Stickman Readers' Submissions November 6th, 2007

Going For The Long Ball


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This is meant to be a fun read. I hope it is interesting and not serious. It is a true story however. I have been working and living in Thailand for 3 years. I have had 2 mobiles, a jar of coins, (over 2000 baht) a laptop computer and case
stolen, (sorry Mr. Stick – I just didn't listen to you – I eventually learned however).

Before I get started I feel a need to thank Mr. Stickman for the site. Like I said I have been living in Thailand for 3 years and reading the site for at least 4. I have really got a lot of good information off here. For example, I read a
while back to drive and not have a legal license could result in the insurance company not paying a claim. I used to just show my Minnesota drivers license and say it was an international license. Hell most boys in brown can't read English
so they didn't know. It was really easy to get a Thai license for my car and motorbike in Chiang Mai, (less then 3 hours). OK, back to the story.

This is a story about "A", (not her real name). First of all, I am married and have no intention of leaving my wife. I am just a mortal, weak man. I like to stray now and then. When I get busted, I just lie, (thanks J. R. of Dallas
– why tell the truth when a good lie will do). If that doesn't work I beg. If that doesn't work, I buy gold. I live in Bangkok and the wife was upcountry for 10 days with family. So I decided to go down to Pattaya for one of my diversions.
I always stay at the same hotel. About 3 or 4 buildings down is a little bar and further down on the same street is a massage parlor.

This weekend I decided to get a massage. The girl out front hawking was a really nice short Thai Chinese girl. She was over 25 but very attractive. I found out later that she did not have children and was from central Thailand. I requested
a Thai massage. We went upstairs and had the whole place to ourselves. I am trying to ascertain if I can get a happy ending or not? We are engaging in small talk as she gives me a massage. She is very professional and makes it very clear that
there is not going to be any hanky panky here.

Wanting to test this, I tell here that I will give her 3000 baht for short time, (no way would I have done this, I have a set price I pay for s/t and l/t I just wanted to see if she had a price).

She tells me that no way, this is a professional building and school. She further states that if I want to boom boom to go to a gogo bar. It could be that she just doedn't want to boom me. Of course I tell her that I want her because
she is so beautiful and has a good heart. I just poured the bull on for about a half an hour. We ended up agreeing that I will get to know her for 3 to 4 months and then we will go out. She said she wanted time and I needed to take things slowly.
In other words, she wanted to be wined and dined. OK, I love a chase.

OK, now on my way back from the massage parlor I had to pass the beer bar that is close to the hotel. There is this little cutie Isaan girl that is always giving me the eye as I walk by. Sometimes with a wink. I stop by, order a coffee and
talk to her, (I don't drink or smoke – I just like poontang). She told me that she was a hostess and did not "go with man" and asked me if I wanted her to call one of the other girls in the bar. What is this? Why am I meeting
all the hard to get girls? I again began to sweet mouth her. To get to the end, I ended up paying a 200 baht bar fine for her and took her short time. It was a nice time. She was really good. Turns out she lived above the bar and I could not get
rid of her. She wanted to stay and watch the soaps and enjoy the air-con. She even boomed extra and didn't ask for more. I told her the truth. She knows that I am married and will not leave my wife. So I gave her the amount we agreed and
a tip and told her I would see her when I am down in Pattaya again.

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OK, back to "A" now. We talked over the phone for the last six weeks for about twice a week. Finally we agreed to meet after work on a Saturday. This is a real problem for me because I will need a get out of jail card. I don't
have any farang friends out here by me (out by Fashion Island) so how am I going to swing this? I had a friend in Rangsit call me and say that he had a friend from Down Under coming to Thailand and we all were going to Pattaya for a night to show
him around. Wife bitched but I just listened and went anyway.

I only had one day. I went in and got a massage with her at 12 noon. After the massage I went back to the hotel to watch Fox News. I refuse to pay 1,500 for cable. In about 2 hours she calls me and says she wants to go to lunch. Cool! I take
her to the American Embassy on Beach Road, (McDonald's). She tells me that she has never been to Micky D before and we sit and chat. Later I take her back to work.

She called me again around 9 PM. We went to dinner. She tells me at dinner that she wants to go out. She further states that she has been in Pattaya for 3 months and has never been out, (I don't believe it – possible, but I still don't
believe it). I suggested that we go to Lucifer’s. I love live bands and wanted to hear the band up front. Not in the disco. She was very excited. Up to this point, I have not kissed or touched her. She did take my hand as we were walking

I picked her up at her shop at midnight and we went to Lucifer’s. She started to change. We had drinks and she was really enjoying herself. Out of the blue she just grabbed my ears and starting playing tongue hockey with me. I couldn't
believe it. She then tells me that the shop is for work and she was not at work now.

We stayed at the bar for about an hour and a half. She wanted to dance. I usually don't dance. I am black but I tell you I don't have rhythm. I know a lot of white boys that can dance better than I can. So I just went out and on
the dance floor and looked stupid. She was enjoying herself. That was all that mattered. About an hour and a half later she said that she was ready to go. We went to my girl friendly hotel. She was very good. I tell you, she was very active. According
to her, we had 5 encounters that night. She stayed with me until 9 AM. She said that she had to go clean the massage shop but that she would be back in 30 minutes. Now remember, she did not ask for money. I did not want to offend but I tried to
offer under the ruse of her buying lunch. She still did not take.

I decided to do a David Copperfield (disappear). I left before she came back. I am sure she had intentions of being involved. I didn't want any part of that. I am sure that instead of going for a little money, she had a sick buffalo
coming up soon. She was going for the long ball. The whole pie. I just left before she could start that phase of the plan.

In summary! She was just too damn good in bed. She called me a lot during the six weeks I was in Bangkok. I just had a feeling and because of my previous experiences, I just bounced. I prefer to pay play and be on my way. But I am sorry,
I just couldn't resist this one. She went for the long ball and missed.

Stickman's thoughts:

If she really was that good were you not tempted to stay in contact with her for repeat performances?

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