Stickman Readers' Submissions October 11th, 2007

24 Hours In Pattaya

Soi 8, 23:40

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Slam! The slap in the face hits me with surprise. She is 30 years old looks like a hardened hooker, has 2 tattoos, dark skin and a seducingly tall and feminine body. We spent the first 4 nights of my most recent stay in Pattaya together. We kept contact
over the month of my absence.

I have no illusions about her. She looks as much a pro as a woman can look with her fake eyelashes and her cowboy hat. But her English is so great and our chemistry so perfect that I have to see her again and again.

We stay at her bar in soi 8 when the emotions overcome her. She tells me she doesn't work there but a small piece of paper that I found in her purse while she showered the previous morning proved the opposite. It's a coupon for a lady drink
of said bar. Why she lies to me about it I don't know. I am not her boyfriend and will never be. I don't pay a barfine for her and never would. I just like to hang around with this lady as she has so much energy and cleverness and doesn't
behave like a mindless pet as so many of the Thai girls do.

But this is Pattaya. You do not just hang out with girls. You will end up in bed inevitably. Yet, our relationship is doomed from the beginning. I cannot have a drinking, smoking, hardened pro as a girlfriend. But I want her as a friend. It doesn't
work. Man and woman can never be friends. There is passion, enmity, love, hatred, lust but never friendship.

She is drunk again. I know she can take quite a lot but this evening is not going to end well. I can feel it. She talks about having a baby. She talks about staying with me while she waits for me to come back. Illusions, even more so than those of the
guys who think a girl would love them for anything else than their money.

There are tears flowing. Not the first I have seen from her. It makes me sad but I know she has played this game before. After she hits me in the face, relatively softly but with noticeable anger, she bangs her fist so hard against a stone wall I fear
she is breaking her bones. She gets the attention of all the girls and the customers in the surrounding. Luckily no one is looking at me. She screams and runs off. I pay my tab and am off as well. She is drunk and would not listen to anything
I say.

I go off to Walking Street. I want to divert myself from what happened. I know she is not good and safe company now. Yet I like her. There were long-term western girlfriends in my life I should have ditched after 2 days as well. It's not the spell
of the Thai girls that keeps me coming back to her. I have a fable for girls who try to manipulate me. I cannot help it, I always think I can change them. I can't help but think she is going to do something crazy.

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I call her. She takes the phone and I hear splashes of water in the background. She is at the beach. I tell her not to go anywhere and that I will be back in 5 minutes. I take the songtaew back to soi 8. I walk fast towards the beach,
sweaty from the humidity and the anxiety. I look for her hoping that she is OK. After a few minutes I see a guy trying to calm down a girl at the beach. It has to be her. I approach the two of them. I tell him that I know her and that she is like
this because of me. He – a young Brit – tells me he knows her as well and I am just happy I don't have to take the whole responsibility alone. For once male reasonability wins over the competition for the female. We both just have
one goal, to take her away from the beach in her drunken and upset mood.

She would not listen to me so I look from the distance as the guy successfully takes her back to the safety of her bar in soi 8. I am relieved and just hope I will be strong enough not to give in to the urge to see her again. It will only end in more
tears and more heartbreak. I wanted to let go of her already 2 nights ago. But her good company and our perfect communication made me weak when I felt lonely even though I should have known better. I have not seen her since.

She called me twice since to say she is sorry for what happened which relieved me massively. I don't know if she liked me but at least she understands I am here on holiday and that I don't need any affairs of this sort. On my way up and down
soi 8 to and from her I saw a bar which perfectly catered my fetish. Girls wearing blouse and office skirt as hostesses. I could not resist and took a beer there to get some fresh thoughts. The girls made me horny in their outfits at first but
they were boring after a few minutes. No match to the vividity and energy in my lady. I paid and went home for my first night alone since arriving in Pattaya. I did not sleep well but it felt relaxing to have no one to care for. The following
day I went to the beach, listening to music and trying to recover from the drama, until…

Royal Garden Plaza, the next day, 1800

Before returning to Pattaya I reactivated my Thailand friends account. I was determined to try something new this time. I dated a pretty young thing working as receptionist 2 days before and even though I think that it's more expensive and cumbersome
to get to a shot this way I welcomed the refreshing experience. Her face looked less hardened than that of bargirls the same age and we just could flirt the way you would do at home.

This day I was to have my second date with a TF girl. She was coming from Bang Saen to meet me (after all a 60 – 90 minute bus journey) and we met in front of the shopping mall. She was doing an MBA (whatever that means in Thailand) and seemed self-absorbed
with her origin and was looking down heavily on bargirls and Pattaya in general. I could feel the unease in her every move when we were trying to find a place to have a chat. I found it strange that she was visiting me here when she felt so uncomfortable.
I was not keen of courting this snobbish looking lady while she was probably waiting for me to make a move which led to us both being bored and not talking much. Nonetheless it was again a valuable experience.

I got a feeling of what educated Thais think about farangs that frequent areas such as Pattaya. I certainly did not have very good cards with her by staying there. But then again…the drinks we had at Starbucks cost me almost more than I pay for a bargirl
or a freelancer when she stays with me long time. It can only be seen as a challenge to get a good girl bedded. Not as a cost effective alternative. But I am glad I went through the experience as I suddenly saw Thai people in a light I had never
seen them in before.

When we said our goodbyes I had a feeling she wanted to kiss me on my lips which I found strange for a "good girl" in public. I got a sweet SMS later too. I think this is just a girl who asks herself why men fly half around the world to meet
these peasant daughters while ignoring the fact that they certainly don't want to have the same boring dates as at home! She is sweet but not worth wasting that much time and money for! I was glad she had to go back to Bang Saen and that
I didn't have to baby sit her the whole night. I did not know what she was up to but considering her looking down so much at the "prostitutes" around her I came to the conclusion that it would not have been a good idea to ask her
"how much short time?"

I just got a final glimpse of her back on a motosai heading to the bus station when I walked into soi 13/2. I wanted to check out if the Hot & Cold A Gogo could still live up to what I had experienced there 3 months ago. I was not to be disappointed
once again. Just as I had it in mind, after 10 seconds of getting seated I had 2 lovely ladies one left and one right to me. Not just lazily sitting there, asking the same obvious questions that bargirls always ask but doing everything to seduce
me with an enthusiasm that is so often lacking these days. <That's a good point. The lack of enthusiasm and passion in what they do is one of the major downers of the bar scene these days when compared to the past, especially in BangkokStick> That's exactly what I needed after this disappointing date! Their hands were fighting to get hold of my crotch, they were giggling and as I already knew one of the girls from my last visit there was a friendly
feeling immediately. Isn't that every guy's fantasy?! Having multiple ladies next to you, one kissing you passionately while you get hold of the other one's perky tits. When you finish kissing the girl on the left you just switch
to the other pretty face on your right. And as the naughty one sits on the left she meanwhile slides your fingers into her wet pussy. In between kissing the girls, checking the dozen other almost nude girls out which smile back and would love
to sit next to you as well. And all this without hassle. A lady drink is all it takes. They were of course trying to promote the idea of taking them both upstairs. But not aggressively.

To check out if the 3 of us would be a good team, at one moment when their heads were near each other I softly pushed them together. The shy one was backing away a bit while the naughty one kissed her full on the lips. It was simply very sexy to look
at from so close. But one can only fondle and kiss for so long and after about 30 minutes I was more than happy to leave it at that. I tipped them well for their performance and left.

I walked towards Walking Street. As I always do when I feel the urge to urinate I enter the nearest gogo bar and order a cheap draft before heading off to the toilet. When I came back I met a young Indian guy sitting there who chatted me up. It was his
first night in Pattaya and he was desperate for help. I explained to him that the gogos are a pricey option to get laid but great to get into the mood and snatch some kisses. He wanted me to show him around a bit and I was happy to oblige as it
reminded me a bit of my own first experiences in Thailand! We both ordered our ladies a drink and I could see that he was quite shy despite trying to appear very cool. I had a cute Chinese looking girl next to me with absurdly huge lips you normally
only find on inflatable dolls. They begged to be kissed and the proven stimulating neuro-chemical effect of touching lips and tongues did their part on that I just felt great once again. After sliding my hand down her panty on her hairy pussy
she explained the price for short time, 1,500 baht. Who in the world would pay that? I never even consider gogo girls. I go there for the atmosphere and this seldom disappoints.

After that, me and my mate left for Walking Street. As it was too early for the discos we went to my beloved Windmill bar. I wanted him to see the full nudity sex show they offer. We were seated next to the centre stage where 2 dolls were already dancing
nude. Shortly we both had our company again but this time with 2 cute and freshly shaven pussies sliding up and down in front of our noses. I am a well known guest there so I had a lady who knew me and the alcohol was starting to take its effect.
A successful night out in Sleaze-by-the-Sea is just about the greatest party you can imagine. Doesn't matter that you have to "pay for it" with lady drinks as it is such a negligible sum. It's about one's ability to enjoy
life and this Pattaya's nightlife can provide in a unique way!

As we arrived at Lucifer's the disco was starting to fill up and I wished my mate good luck in getting lucky. I was not particularly interested in looking for a girl for the night. Just to have some fun as I was already quite drunk. I was soon dancing
and kissing with a very slender and quite tall Chinese looking girl. I am not particularly keen on spending money on the overpriced drinks in the discos, so after 1 beer and having some fun with the girls in there I usually leave.

I then quickly checked out Tony's and Marine. In Marine disco I spotted 3 girls from my visit to Lucifer before, who were about to leave. As one of them had a really great body and a nice butt I approached them on the street. They said they were
about to have something to eat. That's just so great about Thailand – no problem getting warm food at any time of the night. They went to a street vendor and I joined them.

I was having some strange looking meat soup and god only knows what was swimming in there but for me, these moments are part of the exotic experiences which lack most heavily when spending time at home. All in all I paid for the four of us: 125 baht including
drinks. I would hardly get a candy bar for that at home. I enjoyed very much looking at their nice decollates while eating and flirting a bit without intentions.

They later went to some other disco while I was ready for bed. Or so I thought! When I was strolling back to Soi Buakao I came a across a bar with nicely dressed ladies and they managed to draw me in for a final game of pool. I had a beer and just when
I was about to check my bin the bell was rung by what looked like the owner and I had to down yet another beer. By then my normal safety level had been invalidated. I could hardly stay awake now, as the bastard rang the bell once
again!! Even though I did not feel good at all any more I quietly enjoyed these moments of senseless freedom and happiness in the company of 2 slim young girls far away from home on the other side of the globe.

I did decide to drink it all but only because I was already within 50 meters of my hotel. Once in my room, I started up my computer and began to write this submission. The words just flowed out of me without inhibition and I was typing faster then ever.
I would write this up and have a good sleep…again wrong.

As I mentioned I had a date with a receptionist a couple of days earlier. As it happens she got on-line after her night out and I saw her on MSN while I was about halfway through writing this story. We were both drunk and sort of horny and feeling the
urge not to sleep alone. As she was in an internet café only about 100 meters away from my place I decided to pick her up there. I was really tired by now and by the time we finally got to sleep it was about 6 o clock. She was good company
but again, I am just not boyfriend material for most of them so it's best to draw the line quickly. So ended another roughly 24 hours in Pattaya…

Stickman's thoughts:

It's kind of novel reading this, sitting in a hotel room in Pattaya and reminiscing about my own late night out in Pattaya last night.

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