Stickman Readers' Submissions October 22nd, 2007


I hope you remember me from last year and that you are well. I wrote telling you about Pang who got pregnant and convinced me it was my kid.

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Well here's the update…

She kept phoning me up until last February (1 year after I got the DNA test results) saying she loved me and wanted to marry me.

At first she said that the kid must have been from the last time she fxxxed her husband. I have spoken with him since and he told me that he can't have kids anymore and that he hadn't fxxxed her anyway for 2 months before I met
her because he had kicked her out.

He then went on to tell me this…

When he first brought her back to the UK everything was fine for a couple of months, but then she kept asking him for money to send home to her family in Isaan (mother, father and 4 brothers). She wasn't working so he got her a job at
a hotel as a maid.

She said she still didn't have enough money so he got her another job cleaning from 6pm until 9pm in an office. She started coming in later and later and drunk, saying she had been with her Thai friends.

Then she started staying out all night with the same excuse. He was suspicious so he got her a mobile phone with online billing (which she didn't know about) and left it for 1 week.

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Then he checked who she had been calling…it was all guys…so he phoned them and it turns out she was fxxxing them for money, having picked them up in hotels.

She tried to deny it, but he kicked her out anyway. She then went to London to stay with her Thai girlfriend and her boyfriend…she was there for 4 weeks and then started fxxxing the boyfriend…next she got pregnant by him with twins…the
guy told his girlfriend so she kicked Pang out.

Pang then went back to her husband, told him what had happened, but pleaded with him to take her back because she 'still loved him'. Eventually he agreed on condition that she aborted the twins.

So she did and started living with him again. All was well for a couple of months but then she was up to her old tricks, coming in drunk, late and then staying out again…so he kicked her out.

That was about 3 weeks before I met her…lucky me!

As you may remember she had been with me for about 6 weeks when I found out she was pregnant.

Over the year that she was phoning me after the DNA result, I gradually wore her down and eventually she admitted that she had been on the game while she was with me and that the father of the baby was an American she had slept with and the
condom broke.

In February this year the phone calls suddenly stopped. I found out from one of her Thai girlfriends who lives near me that she had met an old Swedish guy whilst working back in a bar in Phuket as a bargirl and that he had taken her to Sweden
for 6 months (maximum allowed on her visa). She was due to return to Thailand some time in September.

I went to Thailand myself for a holiday in September and had only been in Bangkok 1 day when I suddenly got a call from her. Somehow she had found out I was in Thailand…and believe it or not she suggested she would come and meet me and
that we could go on holiday together!

She had only left the guy in Sweden the day before. It also turns out he is 66!

She said that she was planning to marry him when her divorce came through. Her husband flew out to Bangkok and divorced her on September 9th this year.

I said I would contact her after the divorce (of course I had no intention of ever seeing her again but kept her 'sweet' as I still wanted to find out the truth about what happened).

I never phoned her but 1 day after I got back she found out somehow that I was back in the UK (I guess one of her friends over here saw me) and she phoned me.

She went mad at me for not taking her on holiday…can you believe this woman??

I said sorry and then told her I still loved her but before we could get married she had to tell me the whole truth…she then confessed that she knew she was already pregnant when she met me.

You thought yours was bad…anyway that's about it.

Stickman's thoughts:

Pang is quite the opportunist.

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