Stickman Readers' Submissions September 13th, 2007

Only in LOS

Where can you go and have a great time, bring “home” a partner while your “wife” is sleeping on the living room couch?

Where can you go and have a great time, bring “home” a partner while your “wife” is sleeping on the living room couch and shower with your “friend”?

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Where can you go and have a great time, bring “home” a partner while your “wife” is sleeping on the living room couch and “bonk” the living day lights out of your new found “friend”


Almost the end of the story, but…

What the hey, after a night of adult beverages, lively entrainment, lovely female company…it can happen.

Errrr, not meant to happen but s$#t happens…to much “adult beverage” and stumbling down Suk in the Nana / Asoke area, at 1 AM…ohhh, damn the luck!

The lovely young ladies looking for love…all of 30 minutes? whatever.

Ouch…the lady boys, errr, not on my watch!

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Nana…OK, a little venture to Soi Cowboy, mai pen rai…

2 AM…now how to get back to the ranch?

110% mao…but a lovely lady on my arm, please take care of me…

OK, lovely lady, please get me back to the ranch…taxi, mai pen rai…ohhh, now at the ranch, let me unlock the gate and get in there…lovely lady, mai pen rai, you can stay here (don’t see the teeruk around)…(1st error)!

OK, shower mai pen rai…time to settle in…ohhh, lovely lady you feel very nice J

A few hours later, a knock on the door…oppppps, the tee rak….errrrrrrr, mai pen rai (great phase), let me get it together…ohhhhhhhhh, major fXXX up…a lovely lady (not the teerak) in her bed, in her house…ohhhhh, major beer google night.

OK, how to do?

What the hey…the deed is done, so time to move on.

Take a nice shower, quickly, and get dressed before facing the “music”.

…and ohhh yeah, there was some music…thank the gods to be a stupid farang J

Now the time to do the penances, hmmmm, that lovely lady was very nice…hmmmm, maybe a replacement for the present tee rak? Ohhhh, decisions, decisions, decisions,

Errrr, a very quiet morning…a lot of “I was mao”…errr, maybe, maybe, maybe, I can skate on this?

WTF, TIT, I am the man, I am keeping the household afloat…WTF, mai pen rai. Not my problem.

A definite wrinkle in the relationship but on the scale of things, not much of anything. As a farang, living in Bangkok, caring for a Thai lady, the situation is in my control! WTF, this is NOT the US (the FemiNazi groups)! I do not need to cave in to the stupidity of Western culture (western wimmen <yes, misspelled on purpose>). TIT (This Is Thailand) and no need to act stupid. The man is working (at least I am) and the wimmen are there to support the man and take care of the man…very simple!

Is it going to work out for me?

Not sure.

In any event, I will not cave in to the western culture while I am in Thailand.

Yes, I am bad, but I am the man, I am the bread winner, I don’t have this happen every day (like, this is the first time)…but sh%t happens.

Am I bad, yes.

Am I evil, maybe.

Am I going to lay down and die over this…hell NO!!!

Sorry, but it is what it is. Will I do it again? Not planning any such event, but life is as it is.

If you are a farang and you are paying the way for the Thai “wife” AND family…like this is nothing that is usual in farang-lang, then IMO, you have some lee-way.

It is way past time that farangs tighten up and act accordingly. Waaaaaaay tooooo many farang come to LOS and throw $$$ around in such a stupid manner.

Come on!

3000 baht for short? WTF. Silly $$$ for bar fines? Get real!

OK, so you (I), have been in LOS for a while and know the ropes.

Many, many newbies arrive, never listen to primo advice that is given to them and they run off and act as stupid as possible…hello, this is real, there are many, many people that live here full time and suffer from your stupidity…get a brain! When you arrive at the airport, it is not required that you leave your brain at the airport…keep your brain with you at all times!

Ohhhh, the lovely ladies in the beer bars…they’re all whores!

Yes, they sell pussy!

You what to marry one of them? You want to send them $$$ so they will not work in the bar…ha-ha-ha, get real! You are better off to burn your $$$.

Come to LOS, enjoy the ladies and realize the situation for what it is.

Many, many lovely ladies…sometimes a girlfriend experience…great time, but it is a Disneyland, it is not real.

OK, 1% find a winner, so play the lotto back in Farangland, you have a better chance to win.

Summary: keep it real. Don’t fall into the trap to send the lady $$$ to get her out of the bar, as it is not going to happen. Invest in the lotto ticket as your odds are better to win and if you do win, WTF, bar fine all of Pattaya and have a hell of a night!


Stickman's thoughts:

You’re oh so right. There is so much good info out there now…why do some guys choose not to listen?

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