (not the most beautiful) girls. I ended up chatting with them until around 2:00 AM. Beer couldn't be found at that hour so they suggested going with them to another street as they knew where to get some more beer. I didn't hesitate and trusted them completely and went along. They fed me with beers and were getting naughty. One of them whispered in my ear about the idea of going with them to a hotel for a threesome. Like this is every man's dream so I didn't need much time to decide I would go along.

They took me to a dark and sober place (motel) but as drunk and excited as I was, I couldn't care less. They went to get some more booze and fed me the beer from the bottle. Strangely every beer they got for me was open already when they entered the room. We got undressed and then… the next thing I know was that I had woken up in my hotel room. My phone and money were gone…

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After talking with some local tuktuk drivers, I heard that Rohypnol was used commonly around to rip off tourists…

It was my third day in Thailand and I felt like hell. Luckily, my Visa and passport were kept in another place and I could get some other money. After walking around one day pissed as hell wishing Thailand to the ******.

I decided to leave Bangkok and headed to Koh Samui by night train. As we didn't know anything about the island, a local cab driver dropped us at Chaweng Beach. Far too crowded but anyway, we decided to stay for a few nights. The first day in Samui I met a girl working in a shoe shop. She was (and still is) amazingly beautiful and I fell for her from the moment I lay eyes on her. We started talking and agreed to go out that same night. We started making out and spent the rest of my holiday together. Her hometown was in Khon Kaen (Isaan) and it turned out she was fairly poor. When going home, I felt like I was in love like I had never been before. Strangely enough, before I left Thailand I swore I would never fall in love with a Thai woman.

Anyway, I decided to let her come over for three months on a tourist Visa which was fairly easy to arrange. Upon till now, I didn't give here any money nor did I send out any money to Thailand.

For arranging the Visa, I sent 10,000 baht for travel expenses and costs and one month later she arrived in Amsterdam airport. As it was going really well, and I didn't want to wait another three months after she left to see her again, I decided to marry her. I travelled with her to Thailand and married there.

As of three weeks ago we have married for two years without any problems. The only money we're sending occasionally is 10,000 baht to her mother every four months since she only has 300 baht from the government since her father died when she was very young. We get some questions from other family members about sending money however my wife bounces these questions even before discussing it with me.

The only reason I write this is to indicate that not all Isaan lower class woman marry you to support their family. I have a great marriage; my wife is working some hours in cleaning services.

Take care, not all women are like that. My wife is studying Dutch and another woman in her class is a perfect example of how it should not be. Her husband sent out over 600,000 baht to Thailand and she is fighting daily with him to send more…

How can you know whether you’ve got a good one? My opinion is that you should be careful when talking about money. If you have to send out many money and that is the most important thing for her, than you should be careful.

Always try to discuss these matters in a rational way and if that's not possible, try asking yourself if the relationship is true.

Stickman's thoughts:

Great to hear you’re happy and the marriage is going well!

It is interesting that you got drugged at Khao San Road. More and more, the stories I hear of druggings occur out there, and not in Sukhumvit as one may expect to be more likely.

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