Stickman Readers' Submissions November 14th, 2007

Thai Obsession

At 25 I think it really is to young to be obsessed with everything about Thailand but that seems to be the disease I have, and I'm sure I’m not the only Caucasian with it. It all started back in October 2005, a real novice compared to everyone
else on this site. Since then I have been there 4 times for a total time of 10 months. When I am working in Farangland as soon as I get home everyday it seems I am on the internet logging on to various sites all about Thailand to get more information
and educate myself about this exotic country. My life here seems only to revolve around my obsession where I don't go out very much as I am saving money to spend in the cheap paradise where the money seems to stretch so much further. In London
where I live (I’m not from UK) I have a flatmate who is a Thai chef so I’m eating Thai food everyday and trying to learn the language from him. There's lots of girls here, good looking but I only seem to be interested in Thai

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I now know I really need to kick this addiction or just sort out where I want to go in life. I can't work in Thailand <I am sure you can, but whether it would be a good idea to or not is an issueStick>
so my love for Thai girls could only result in me bringing a girl I liked home to my country or I can just keep coming here on holidays and play around but of course the later is not really what I want.

The first time I was here I did all the bargirl stuff but that grew so boring with requests for money and all the lies they tell. They really don't seem to able to tell the truth or it's just they don't want to upset you with what you may
not want to hear. I think most farangs start out with the bargirls and soon move on to the more educated girls as there is more chance of success there – and who would marry a former prostitute anyway. (Obviously many do!)

I have changed the style of girl I like. From the first time those dark skinned Isaan girls to now, those yellow skinned girls in most cases but there is always a striking looking dark skinned girl now and again who puts you back to liking
them. So yes that makes me so shallow then that I want a girlfriend who may be more accepted in Thai culture as better looking. This may have come from my constant reading and gathering information about Thailand to change my mind or maybe from
staying in Pattaya before for too long where I just got fed up of all those Isaan girls I slept with every night.

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I’m also getting a bit bitter or jealous as I read all about these farangs sending anything from 10,000 to 150,000 baht per month to bargirls, good girls and all types of girls which turns those girls into lazy good for nothing tarts
who sleep around with other farangs for free as there not so clever boyfriend works hard and sends stupid amounts of money which I could never match.

On all the dating sites Thai girls get so much interest in them, they really do have the choice of which farang they want or maybe they just wait to see which farang will send money for nothing and yes there are farangs that stupid. I know one very attractive
girl who actually had nearly 3,500 farangs send her interest in 1 month on a certain website. As the flights are so cheap now and more and more farangs make it to Thailand the competition hots up as there will soon be too many farangs for the
percentage of Thai girls who actually like farangs, so I will try and turn my attention to the girls who have never been with a farang before and who like Thai men (these girls are usually much prettier anyway!), as maybe I have more chance to
compete, and in the future I wonder will Thailand just be full of 'luk krungs' because of all the new farangs who will be getting together with Thai girls. As I overhear conversations in the pub here in London of guys
saying ''sort yourself out and get over to Thailand', middle-aged guys telling their friends who are unlucky in love here.

So I don’t really know what is next for me. I really love exotic Asia girls. They are my style, but at 25 to rule out anyone else is just plain crazy – and without enough money to live in Thailand and I can't retire there for
another 30 years does not leave me with too many options.

There are lots and lots of Asian girls in London mostly Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Some are hot, most are not. Of course there are some Thai girls here without the farang boyfriend but they usually are not the best looking or they have the choice as
to which man they want, where in Thailand usually the farang has the choice.

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My obsessed state of mind remains and I have no idea what to do. I just hope that I am not the only young man with these notions and maybe my doctor can just tell me I have Thai syndrome.

Stickman's thoughts:

I maintain that dreaming of Thailand to the extent that you are and essentially putting your life on hold is not healthy. You're 25 for goodness sake, you should be able to enjoy yourself anywhere!

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