Stickman Readers' Submissions November 15th, 2007

Thailand The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Part 6

The Bad:

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“Was that a naked woman that just ran into your bathroom?”

“Yes, it was! She is my girlfriend or was my girlfriend.”

“Oh, that was Phim?”

“Yes that was Phim, hey how did you know her name?”

“Tee, told me all about her Gilbert. She has not been around for a few days. When did you two get back together?”

“Last night, hey how did you know Phim and I haven't seen each other in a few days? I am sorry what is your name again?”

“JoJo, I am from the Philippines and I will be picking you up 8 AM tomorrow for a trip to Singapore.”

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“Ya, I remember you saying that. Listen, I know this is all set up by my Thai friend Tee and somehow you’re involved and right now this is not a good time to talk about Singapore. You understand, I just opened my hotel door to see you standing here and my girlfriend Phim sees you and then you announce we are leaving together for Singapore. Well you can understand that this is going to be a problem between Phim and I and that I need sometime to explain all this to her. Do you understand what I am trying to say?”

“You want me to leave. Here is my card and phone number if you have any questions. See you in the morning.”

I shut the door behind her and hear the bathroom door open behind me as Phim comes out with a face full of tears and a towel wrapped around her, walking in a hurry to her clothes. She then lets the towel fall as she puts on her underwear, then screams "Butterfly".

I grab her as she tries to leave and she slaps me, kicks me, then slaps me again, but I hold on.

I sit her on the bed and explain to her that I have to leave for a short time. I try to make her understand that I have to do this for a visa stamp and I should only be gone for two weeks, maybe three. She then explodes into tears. She could not understand why I have to be away so long and with a woman that I do not even know.

This was not going to fly and I could tell she was not buying this and to be honest, I also did not understand why Tee needed me to stay two or three weeks in Singapore. Secrets. All these secrets.

When I talk to Phim I never feel like she is telling the truth and the same goes with Tee. He doesn't seem to be letting me in on what ever plans he has for me.

It took over an hour to get her to stop crying and of course money had a lot to do with it. We came to an agreement that she would not work the bar and we would see about getting married upon my return. Of course I would then give the dowry money and build a small house for her. Basically I promised anything I could think of to make her understand how much I loved her. We came to a compromise of 55,000 baht for three weeks <You stupid idiotStick> and my promise of marriage and her promise of no working at the bar, me not touching JoJo or any other lady and her staying away from foreign men.

She had the money in hand and could not wait to go shopping. We agreed to hook up that night with a promise from me that she could come with us to the airport and say goodbye. A kiss for the road and she was gone.

I sat for a while and thought about us getting married in Thailand. Could it work out? I really did not like her brother and the thought of him as my brother in law made me shiver. But her sister and her baby could use our help. To think of a sixteen year-old girl already with child and only her family to help her made me sad.

My thoughts go to Tee and I ask myself "What does he have against Phim?" He wants me to be in Singapore for at least two weeks and for her to know this. The reason can only be that he needs her to be mad at me and that reason could only be to break us up. He must feel like she is not right for me and maybe he does not want to see me get hurt. I know he is looking after me with good intensions but I have to find away to keep him out of my life.

The phone rings as I wake from my daydream. It is Mot, Phim's sister. She tells me the baby is sick and she wants to talk to Phim. I tell her to try the cell phone and that Phim is not in the hotel room. I hope she understands.

Time goes by fast and night time comes. It is already 10:30 PM and Phim does not answer her phone and by this time I am sure she is not coming by tonight. It could be that the baby was sick and she could not come by due to helping her sister. <She is no doubt with her Thai boyfriend / husband who is spending the money you gave herStick> But I think that it also could have been planned as an excuse.

Sometimes I feel these stories are set up so they have a reason out of a commitment, like the one we made about staying our last night together. What I thought would be important to Phim, could mean nothing to her at all. After all she has money for a real good time and she probably has not even thought about me all day.

JoJo is knocking at the door early in the morning. I am packed and ready to go. She is five foot two, maybe 100lbs, with some good size 34Cs. She is very beautiful with shoulder length brown hair, slight curls and real white teeth when she smiles. Her backside is round and even more so with the tight pants she has on. She carries my bags for me and is sure to walk ahead of me so I notice her. Every once in a while she looks back at me to make sure I am checking her rear end and she smiles.

I have a feeling I am in trouble with this one. It excites me because I know she is already coming on to me. Of course the promise I made to Phim pops in and out of my head. It is going to take a lot of willpower for sure.

On the way JoJo talks to me like we have been friends for years. She touches me a lot on the arm and leg when she talks and laughs at anything I say. Kind of like Phim, but with JoJo I know she understands what I am saying to her. JoJo's English is very good, almost no flaws. She can hold a conversation about almost anything. The way she dresses is also impressive, very clean and neat and you can tell she buys the best clothes she can afford. Not at all like Phim who looks like a farm girl with the messy things she wears and she buys the cheapest clothes from the street. I look forward to JoJo's company, but I am going to keep my promise to Phim and keep a fine line between us. I cannot take a chance and get to know JoJo too well because it could lead to a romance that could bring too much drama between Phim and I. We get to the airport and I see Tee waiting for us. I have a lot of questions for him.

“Tee, What is this all about?”

“What mean?”

“Jojo, that's what! Why did you set me up with a lady to show me Singapore?”

“Good lady, good friend, she take care you.”

“I have a lady here in Thailand.”

“Tell her how long gone Singapore?”

“That's another thing. Why do you hate her so much?”

“Not! Both need time, good you, go away, good both you. Trust me good for both. We see how much love she for you and you same same. When you come back we talk. Everything clear now, have good time enjoy friend JoJo. Must trust me, clear everything when return Bangkok.”

“All right Tee, how much money do I owe you? I promise to pay you back for everything when I return.”

“Stan give money long time, everything he cover, talk to him about pay. He give so I take care. We watch you, first time travel, he make sure I can take care you. You will understand, family love you.”

“JoJo grabs my arm and pulls me away. I look into Tee's eyes and feel something good about him. I know my family loves me my sister would die for me and I for her. Stan is very close to me and love my sister very much. We are all very tight. If Stan trusts Tee then I need to trust him also but I have this feeling he is still up to something or maybe it is the Thai way that makes you very suspicious. We buckle our seat belts ready for take off, I feel JoJo touch my leg, she looks at me and smiles.”

“I am going to show you a very good time in Singapore, I know the island well. I have stayed there for almost three years now.”

“I am looking forward to it, JoJo. Is your home or apartment close by to my hotel?

“No! Not really it is about an hour away by subway. I am not staying at my house because I plan on being close by you.”

“Are you staying at the same hotel that I stay?”

“Of Course I am Gilbert.”

“Good, same floor and rooms close I suppose.”

“Very close, right next to you.

“The room right next to me, that's very convenient.”

“Not the room next to you, your room I stay in your room.”

“You got a room with twin beds for us to stay in?”

“Of course not silly Gilbert, We only have one bed.”

Stickman's thoughts:

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, Gilbert!

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