Stickman Readers' Submissions November 22nd, 2007

Smart Thais Or Stupid Farangs?

Okay, before I speak my mind let me introduce myself. My name is Shelly, 23 years of age, half Thai / Laotian, born and raised in the states. I'm not a bargirl or anything like that, just a normal person in a farang / Thai relationship who reads Stickman's and has an opinion that I would love to share with you.

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So I've read a lot of stories from farangs about their relationship with Thai women, how we're all liars and all we want is their money because face it guys, you been had and you've come up with a way to make Thai women look bad. We'll see what you have to say after reading this.

Now this is for the farangs who come to Thailand looking for "good times" with a bargirl, but end up getting hurt and burned. No sympathy from me, no way! You got what you deserve buddy, and as the Thais would say "som nam na."

Most farangs on here who write to Stickman about their relationship with a bargirl point their fingers at the Thais saying we're the cause of all their pain, and suffering, but whose fault is it really? Frankly, I think Thais are smart in their own little way. If you’re a farang looking to go to Thailand for an unforgettable night I don't blame you, Thai women are smart and sexy who wouldn’t want that. This is where it gets interesting, when a farang barfines a bargirl, takes her out, has sleazy sex with her, and falls for her. HELLO! Can you say prostitute? These women are doing their job so why in the hell would you put yourself in that position? That's called stupidity. She might say "me love you long time" afterwards and yeah, for the dumb farangs, sometimes that would be enough for a him to stop and think he can actually change this bargirl for the better, and end up buying more time to be with her. All because he wants to help her. LOL. Meanwhile the bargirls are thinking "yes" game on and chi-ching!

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Come to find out later on, when they're alone and their pockets are empty, they then realized they had been played all along and now they feel betrayed and hurt because they fell for that person. Who do you think is at fault now? When you think about it, the farang are the ones looking for a good time and look what they got themselves into. What all farang should know when they barfine a bargirl is that it's business and that's all it is. If these women were looking for a good man to spend the rest of their life with I'm pretty sure it wouldn’t be any man coming in to barfine them, that's for sure. When they see farangs walking in that door it's money they see, not their future husband. Think of it like fishing except you're the bait, you just don't know it yet.

Yeah, I admit these Thai women can be so vindictive, but you farangs should have stayed in your place knowing it was supposed to be a wham bam thank you mam, but instead you want to turn around and do something nice, like maybe try and help them change their lifestyle. I mean, how nice are you willing to be, you're already paying her. You don't really want to turn a hoe into a housewife, do ya? Well I can tell you this, anything is possible if you have got the money they want.

Now for the smart farangs looking for a great time, one would know what line not to cross. He would barfine her, take her back to the room, take care of business and hell, send her on her way. Don't keep her around! What for? Unless you're not done. She shouldn’t be insulted, she was paid for, don't feel sorry, and don't even think twice about seeing her again because you're just setting yourself up. If he wants to have more fun, and he's smart he'll get a different bargirl elsewhere and that way he won't get attached. The problem with the farang getting hurt is because they had too much of a good time with that particular bargirl and wants her around more while he's still in town and ends up buying more of her time. No-NO! That's when the bargirl knows she's got the bait, so you would be the one to blame for putting this upon yourself.

As for the Thai women working as bargirls, what can I say? A Thai woman looking for a good farang sure as hell wouldn’t look for one where she's hooking. Of course you can find true love anywhere but what are the odds of turning a bargirl into a presentable woman? For them to set foot into that line of work hurts me, not only cause they're selling their body but to say they are trying to make a decent living and provide for their families are just many excuses they use to fool farangs. LOS is known for the sex trade and these women who are in the market do give us Thai women bad names. It would show what these bargirls say or do to dig deep in you pockets and sad as it is, it’s their profession. They can care less. Needless to say they go with many men and it’s a part of their job description to please and forget about you. It says it all when money is the exchange. I really don't have anything positive to say about bargirls but hey they might as well be good at what they do and that is to trick the dummies who are in for more than they should be.

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So giving a lot of thoughts on all the stories I've read, and sharing my point of view, what do you think now?

Stickman's thoughts:

I think you got it spot on.

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