Stickman Readers' Submissions January 18th, 2008

Carl Towers Strikes Back

Well hello guys, here I am, Mr. Carl Towers.

He Clinic Bangkok

I don't know if you remember me but, I am the one who wrote two submissions back in May, regarding my relationship with Fon, a Thai bargirl. The subs were called, help me please.

Before I start I would just like to say thank you for all the mail received, 90% were wishing me all the best, and telling me to do what makes me happy, the other 10% slated me, calling me a wa**er, p**ck, loser, sad bastard etc.

Well around eight months has passed since my last sub, and I promised I would keep you informed, so here it goes.

CBD bangkok

When writing my last sub back in may, my life was bad, stuck in a dead end job with bad pay, in love with a bargirl, worrying about what my mates would think if they found out I was in a relationship with a working girl, worrying if I could
not take good care of her, and thinking how the hell could we have a future together.

After my last sub, I needed to give myself a good kick up the ass, so I told some of my mates what was going on.

I was surprised at their responses. "If that's what you want, you go for it, mate" they said.
Obviously you got one or two smart arses telling me I'm stupid etc but in away, I respect them for looking out for me.

During the beginning of June I applied for a job and got it, around £600 a month more than my previous job.

wonderland clinic

I was due to start the beginning of July, so after being a little sly at work, I managed to get two weeks holiday off, and went back to see Fon in her village of Wichianburi. The last day of work before I was due to fly out I handed my notice
in, already knowing I had all my holiday pay. I was loving it.

Two weeks with Fon, a new job to go back to when I arrived back and things started to look good, but always in the back of my mind was me thinking, what do I want out of life, can me and Fon be a family one day, or is this how it's always
going to be, me visiting every three, four months or so. I didn't want my life like that, so I asked Fon to marry me.

We spent two wonderful weeks together at her home in Wichianburi, and being there made me realise that, Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, Samui etc, had not got a patch on Wichianburi.

Call me boring but, I was seeing and experiencing the real Thailand. There's nothing up there, no bar/pub, no restaurant, nothing, but I love it.

I arrived back home and settled in well at my new job which was only ten minutes down the road.

In October I went back again for 8 nights to her home, and things were really good. I had never been happier. Fon was great, a real kind loving girl, despite her former employment.

Leaving again in October was hard and it got harder every time I left, leaving the girl you love behind is hard and painful.

So in December I went back again for a month. It was my forth time last year, and I knew this time, something special was going to happen.

On 20th December myself and Fon married in her home town at the amphur. The marriage was planned for along time, and we put together a good settlement visa application for after we married.

The night we married we had a great party, around thirty people were there with music, food and drink. It was a great night. With all the food, drinks etc, the party cost me 22,000 baht.

There was no dowry or dowry to the parents as all they wanted was for their daughter to be loved and happy.

Her family love me to bits and all I need to do is learn a little Thai to understand them, although I think I am doing well, I still need to learn more but it's hard. I know many many words, and I understand what the family are trying
to say sometimes. I just can't put a sentence together, but I'll get there.

During our month together we spent a couple of days in Pattaya. What a load of shite that place is now. Maybe it's me, but I have gone right off that place. Pissed up farangs wanting a scuffle every day. F**k that, back up to the real
Thailand we went, up country, back to Phetchabun.

We also spent a bit of time in Bangkok. What's the crack banning alcohol, Stick? Anyway we found a bar still serving beer on soi 8.

The month went by so quick, and I got back nearly two week ago. Yes, alone, no wife with me.

Last Monday my wife put forward her settlement visa application.

On Wednesday they called her, asked her lots of questions and it sent her paranoid, well me too. After the phone call, the woman simply said, ok thank you, if there's anything else we need to know, we will contact you again.

Well this week has been horrible for me, I have been shitting it so much regarding the visa and guess what happened? Yesterday, my wife, yes my wife slaters, was granted a settlement visa for two years. She arrives next week.

So the past eight months has changed my life so much. I have never been as happy like this before.

We stuck in there, we stuck together, we have had hard times, but we got through it.

I will tell you something too. Yes she was a bargirl before, but I have never met a more caring, kind, loving woman than my wife before. She is the best.

Anyway readers please mail me if you like. I'm off to Argos now for a rice cooker.

Mr. Carl Towers (one very happy man)…

Stickman's thoughts:

After your words of wisdom I wonder if there is going to be a stampede heading out of Pattaya and off to the oasis of Wichianburi?

But seriously, all the best to you and Fon and hope things continue to go well for the two of you.

nana plaza