Stickman Readers' Submissions September 28th, 2007

There Is Another Man And He’s Called Money

There Is Another Man And He's Called Money

Sometimes I don't get it. Single guys are either coming out to Thailand looking for sex or (subconsciously) looking to find someone to take care of. Which is it? The sheer numbers that end up as cash cow sponsors cannot be lightly dismissed. In this
modern hi-tech age maybe these primeval caveman type instincts have not become completely subdued, although controlled in the West in the exotic East flourish forth. The rationality of going up to a complete stranger, who effectually will remain
a complete stranger for the rest of your life due to language, customs and cultural barriers, and handing over the equivalent of a blank cheque really does make you ask why? Some may argue that it is a combination of both, that the seduction leads
on to benevolence. The physiology maybe is that the punter thinks that all the terms and conditions are on his side, as if in some way he is pulling all the strings and is in total control of the situation. His rationality probably is that he
came on a plane, can check out on a plane and his commitment ends there, unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. The girls in the bars and gogos have learnt how to get over this distance factor. To get to a man's wallet first
go for the heart. Once they have hooked you over that barb they can reel you in where ever you are, and have the combination to every ATM that's in your name. There's an English expression, when money flies out one window love flies
out the other window, but here in the Land of the Smiles money has just flown in one window, so it's up to you if love flies in the other.

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Struggle as you may you convince yourself that love has entered the equation, and what's more in some way this girl is different. Yeah for sure she's different but not in the way you had in mind. You may well just be living in rented
accommodation in the West, but it isn't long before your contributions have actually constructed a whole house here in the East. How could this possible by, so I think some further clarification is called for before I move on.

Taking the worst case scenario that you meet your future beloved in a gogo, long time rates of 3,000 baht are not unheard of, and working on the assumption that she is in the Premier Division, when you also take into consideration her loss of income from
lady drinks and bar fines, she is potentially giving up an income of 120,000 baht a month. And you are going to step into the breach by offering her 40 / 50,000 or even as much as half of what she was currently earning! On top of this you may
well be required to buy her out of the establishment where you met her. Home and dry – not a bit of it. You are also taking on the liability that you will be personally responsible for the health care of her whole family.

Due to fact that she will be strictly prohibited in seeing you for not more than the allocated 90 days on a Schengen visa, you will be forking out at least four international airfares a year, that's assuming that you will be rushing over to see her
twice a year during the months that she is grounded in Thailand. Visa and international healthcare policies expenses also have to be taken into consideration. Of course all this commuting can only last for so long before the stakes are raised
to marriage, and then you are faced with the Pierre de resistance of the sin sod / dowry request. Like a sacrificial lamb you've been lead to the slaughter. The odds that you are going to win at this game are a million to
one, pay for sex for her to leave you in the morning, nothing more, nothing less. Once you have established this John / hooker relationship that was initially based on money I think it is very difficult, neigh on impossible to get it onto a different
footing. Any change of circumstance must come from her, if not for sure rejection hurts but we all have to know sooner than later.

Thankfully in the past I have loved my money more than any girl that I have meet, and probably the same case will apply to her, so just don't take it personally. There is another man and he's called money, get over it.

Stickman's thoughts:

It's the same old message and it is just as true today as it was when such first appeared on this site many years ago.

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