Stickman Readers' Submissions October 4th, 2007

Looking To Feel Love Again

I read a lot of submissions from Stickman's about men in their forties going to Thailand looking for sex and therefore they must be perverts losers and not worth a grain of salt. I would say are not many of these men looking for something they are
missing? Is there not some great desire or need not being fulfilled in that man’s life. Think about it! He is willing to pay thousands for a ticket and get on a plane by faith and go half way around the world just to pay for sex. In most
cases I would dare to say that that person is looking for more than sex. In other words, not all of these cases involve perverts.

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Take me for example: I am 44 and I live in the USA. I have never been to Thailand. I have a wife, three children, a house, a business and bills! I married my wife without loving her. Big mistake. The day I was going to leave her she tells me she is pregnant
and I have been stuck for 13 years waiting for my children to grow up. My father left my mother when I was in third grade (best thing that ever happened to him and I do not blame him). His leaving messed my brothers and I up real bad. We went
from straight As to straight Fs, drugs etc. I do not want to do that to my children. So I am waiting for them to grow up so I can leave for something better.

Having said all this I am missing something. It’s called love. I am waiting to go traveling to Thailand to explore the possibilities of love. Oh, and to feel a desire for someone else. Instead of being trapped by someone else. Oh, to run free from
the heart instead of dragging a fat ugly ball and chain around that you have to pay for, a lazy expensive leach that makes you hate everyday and everyday with them. Life without love life is no life at all.

Like I said, I read Stickman's submissions and there was a submission where the guy said: His heart had not felt love in a long time until he met this young Thai woman and that he walked down the street with his new girl of six months. He said: he
never looked to the right or the left at the pretty girls because he loved her and was satisfied with her. Wow! That’s what I want. That is why I want to get on a plane. Sex is great but at 44 most men are looking for something more.

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Another reason men get on planes at 40 + is not the sex. It is the American woman! When you are in your forties American woman stop talking and enjoying you and start interviewing you for marriage! That’s right, in your twenties and early thirties
a woman will talk to you when you go out, have a good time with you probably have sex with you because they want to and you want to.

When you become 40 + you get the marriage interview. It starts with what do you do for a living? Which translates as what can you do for me. Are you married? How many children do you have? We could set up some sit down date in the future to see if we
could talk some more to see if you have "GOT WHAT I WANT". By the way, sorry, we can have a good time and enjoy each other but have sex? No, is not until we get married. Then I will give you the promise, the land of fun, good time and
fellowship and the best sex you ever had. I promise. Right!

This is the American woman. She can not love, enjoy or have sex with a forty year old. She could be a slut or and old maid. However she can have fun sex or whatever with an 18 to 31 year old no problem and still not be an old maid.

What I am saying in Thailand is that age is not everything in the mind of a Thai woman. There is a possibility of love and enjoyment of persons, a chance of an older man to start over and build something meaningful. I think this is a lot of men's
hope in going to Thailand. I suspect they may try just the sex for pay thing but get bored quickly and look for something more meaningful. I know I would. I hope you Stick readers find what you are looking for.

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Stickman's thoughts:

I cannot comment on American women. Thai women might offer more, but there are plenty of Thai women who are not different to the American women you describe!

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