Stickman Readers' Submissions December 27th, 2007

Western Women, Thai Girls

It makes me sad to read your text about western and Asian women. It feels like you are ashamed of your relationship and try to justify it with some really naive thoughts.

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You can’t even compare women for example within Scandinavia, Sweden and Finland for example as already there is a big difference in culture and behaviour. But you also put women from southern Europe in the same category as northern girls. Sorry to say English is not my mother tongue so my language is fairly simple. But still there is a HUGE difference.

Even your own text doesn’t add up. First you say western women think much about their appearance and then you say Thai girls go fix their hair also for social events and that western wouldn’t care to do so…? Hmmmm… My experience is that Asian girls put their appearance first. It doesn’t matter even if you got to a counter to buy something if they are in front of a mirror they will redo their make-up before serving you. Everything they do is about looks and money! You gladly pay for everything for your Asian girls, but you wouldn’t for the western girls!? I’m sure the western girls also would like to go the parlour every so often if somebody paid for it for them. There is a slight difference in costs for such luxury in Asia and Europe. The thing is that you western men treat western girls and Asian girls differently! And I’m really talking from experience as well.

Of course there are western girls who thinks about money as you write…just like there are Thais…but for Thais it has during the last few years become a high priority to get a "rich" western man so they can live well. The nice Thai girls wouldn’t even look at a western man twice. You really would have to work hard do get a "normal" Thai girl… You wouldn’t go to a whorehouse in the western world to find a potential wife – or would you, but somehow you don’t think twice to catch a hi-so girl or a gogo girl from Thailand. Why is that..?

In your mind western women can’t be beautiful in shorts and t-shirts. Where have you been…? The difference is when a Thai puts on shorts and T-shirts they look like 11-year old kids. Western women, wow..! But yes, Thai girls will maybe not pick YOU for your behaviour or appearance but for your money, so that’s why you probably have a more beautiful girl by your side in Thailand than you would in the west.. I don’t know, but I’m tired of stories like these from men who feel ashamed and have to explain themselves. If you are proud – be it – without this nonsense! And why are you even comparing? I have been with western men from the same country as I am – do you think they were alike? NO – hell no! Would I compare them – no, why would I want to do that?

Thai women also differ from each other. There are beautiful Thai girls, less beautiful Thai girls…just like in the western world. In my long experience of Asia you just can’t trust Asian people, cause more or less everything is about money…and how they can rip you off…you can't pay for anything in advance – because then they just take the money and leave. Yes they will not tell you bad things to you face – but to their friends they will. Shouldn’t a relationship be a relationship where you talk to each other respectfully – I'm not talking about putting someone down, but you talk to each other if something doesn’t feel right and not to your mates – you just don’t put your partner down in front of your mates..! If you are proud about your relationship – why explain yourself. Walk proudly!

I myself have never told a man how to live their life, never asked them for money. I have loved them for what they are, yes I am very beautiful (even in just shorts ;)) How do you think it has been rewarded? They have taken me for granted and treated me very bad, cause like children they try the limits and if there are none, they have learned rapidly and done everything from cheating, lying also. Seems like the meaner girls get a nicer behaviour from western men…why is that? I have been very hurt by this – and reading stories like yours makes me very sad. I’m sorry if you have been treated bad by your western experiences – but you then should be glad that you have finally met the one for you – it really hasn’t anything to do with where we are born! Consider yourself lucky – good women and MEN are hard to find.

Why do you feel so bad for having an Asian girl to go this far as putting text like this on internet.

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I’m sorry if this text is a bit messy – but I'm in a hurry and don’t have the time to write down something more "thought over"…

Stickman's thoughts:

I am not sure who this story addresses, but clearly it is one of the readers' submissions writers. I did find a lot of your comments and observations fascinating though.

I think what you have to understand is that despite their faults, Asian women do have many things about them that appeal and to many men, they are simply more fun, more exciting, more *insert any of a number of positive adjectives*. I'm not saying there aren't plenty of Western women out there that get the juices flowing too, but it just so happens that amongst other things, this site tends to be a repository for stories about Western men's experiences with Thai women.

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