Stickman Readers' Submissions November 20th, 2007

How Much For A Mia Noi?

This is my second submission to Stickman. And again I’m sorry for my bad English. On this submission I want to put to you a viewpoint of how much it costs to have a “mia noi”. You guys have probably hear a lot of talk about “mia noi” but do you guys really have any idea how much it may cost you each month? I am happily married to a Thai woman and we also have a wonderful kid together. But you do get bored of the same thing over time, besides I’m sure everyone is missing “the first love and dating” feeling. But if you are going to have a “mia noi” make it clear with her that you do have a girlfriend / wife at home, for avoiding problems with the mia noi in the future, but it doesn't mean you won't get problem if your primary wife / girlfriend finds out. Some Thai girls can accept their boyfriend or husband has a mia noi, some can't.

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I met my mia noi the first time at a disco in Chiang Mai where she is a singer, 24 years old (I am 27). After I met her there, I went to this disco more regularly, almost every night in the beginning. Spent a lot of money and also tipped a lot to her friends and her. (Stick, you may say it’s stupid because I already showed her I got money.) I think I spent around 15,000 – 30,000 baht each night when I was there and most of the money I spend was tips. <OK, I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt but that amount is stupidStick> I don't bullshit, it’s true. She had a lot of friends who work there who always come and drink with me and my friends, so every night it goes 2-5 bottles of Johnnie Black. And she wants me to tip a lot to her friends etc too, because that gives her face. <And makes you look like a chumpStick> As many should know, having a good image from friends and people around is kinda important for Thai people. In the beginning we were just friends, nothing sexual. I regularly visited her at work, took her out for dinner and shopping etc. And sometimes, because of work, I travel around Asia and other cities in Thailand. Just make a story short, after around 2 months of knowing her, she became my mia noi, and yes I did tell her from the first time that I had a lady at home with a kid too.

If you have got a mia noi, you have to be prepared to support and help her anytime she may need it, even she is working and making a good paycheck (she makes around 16,000 each month and that's not including tips.) So let’s talk about the expenses. After she became my mia noi, I did not go to the place she worked the same as before, maybe 2 – 3 times a week, but I still spent a lot every time I was there, even though she stopped asking me to give her tips, but she still asked me to tip her friends. Let’s say 20k each night x 2 and then x 4 that's mean 160k each month, and that's just for the disco expenses. Me and she used to dine outside before she went to work maybe around 3 – 4 times a week each time it use to be around 1,700 – 2,300 baht, dinner for two including wine. Let’s say 1,800 baht for each time x 3 again x 4 that's 21,600 baht for a month. And now let’s talk about the shopping, maybe twice a week, the expense really depended on what she bought, if she is going for clothes, make up etc it will be around 2,000 – 7,000 baht each time. I’m not living in Bangkok, so it’s not that much or brand name to shop here. Let’s say she spends 5,000 baht each time x 2 then x 4 that's 40,000 baht for a month.

Last week was her birthday, so I took her to Bangkok for shopping, flight ticket for two with Thai airlines 11,000 baht. A suite at The Davis for 2 person and 3 nights 24,000 baht. Got my chauffeur from the company who came and meet us at the airport with company car (money saved). First day we were there she want to go look for a new cellphone or maybe a PDA. So we went to the Big C center near Pratunam, where she picked out a Nokia N95, for 22,000 baht. After that she saw a white PDA which would match her other cellphone which was also white, (a Nokia N73, I bought for her a few months ago). She told me a PDA may be a good idea, because I used to spend a lot of time on MSN when I’m at the office and when I’m home, so with a PDA she can keep in touch with me since it can also access MSN. So I bought it for her too, another 31,000 baht for a Dopod PDA. After that we went to Siam Paragon, because she wanted to buy some perfume, so there we went. A bottler of Chanel for 3,700 baht, after that she we went around the city, she did some shopping, bought some clothes, another 20,000 baht. After that we called it an end for today and went back to the hotel. Ate at the hotel restaurant, another 3400 baht. That night we went to RCA, spent around 10,000 baht there. <How? This is getting WAY far-fetched now. A bottle at RCA is probably less than 2K baht. Even cocktails are not that expensive and champagne is not so easily found thereStick> And around 1 PM we went back to the hotel. Next day was her birthday, so I woke up before her, went out and bought a gold bracelet for her, another 37,000 baht. When I came back to the hotel she was already a wake, and she told me she had forgot the camera, beside her old camera did not work good as well, so we went out to find a new camera for her, another 17,000 baht for a Sony Cybershot and 5,999 baht for a small canon photo printer. After that we went to the Siam Paragon again for lunch, with some shopping after lunch of course. Another 20,000 baht. That evening I toke her to a Teppanyaki restaurant at the Amari hotel to celebrate her birthday, the food there is just excellent and can really recommend it, another 12,000 baht add to the restaurant bill. <Stickman stopped reading here. It just go too painfulStick> That night we did not go out, after the restaurant visit we headed back to the hotel to celebrate her birthday just me and her J. Next day was our last day in Bangkok, so we just relaxed at the hotel spa in the morning and after that we went to Central World and did shopping there, surprising this time, only 6,000 baht she spend on some clothes. Ate at the hotel restaurant that evening another 3,400 baht add to the restaurant bill. That night we went to the sirocco bar, take a few drinks and enjoyed the view from the top of Bangkok, spend around 4,800 baht at the bar. Since we had a early flight to catch next morning we went early back to the hotel. So next day we head back for Chiang Mai. Except those regular expense, sometime she is short of money, and I also have to give her like 10-20,000 baht each time. But it don't happened much. She got a mother in a city near Bangkok who she need to send money too every month. (like all Thai girl, always have family to support).

So many may ask do it worth to spend so much money on a girl? I may tell its depend on the girl, she I got, have something special who make me feel warm and adrenalin in my blood every time I’m with her, of course she is beautiful and a nice girl too. And yes my wife did spend a lot of money too, when we first meet and start dating, but after we had been together for awhile, she start saving money for me and did not shopping that much anymore. Every time we go out when I ask she want something, she use to said No, she already have it or she don't need it or its too expensive. I don't said it's a must or everyone spend that much money on theirs mia noi, beside I know people and got friends who spend more than I do. And of course your wife will think about your wallet our “ our wallet “ as she may call, but a Mia noi may look at this as a work, because she do know you got a girl at home already and she may never have the chance to became your primary priority or get access to your credit card. Even worst she don't know when you are going to dumps her, so she will try to get so much she can from you when she still can. So why spend money on a mia noi, when you know she is with you just for money (I don't say everybody is but most of them, if you mia noi loves you, you may get a bigger problem, some may try to destroy you family, because she think on that way she may became your primary, and some can accept you do have a wife at home, and she just a secondary, remember some Thai girl really can go crazy style if they love someone really much, so play safe J) well I may said, having a Mia noi is like car lover who spend a lot of money on car. Your wife may don't care so much about how she looks when you and her go out, because she think she is married already and don't need attention from others of the opposite sex. Your Mia noi don't, she will always try to be charming, beautiful, sexy as possible to get all your attention. Your wife may not care so much about sweet talk or do everything you ask to please you, but your mia noi will, she will always sweet talk with you, and do everything you ask her. So what about the sex life? Well as many may have experienced at the times go by its may be kinda dead and boring, but with your mia noi, it will always be with a lot of exciting and fun, she will always try to find a way to surprise and please you. Your wife will always try to boss you around, tell you to do this and do that, but you mia noi will always be cute and charming anytime, and give you a lot of attentions. So is that weird many men have a mia noi? Some maybe just want one they can spoil. I know many may be not agreed of what I'm saying. I don't tell everybody to be agreed with me either. But that's my point of view and reason for having a mia noi, so if you can afford it, go for it, it's a experience of a life time J

Ps! The Thai baht still cant beat the Euro, and all still cheap in Thailand, so God bless Thailand.

Stickman's thoughts:

Why didn’t you mention that elephant you bought her? 5,500,000 baht. And the Baiyoke Tower. How much was that? 100,000,000 USD? But of course, you paid for it all with petty cash, didn’t you?

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Guess what? You’re either pulling our legs or you’re a chump. This submission does not add up!

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