Stickman Readers' Submissions January 5th, 2008

Pattaya 2007

An eventful and a fascinating year nears its end and the time is right to look back and recapitulate.

He Clinic Bangkok

A whole lot of things happened during the last 12 months! The year 2007 has seen me planning and executing my first ever trip to Pattaya which resulted in breaking up with my girlfriend of 2 years at home. It has seen me decide to quit my unfulfilling job, probably inspired by the need for freedom after having enjoyed the crazy nightlife of Pattaya for a second time. I got myself a handful of Thai “girlfriends” and I saw more nude pus*y every night than in a lifetime at home. The year has seen me enjoying what I would term as a sabbatical in sin city totalling 5 visits and over 3 months there this year alone. And finally, my latest sojourn – just a month ago – was made after having secured a new job in a segment I was long since aspiring to. So from this point of view at least I am not yet damaged by the after effects of Pattaya’s nightlife such that I could not reintegrate into the western society and working life again but it gets harder after each trip to Thailand, that's for sure. Amazingly, each of the 5 holidays brought something new: a little affair, a little drama, a little heartbreak, many a passionate night and so many notable encounters that I hardly can keep track!

As similar in shape the ladies of the LOS may come across so different appeared to me the experiences with those girls I got more seriously involved with in retrospect. (There is the dumb sex bomb, the witty, more mature, elegant lady, the online girl who is a complete nymphomaniac, the fetish queen, the next-door girl, u name it!) I did not get talked into sponsoring deals or get fleeced beyond acceptable terms in any other way therefore I have a pretty neutral memory of my encounters with the girls even though I reported about some disappointing experiences in earlier contributions.

Everything in woman is a riddle, and everything in woman hath one solution- it is called pregnancy.

CBD bangkok

Man is for woman a means: the purpose is always the child. But what is woman for man?

Two different things wanteth the true man: danger and diversion. Therefore wanteth he woman, as the most dangerous plaything.

Man shall be trained for war, and woman for the recreation of the warrior: all else is folly.

(F. Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, 1883-1885)

wonderland clinic

But this submission has an altogether different purpose. I will abstain from moaning over double pricing or the low standards and groaning about spoilt bargirls or bad attitudes. This submission is intended as a well earned appraisal to Pattaya’s ladies of the night. It is them who allowed me to experience so many unique and unforgettable moments which were so extraordinary in every aspect that remembering only a few of them always puts a smile on my face!

Going out and playing pool with friends I can do at home. Going to the discos and looking at nicely dressed ladies I can do at home (though that's more difficult already). Getting a girl for the night I can do too even if it would cost me money. But it is absolutely impossible to even remotely emulate the feeling of walking through almost any given soi in Pattaya in the tropical heat at night seeing nothing but what seems to the western eye like an endless supply of young, exotic, scantly clad girls in their bars screaming and smiling and dancing. And all are available and probably interested to become your “girlfriend” (if you look rich enough). Nothing in the world beats that experience which can easily be relived freshly every night as the playground is just so huge and the atmosphere so inviting.

In the West, the woman, that is to say the “lady,” finds herself in a fausse position; for woman, rightly named by the ancients sexus sequior, is by no means fit to be the object of our honour and veneration, or to hold her head higher than man and to have the same rights as he. The consequences of this fausse position are sufficiently clear. Accordingly, it would be a very desirable thing if this Number Two of the human race in Europe were assigned her natural position, and the lady-grievance got rid of, which is not only ridiculed by the whole of Asia, but would have been equally ridiculed by Greece and Rome. (Arthur Schopenhauer, On women, 1851)

That Pattaya offers not only sex-en-masse but a complete fun package is exclusively to the merit of every single lady there who contributes to this unparalleled spectacle with her presence and her ability to create a feeling of warmth and appreciation as superficial as it may become once you try to get beyond the surface. Looking back at this most eventful of my 30 years spent on this planet I just felt it was appropriate to cherish every single girl who chose to work bar instead of “factory” or “farm”. I know this sounds cynical but then the whole life is so to a certain extent. It is meant towards those who seem to concentrate too much on how bad everything has become (including myself at times) while completely ignoring what absolutely unique experience can still be had with a little bit of effort, tactfulness and an open mind. The fact that such a “fun city” exists in the first place is anything else but self-evident. One gets jaded fast and easily such is the way of human personalities but when thinking about what we all would be condemned to deal with if it were not for cheap long haul flights or liberal attitudes of this subset of the Asian population then one should feel appreciation again for what is on offer in Thailand. My foremost rule when interacting with the girls was to always respect their motivation and try my best to always be firm but polite (which becomes easier when you just take the girls for what they are). Without each and every one of them the experiences I was allowed to make this year would not have been possible and I am sure to do my best not shy any girl away from the “scene”.

Granted, other than retiring there it is unlikely that I will ever be able to spend so much time playing pool, drinking and mongering and basically be an unproductive parasite of my country's social welfare system any time soon. Unfortunately this means that I have to face the fact that partying and socialising at home has forever paled to an extent that it hardly justifies partaking anymore. It also means that it gets harder to share my thoughts and opinions as my trips were really not quite peer group typical and with the people mostly belonging to the PC group I can mostly forget about even mentioning where I have been for 3 months this year. Finally, I now have serious problems to understand how I could ever remotely enjoy life during the horribly cold and dark and foggy winters!

But hell, what a time I have had in Thailand! How much my whole approach towards women and with it my general approach to life has changed during this year is hardly describable. Think of the Master Card commercial like: Plane to BKK: 1000$, Hotel: 300$, Barfine: 20$, the whole Pattaya experience: Priceless! I am generally so much more relaxed now for I am finally aware that I will always have my personal Nirvana when things should go wrong at home (which they certainly do not at the moment – but it’s great to have a mental safety net). I do not spend time, money and nerves anymore trying to hook up with an arrogant and prejudicial woman here, which allows me to enjoy my hobbies again and be much more creative and satisfied during my spare time. Basically the months in Thailand have taught me to live and enjoy life more my way (fully within ethical and moral terms) without caring about how this affects my PC score – something I did do far too little up until now.

The European lady, strictly speaking, is a creature who should not exist at all; but there ought to be housekeepers, and young girls who hope to become such; and they should be brought up not to be arrogant, but to be domesticated and submissive. It is exactly because there are ladies in Europe that women of a lower standing, that is to say, the greater majority of the sex, are much more unhappy than they are in the East. (Arthur Schopenhauer, On women, 1851)

Most notably I got to know myself and the mechanics by which relationships usually work out when I am involved so much better. It already started last year during my first visit to the LOS in Phuket but the Pattaya trips took the experience to a whole different level. It was like a sample of what my love life is like when the fast forward button is pressed. In those 3 months in Pattaya I started and ended relationships with more women (girls which were not directly pay-for-play – the other ones I simply stopped counting) than in many years at home. If it were not for the fact that I can expect to experience amorous feelings, fall in love a little, got my heart broken a little and get great make up sex (hopefully not too little), each and every time I visit Thailand I doubt I would have repeatedly spent so much money on non-stop return flights to BKK for sex only!

When the gogos and the discos started to become boring and predictable (unbelievable but yes it happens) it was always possible to initiate some sort of relationship with a girl allowing just enough emotions to make for some diversion from the dull conversations with girls you just got to know (“what your name, where you come from, how long your holiday, where your hotel, you have lady?”), while still maintaining enough reason not to fall in love head over heels. But once I got annoyed by the monetary driven superficiality from the “girlfriends” part (which sooner or later sets in more or less directly) or I started felt taken advantage of where better to spend some time and money than the gogos where you simply feed the girls directly with some baht for their performances, get to grab some tits and pussies, can forget about the girly BS and just enjoy being “single” again!

In our part of the world, where monogamy is in force, to marry means to halve one’s rights and to double one’s duties. When the laws granted woman the same rights as man, they should also have given her a masculine power of reason. (Arthur Schopenhauer, On women, 1851)

I remember one of the nights after an argument with my latest girlfriend (the start of our story is described here) to be most enjoyable. Simply because I felt mongering and tipping for fondling and basically taking what I want fully justified after she tried to take me for a fool. I have full sympathy for every girl who tries to make their best to boost her earnings a bit and maybe even take advantage of a farang who “loves” her (I do not like to use the word, it is completely inappropriate in a place like Pattaya). But I simply have no patience if I feel I am being fooled and my justified questions are only shrugged off and she is not willing or able to explain herself (the details are not important here but this happened repeatedly). It is not a sin to fall for a girl in Pattaya even if she were the most hardened whore (everyone deserves a chance), but what I do not get is that once they realize that when it’s going nowhere still many guys seem to be glued to this one “special girl” and don't get their act together anymore. There is such a vast pool of ladies to choose from! A little drama is OK because it adds some spice and to just change the lady every night I did not find satisfactory at all (I also do not have any “not more than 2 nights rule” – Pattaya is the one place where I do not obey rules but create my own ones every day). But one should always remain able to pull the plug when things are not right anymore and when enough is enough. The fact that they look and act cute does not mean they have to be pampered without end.

When nature divided the human race into two parts, she did not cut it exactly through the middle! The difference between the positive and negative poles, according to polarity, is not merely qualitative but also quantitative. And it was in this light that the ancients and people of the East regarded woman; they recognised her true position better than we, with our old French ideas of gallantry and absurd veneration, that highest product of Christian–Teutonic stupidity. These ideas have only served to make them arrogant and imperious. (Arthur Schopenhauer, On women, 1851)

In relationships at home the barrier to break up with a girlfriend is likely to be so much higher because it means you may have to sleep alone for a few months. But in Pattaya (and probably Thailand in general) this is unthinkable, therefore I can only attribute it to the personal ego of each farang, who is convinced that he will be the one to make a better girl out of whatever poor background she may have had. It cannot be the fear of losing her, rather an anger (due to lack of better knowledge) about how his particular girl stubbornly refuses the chance for a better life by denying him. Though many times the story is the other way around methinks when reading in the local news sites all the suicide attempts of girls which have been left by their farangs. Anyway this is something I would also prefer not to experience in a holiday! It’s bad enough having to cope with girls making a scene in Lucifer’s…

In this game of relationships I have come to the conclusion that as a farang from a western viewpoint with western expectations you can only lose. Unless maybe if you live in Thailand and can stay with and take care of your lady permanently. But as a tourist you are so much prone to all the acting she may do (and I am convinced that many do lie so automatically that they cannot distinguish truth from fiction anymore). You will never really be sure if there is not some Thai guy around or another farang or both. In my opinion a Thai girlfriend needs permanent surveillance, as they have a hard time when staying alone as is my personal experience.

By contrast, a man who does have profundity in his spirit and in his desires as well, together with that profundity of good will, capable of severity and hardness and easily confused with them, can only think about woman in an oriental way: he has to grasp woman as a possession, as a property which he can lock up, as something predetermined for service and reaching her perfection in that service. He must take a stand on the immense reasoning of Asia, on the instinctual superiority of Asia: just as the Greeks in earlier times, the best heirs and students of Asia, who, as is well known, from Homer to the time of Pericles, as they advanced in culture and the extent of their power, also became step by step stricter against women, in short, more oriental. How necessary, how logical, even how humanly desirable this was—that’s something we’d do well to think about.

(Friedrich Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil, 1886 )

The only girls I believed any words from, were the ones who showed me pictures of their enviably good looking farang (ex) boyfriends on the cell phone, told me all the stories about long term customers, how they were taken abroad and generally just were very open minded. At least those girls did not try to hide something or try to take me for a fool. I liked being involved in whatever their plans and experiences were and when they talked on the phone to a heartbroken previous customer while performing on my lap I found it simply amusing! No fooling the farang, no I love you BS, no I will wait for you. I took it as a compliment.

Many concerns were to be read recently about the chances to get any GFEs yet. In my view every encounter with any lady in the LOS (whether it ends in bed or just with a drink) is clearly a GFE when comparing it to how you are treated at home! Every girl with which you can have a friendly chat and whose first words are not “let’s go room” has to be considered as more girlfriend-like than anything that would happen in the p4p scene almost anywhere else (maybe except some Latin American destinations). The process for example of taking a lady home without previously agreed fees is per se a GFE already (BTW I never had any bad experience from not agreeing beforehand). Whether two persons then are physically and mentally compatible remains to be found out by the couple in bed but at least the attitudes of many of the girls are not as bad in the first place as many want us make believe. It could be far, far worse and it will probably get worse but for the time being one should not look a gift horse in the mouth. If it is not a GFE when a lady takes you to her room, cooks for you, refuses to let you go back to your teerak, money never even being mentioned then I don't know one.

The gogos showed an amount of naughtiness to which everything else has to pale in comparison. I can warmly recommend a few gogos in Soi 15 which became my new favourites. Pretty, nude girls kissing and licking and slapping each other to be viewed from as close as possible are the norm. I don’t know who had the idea to introduce these rubber pieces which serve the purpose to loudly beat the shit out of the girls nude asses but the ladies and punters seemed to enjoy it alike and they are currently present in almost every gogo which certainly always helped to spice things up!

"Give me, woman, thy little truth!" said I.

And thus spake the old woman:

"Thou goest to women? Do not forget thy whip!"

(F. Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra 1883-1885)

Again, I am thankful (though not without reservations) about the invaluable possibility to have experienced an amount of promiscuity and liberal handling of sexuality and nudity that I would not have previously thought possible. After a few beers the mood was almost always right to enjoy every evening freshly – simply not thinkable at home. I will come back for sure as long as things are only halfway they way they were this year.

Until then: Kop khun mak krab pooying Thai! Thank you Jun and Nok for making me feel something like love again, thank you Da for the loudest performance in bed ever, thank you Ning for winning that pool tournament, thank you Pan for trying out some very unorthodox positions, thank you Lek and Ohn for those great threesomes, Thank you Mot and Nong for the welcoming massages and thanks to all the unknown gogo, and disco girls who contributed to great party nights… see you all again in 2008!

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Sounds like you had a good time and kept busy….

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