Stickman Readers' Submissions November 1st, 2007

Stupid? Not The Women, But The Men!

I am writing this submission to allow others to see that Thai women are generally much different from westerners and their claims to be good partners are at best a “rarity.”

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I had met a woman while shopping at the Emporium Department store early this year while waiting to pay for some items. The line at this particular register was unusually slow because as normal there was a customer who was trying to ask for
something not within the “normal” routine. For Thais to cope with something “not ordinary” they have a very difficult time trying to comprehend and manage to find often very easy ways to deal with such common problems.
Standing in front of me was a woman dressed very nicely, and she looked like a middle class woman that often are quite difficult to come by. As the line grew longer by the minute and people like me began to get frustrated the woman in front and
I began to talk.

She spoke quite good English, was very polite and was wearing expensive clothes and carried herself quite well. After that initial meeting and finally getting to pay for the items I was shopping for that day we exchanged telephone numbers
and I wrote it off as being a potential opportunity for later. We talked only very briefly and I really did not pursue it with much effort and only until she called me after work one day 3 months later and we met for dinner.

At dinner I did my usual and ask her the “normal” questions to find out really what kind of girl she was, hoping that she would be something refreshing. Well what came out of the questions was that she has been married twice
(once to a Thai & the most recent to a Canadian). She also told me she is still married to her Canadian husband but he works in the IT industry in Eastern Europe on one of those “6 weeks on and 2 weeks off” positions. The more
we talked the more information I drew out of her and she admitted to not being in love with her husband but he takes care of her well. They have been married for over 3 years and he sends her 150K a month to live upon and I was shocked as I never
heard of anyone sending this much money to a girl before. This amount of money is more than most expats like myself earn on a monthly basis.

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At the end of the night she drove me home in her brand new car that was in her name and from experience I know this car to be valued at more than 1.5 million Baht and we just said good night. What turned out to be a refreshing opportunity,
turned out to be just another reminder of how Thai girls are and how stupid most of the guys who marry them are.

Since that night 7 months ago I continually see this woman to have “fun” with and often she throws her husband’s money around to support the activities we do together. She often has to “disappear” because
her husband comes back to Thailand every so often but she still calls me while outside to tell me how much she misses me. At times she leaves him at home and comes to have sex and only to return back to him later on. I am often very interested
at what he does, and she replies that he just sits at home and plays video games and she reiterates often that she “hates him” and wishes he would never come to see her. This is very sad to hear because this is just another example
of how many Thai girls have only selfish feelings for themselves and often care very little about anyone else.

We still spend time together when I have time, and she likes taking me to expensive restaurants, movies and even has bought expensive things for me without me ever asking. This woman has never worked a day in her life, goes to school to study
for her graduate degree and all at the expense of this stupid Canadian guy who I imagine has no idea of what his wife is doing while he is away. I can’t help but often think that her husband has no idea to see the “warnings signs”
of her actions and continues to send her 150K a month, to me is beyond belief. I also know that there are many more in Thailand just like this girl I am mentioning and the amount of supporters are well beyond our imagination. But what often people
think is the “stereotype” of these people who continue to be fooled her husband seems not to “fit into” that imagination. He is 35 years old, in the IT profession, seems not to be bad looking (been to her house many
times), but it just shows people like him are numerous.

So the next time many of you send those monthly (or more often) payments to your Thai girlfriends living here, hopefully you will realize that your paying for them to entertain guys much like me and we do not mind taking advantage of your

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My sincerest thank you and keep the money coming!

Stickman's thoughts:

150K baht a month?! That is outrageous!

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