Stickman Readers' Submissions October 29th, 2007

Bargirl Or Massage Parlour Girl?

For all this year I have been reading Stickman, and this is my first submission, and since English is not my main language, so I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I'm male (same sex as many others here I think), 27 years and old work and live in
Thailand. Been here for almost 3 years. After reading many submissions I can't said I agree with all of them, most of them is bullshit or bad experience I may call. I'm happy marriage to a Thai woman who worked as a singer in a disco,
we also have kid together. We have been together now for soon 3 years and she have always been by my side through bad and good times. We shared happiness and sorrow together. But this is not what I'm going to tell this time. I will come back
to it later…

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Well I'm male, and we all got our needs sometimes, and since I used to travel to Bangkok, so why not explore the fun Thailand has. So last time I was there, me and another friend of mine, we went to Nana place, a popular choice for many.
I have been 2 years since I was there, and yes, I can feel it has changed. Before I can feel it more relaxing but last time I was there, we get all those gogo bar girls after us hungry for “lady drink”. Not sure other readers have
been thought the same as me. <Nah mate, only youStick>

We went into a bar called Lollipop at around 9 PM. So there we were, me and friend sitting there and watching those beautiful girls dancing. We had just been there for barely 5 minutes before the ladyboy mamasan comes and brings a bounce of girls over.
After that also the gay manager there, all of them want us to buy them drink, even the waitress there. Just to make the story short, after we have kicked away many of them, we finally can order some drink for ourselves. I order Gin & Tonic,
my favourite, and my friend went for beer. And yes we did keep some of the girls we felt comfortable with. I got a good conversation with one girl who was from Chiang Mai. She had a friend with her, another dancer there who she called “sister”
– typical of those Thai people. After 1 hour my friend barfined a girl and paid for his drink and went out. So after 30 minutes the hungry staff was back after another drink. So she who was from Chiang Mai (let's call her Mai) asked I want
to barfine her and her sister. So I think what the hell in in Bangkok so why not, but I only barfine she, since I don't even have start talking with her sister. So I tell her to grab her thing and I asked for the bill, 2300 baht was the bill
ink. The barfine and some lady drink and a few Gin & Tonic for me.

And Since the night was still young , I asked her she was hungry, and then we went to a Japanese restaurant for some food. Order a few dishes and another gin & tonic for me and beer for she. After another 30 minutes I asked for the bill
, and it come to 800 baht. I paid the bill and we both went out for a cigarette. And she asked me where I wanted to go as the time was only 23:40. So I said “up to you” but I also told her I don't want go to a place where there's
a lot of people as I was kinda exhausted that day, and was looking for a more relaxing evening. She asked me if I want to go with her to a disco near Sukhumvit. Well the night was still young so why not.

We call for a taxi and she tell the driver where to go. It was a disco located in the basement of a hotel in Sukhumvit soi 20 or something like that. I was kinda quiet when we arrived. Cover charge was 400 baht each person. Also include 2 drinks. So I
paid 800 baht to the cashier and we went in. And great it was only 1 another table there who was occupied. And she asked me “Is this quiet enough for you?” We find a table and order some drinks, another gin & tonic for me and
vodka & juice for her.

So there we were sitting there looking out at the empty room. But she was a kinda nice and down to earth girl and I really enjoyed her company. We also had good conversation. She told me a lot about she, etc. She also told me she had a kid back home and
what she work with before she start dancing in go go bar. She worked in one of those massage parlour. After 1 hour we still don't see it come more people, so I ask her where she want go, she said she want to be with me whole night. So went
back to my hotel. (another 500 baht, pay to the hotel for bringing one more guest to the room). After we come into my room, I tell her to make her self at home, because I need to check my email and mail the daily report to the HQ in Europe. She
grabs a beer from the minibar and camp front of the TV, after awhile she asked me want to shower with her, and she went into the baht to fix the water etc. After she finish she asked me to come and she begin undress for me, and yes it was easy
to see she worked in of those massager parlour before, great service and great body. Maybe a little too much plastic added to her body but who cares, plastic fantastic you know hehe. She gave me a great massage and body scrub, same service you
get when you go to those massager parlour, and a great BJ in the tube. After we was finish shower, she asked me to lay down to the bed, and she begin to give me a traditional Thai massager, etc You know what I mean hehe. And yes we did use plastic
all the way too. After we was finish we went to sleep. And in the middle of the night I worked up because somebody was giving me a BJ and there we go again. Because I got a meeting next day early in the morning I told she I really need to get
some sleep so no more that night. When the alarm rang I was already late so I got to hurry, I went into the shower, she begging to clean the room for me after I finish shower, I call the hotel to call a cab for me, and yes she did not ask me for
money before now, she said “Maybe you can give me some money” and I said “ how much” and she said “Up to you” well so I gave her 3,000 baht and another 500 for the taxi everything 3,500. After we said
goodbye I went to the meeting, did not think more about she. So for that night I did spend 2,300 (in the bar) 3,500 (for the girl) 1,600 (for food and cover charge) 500 (for the hotel) and maybe around 300 baht for taxi, everything 8,200 baht.

After I finished the meeting I went back to my hotel for a shower, and then my friend who also stayed in the same hotel asked me down to the hotel bar for a few drinks. I accepted the offer and went down. After a few Gin & Tonics, we
desired to go to one of those massage parlours. We called a cab outside the hotel and told the driver to go to Rachada. We found a massage parlour in Rachada called Emmanuelle. It was still early so there weren't many girls behind the glass.
The manager told us a girl behind the glass was 1,900 baht and sideline 2,000. But I think the girl behind the glass looks better than those on the sideline. They may have a better body (as we have been told) but the girls behind the glass were
better looking. And since we don't have a plan to put a paper bag over her head we went for the girls behind the glass. After a few Gin & Tonics we picked out the girl we wanted and went upstar. She who was with me was around 23, great
body and nice looking. Great service too. I also picked the VIP room which included a Jacuzzi for another 300 baht. And since it's not much special with massage parlour I'm going to make the story short. 1900 + 500 (for the girl), 600
(for drinks me and the girl), 300 (for the VIP room) and 300 baht tips for the staff, everything 3,600 baht. So my conclusion is should we go for a bar girl or better to go to one of those massager parlour? You tell me Stick…

And don't get me wrong, I do love my wife and kid, but we men do have our needs sometimes. I will not exactly call this cheating, more like what those Thai people call it, a business transaction!

Stickman's thoughts:

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For sure, yes, you paid a good chunk of change for a night out – but you seemed happy enough with that, so so be it.

But the price you paid is the least of your worries!

From your description of her, I wonder if she was a katoey! That would explain why she was loaded up with plastic as you described her and why she was keen to suck you off all night long! At least you can look your wife in the eye and say that you haven't been with another woman!

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