Stickman Readers' Submissions September 15th, 2007

Thai Thoughts and Anecdotes Part 194

"All hiss and arrogance and sex power. She made me wilt." (Fanta)

He Clinic Bangkok


I'm heading for the big glass lobby door of the AA Hotel and before I get to it I see an apparition of femininity, and sexuality, and smoldering ego coming down the center of the soi from the 2nd Road end that just stops me in my tracks. She is about 5'10" in heels, serpentine curved, sexually vibrating like a tuning fork, and clothed in a bare shoulders-to-knee micron thin white dress that looks like it had to pulled on with pliers. White heels.

My hand does not even get to the door handle. I am just frozen, transfixed, hypnotized. And then it hits me. I saw this same woman going up Soi 8 a couple of nights ago. I was sitting at one of those kinda open air bars with a nice Thai lady when this woman in white appeared walking up the center of the soi. I could not help but stare and the woman I was with did not take offence. "Bootiful lady", she said. I agreed and the two of us watched her walk all the way up the soi like two old fishermen staring at a lights blazing luxury liner going by. Most of our lives are bluff and bluster but once in a while you just know that your tawdry life and your common thoughts have been trumped. Gods and goddesses walk amongst us and every now and then you get to see one.

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And why in each case was she walking in the center of the soi; the other night on Soi 8 and on this night on Soi 13? Walking down the centers of sois is dangerous because of motorbike and car traffic. No sensible person would do it. Thais know better. She is walking down the centers of the sois in Pattaya in this gaspingly beautiful white dress and white heels because that is her job. Her job on earth is to display. To show the world our sex dreams in the flesh. Sure I know that when you were young you had hidden in your bedroom National Geographic magazines with pictures of bare breasted native women. And then after that in your teenage years you graduated to the fancy men's magazines or maybe in your small town you managed to score some porno playing cards. Then of course you were in the military and you still tell big stories about bad girls from that experience. Marriage followed, then divorce; and then some catch up time with girls. Yup, you're a real man. Done it all.

Well, not quite. It's tough sometimes to retrench mentally but this woman's job is to show you what you do not know, and what you have not done. You are not qualified to be toilet paper stuck to the bottom of her shoe. She knows it and you looking at her as she walks up the center of any soi in Pattaya would know it also. This is a different game, and a different woman, and a different level of sex. It is start over time for you Mr. Big Talk. This is sex you didn't dream of when you were looking at National Geographic pictures of dusky maidens with dirty feet and fleas. That is why she is using the sois as stages of display. The walk up the center of the soi is the maximum exposure, the biggest show; the performance she was put on earth to do. She is doing her job. She is fulfilling her destiny. She is sex.

Sweet Jesus on a cracker she is headed for this hotel. God give me the strength to breath, she is coming up the AA Hotel steps. I open the glass door and put my arm around her and start to walk her to the elevator. I know what I want, and I am not going to turn a gift from God down. But she twists out of my embrace and makes for the front desk. ID card time. Hookerville. That means she is here to meet someone.

Just then the elevator door opens and out comes Bill. Bill who I had chatted up in the Sportsman's Bar yesterday at breakfast. Bill who is from Australia and worked in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia for a US construction company building plywood forms for pouring concrete at the new airport in the 70's. I had done the same work at the same time for the DeFelice construction company out of Connecticut in the United States. So Bill and I had something in common. We were not equal but it was fun to make a connection. Then my new Sportsman's Bar breakfast friend Bill got hired on at Aramco in Saudia Arabia. I had entertained the idea in the 70's but wasn't man enough to make it happen. Like I said, Bill and I were not equal. Then the oil industry and Bill hooked up for good. They spent money on him and he never let them down. He became a global player with a file in Human Resources that had a cover stamp that said–WILL GO ANYWHERE ANYTIME. Never went back to England. Bill is about my age now and has had a life of well adjusted gypsy work, and a well adjusted gypsy personal life all over the world. Not for most. Worked for Bill. He does what he wants, and he gives his employer good service, and the rest is nobody's damn business. Living the life of a man.

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Bill can see my misty eyes, and he can see his lady love at the front desk. "Sorry mate", he says: "Already taken. But you can ride up in the elevator with us if you want to get one more hungry dog look." I don't have to be asked twice. Three of us in the elevator. Two old dogs and a woman of such surpassing beauty, and ego dense sexuality that everyone can hear their hearts beating. Bill playfully pushes her towards me. Confident. He knows she won't leave oil rig money. She likes being offered up as sex bait. Mature people playing adult games.

I am staring at her without pride and without shame. Everyone doing their job. Bill making the process go forward, she filling the elevator cab with the Devil's temptation, and me worshiping like a dog staring at a meat wagon. Out of the elevator on the fifth floor and the three of us snake around the skylight that connects all the floors. At the maid's station I stand and stare as the woman in white and Bill go down the hall. She looks over her shoulder at me and smiles a kryptonite smile that would neuter Superman.

God bless trannies.

Stickman's thoughts:

Oh come on, Dana. When you told me about it in person you said that the three of you went into Bill’s room and had an exquisite night of passion. Why the hell did you water it down for this submission?! Are you selling out? I would happily have allowed it all, including the part when….ok, I’ll keep that part quiet!
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