Stickman Readers' Submissions October 17th, 2007

Daddy’s Girl Part 2 “Don’t Forget The Gift”

The original submission of, "Daddy's Girl" was not meant to be a two partner, but as things go the story was not completely over for me and this young Thai girl. For a quick refresher to
the back story I met a girl online and subsequently we met in Bangkok. Things went swimmingly until about 4 days before I left BKK when she pulled a disappearing act. She blamed it on her parents and at the time I believed her. Stickman called
it big-time by saying "There is another man," but there is also a Paul Harvey to this story as well.

He Clinic Bangkok

So I was back in my chunk of Farangland and feeling a little bittersweet about my vacation. I vowed never to make the mistake of putting all my eggs in one basket again on these jaunts. Then one day I receive an email. It is simply: "I
am sorry so much I miss you please talk to me again I cannot forget you"

Well I thoroughly enjoy Wonderland and am not one to pass up a rabbit hole so we commence with the various apologies and mutual longing then kick it back into full swing again. Well she drops the bomb about the valiant return of the Thai
boyfriend and his masterful use of her slavery to Thai culture. Basically he gave a ton of gifts to her dad and let it slip that she left him for a farang (woe is him). Well as we all know "Him take care my family" will beat out any
logical argument a farang can muster so she was currently torn between us. She said she loved me, but her family was pressuring her to love him.

Well I was all about seeing how this played out and being thousands of miles away it was not like I was investing any real time into this relationship so I just forgave forgave forgave. Oh I got the classic "You a good man" about
a thousand times for my willingness to forgive and forget then accept that she had a real boyfriend and he was Thai.

CBD bangkok

I had planned on returning (and still plan) to Thailand in December so of course I broached it to her like this, "I cannot stand to be without you in my life, I need to return to Thailand in December to see you!" Well she ate this
up and was all smiles and giggles. Then about five days later she tells me "I cannot talk to you anymore you must be out of my life I love my boyfriend." Well I know the kryptonite of all Thai girls so I decided to give it to her with
both guns blazing. I told her, "Ok no problem I will find another girl." Then I just stopped talking to her and stopped emailing her. She lasted about 8 days before she was begging me to come back. Apparently she can spend every night
with this Thai man, but the thought of me talking to another Thai girl is just too much to bear.

So now we are back in the full swing again. Then one day she poses to me a very odd question (at least for me), "How come you never give me souvenir?" Well of course I am taken aback because I DID give her a souvenir. The discourse went something
like this (I will call the girl Nit for ease of typing).

Nit: How come you never give me souvenir?
Me: What about all those books I gave you?
Nit: Those not souvenir.
Me: Well I asked you what you wanted and you told me to bring you nothing and to not spend any money on you.
Just tell you that because you not supposed to ask me what I want.
Me: Well how am I supposed to know what is good to get you unless you tell me?
Nit: You just supposed to know.
Me: So you didn't like the books?
Nit: No I

Me: Then what's the problem
Nit: Don't worry ok, you are right.

I thought that was the end of it. I mean it wasn't like her gift was too stellar either. It was basically some of those cheap pins they sell tourists of kick boxers and whatnot. It didn't bother me though because I was not there
to get gifts. I was there to meet Nit. So time goes on and we talk everyday. Then one day she just breaks contact (never a good thing). For about five days she will not answer an email, or a phone call. Then she sends me this long email about
how "You did not bring me souvenir, you did not impress me!"

It was so ridiculous I had to laugh. Those pins cost what? 30 baht a pop for the Thai price? The books I gave her cost me about $30. Then it occurred to me. Our first "date" was in a fancy restaurant in BKK (my treat of course)
for her and her friend. She gave me her gifts in the restaurant and made a big deal about it. I gave her my gift later on in private (as is American custom). Of course I was not angry at her for embarrassing me by making me open gifts like it
was my 5th birthday in the middle of a restaurant, <This is NOT Thai culture. Gifts are always opened in privateStick> but since I was not wise enough to know I should present my gifts in public too that means
I do not care about her enough (in her opinion). So was it because I brought books and not something frivolous like a pin? Was it because I gave them to her alone and not for the whole world to see? I would imagine it is a combination of both.

wonderland clinic

So in the end it is all about Thailand. Sure it is okay for her to not know the first thing about America nor have any interest in it, but heaven help me if I screw up the gift giving ceremony! The sad and ironic thing about this girl is
she had the nerve to tell me in the email that I care about money too much. Pot meet kettle, "Hey you're black!" The moral of the story is to buy a bunch of useless junk before you go to meet your teeruk and make sure you
get a witness when you give it to her.

As for her eminent return (I would imagine she will be back in about a week) I think we will close the book on this darling. As I told her in my response to her email "If a Farang trips and falls in Thailand, he will stand up and have
five Thai girlfriends." I do promise however I will bring useless junk and present it to them in a public place from here on out (although I imagine the more girls I meet the greater my Thai pin collection will become).

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Stickman's thoughts:

I can see absolutely no good coming of a relationship with this girl. She is, to put it mildly, an ungrateful lying bitch.

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