Stickman Readers' Submissions September 26th, 2007

Living On Soi 4 And Some Good Ladies

Living On Soi 4 And Some Good Ladies

I have been reading Stickman for years. And I did for some reason just browse the Stickman site yesterday evening. So I figured I have to write SOMETHING!

He Clinic Bangkok

I have been living in Bangkok since January 1 2006. I moved in to an apartment in Klong Toey. Well, I didn’t like living there so I moved to Sukhumvit after a month. Anyways, living at Nana for over a year is very different from staying at the Nana Hotel for 5 days when you’re here on vacation.

I used to walk home at night. I like to walk. But then I got kicked in the back while I was defending myself from 3 ladyboys trying to rob me at 4 AM. I now always take a motorbike or a taxi at night. The guy who kicked me in the back so I felt down flat on the curb was a farang who told me to NOT HIT girls! Well, I told him that these girls are guys and they were trying to rob me. He then pulled up a knife and tried to stab me. Yes, while he was eating a hamburger. Anyways, I just took off and ran away!

Really nice guy! Don’t you agree?

CBD bangkok

I met my ex-girlfriend at the Nana Disco a few years ago. And I was totally in love after a week. Yes, I did the same stupid thing like the all the other STUPID FARANGS.

Sent money, bought her mom a noodle restaurant. (She sold it 2 weeks later) Yes, she lost it in a card game! Helped her brother with money because he was sick. Etc. I got an SMS in FARANGLAND that said – PLEASE, HELP ME I NEED MONEY. I sent the money. The next morning. I got a new SMS. SEND ME MORE money. Well, I did!

When I’m thinking about how stupid I was back then, I just realize it was a good investment.

LEARNING MONEY! You live and learn. Well, I also invited my ex-girlfriend to my country two times. NOT one time. She was supposed to stay with me. I wanted to change her life…

wonderland clinic

She left me after a week. I went to BKK to take her back again. I also got her a new visa and a new ticket for 45,000 baht. I went back home to my country and then she came back 1 month later. This time she stayed 10 days. I came home from work one day. And I noticed a message on the living room table. I GO BACK THAILAND. I LOVE YOU. My gold was gone. And some other stuff too. How did she get to the airport? She didn’t have any money?

Well, you know that these ladies are true survivors…

This is the lady that I loved so much! Was sold by her mom when she was 20 years old for 5,000 baht to working in a fishbowl with a one year contract. Well, Pattaya, BKK, Phuket. Tattoos and drugs and alcohol. She knew it all…

Did she screw 5,000 men? Well, I have no idea to be honest…

Today she works at a department store in BKK selling copied DVDs and making 250 baht a day!

She told me a few weeks ago when we talked that it was a good lesson for me. And she also told me to never trust a Thai lady from the bars. THANK YOU DARLING!

Well, I don’t have girlfriend or Thai wife at this moment. Do I butterfly? Well, sometimes.

If you walk in to a a gogo or a bar in Bangkok, you think the ladies look good. Right?

They are sexy and can be your wife soon?!

If you look really carefully and look in their eyes., especially the girls who have been around for a while, you can see something that I never saw before…

There’s an empty look.

You buy drink me? I just say: Yes, I buy a drink for you if you leave me alone.

If you sold your body to fat and bald guys everyday, how would you feel?

How do I feel when I see this every once in a while?

Well, there is no soul! Their eyes tells me there is no soul or feeling. The soul has been sold.

So barfine a lady and take her to your hotel. Sure, anybody can do that. For the lady it’s just a job, eating dinner with YOU is a job, going shopping with YOU is a job. And also understand NO SOUL. She has sold her soul to the devil.

Jehovah witnesses have been seen outside Nana Plaza a few times. They call it the “devil's place”. I have seen it passing by in a cab. One guy with a bible in his hand and a few disciples are standing in front of the entrance praying to God to make Nana vanish from earth…

I sometimes go to Nana. And after a while you get to know some of the ladies. Nat, Tip, Noo, Pat, Nee, Jieb, Na and some other strange freaks from that Nana establishment. Even the midget on the bottom floor asks me for tip when I walk inside…

I started to know this girl from one of the gogos. She came home to me after work sometimes just to sleep. She slept like a baby, always very tired. She admitted after a while she liked to sleep in my apartment. I had air-con and I was nice to her. And she needed to rest because she had been taking too much ya ba. Well, nice lady huh?

One night she knocked at my door 02:30 AM. She walked in and had a shower. After that she jumped in bed and asked me to help her to pay her rent… I NEED 3,000 baht for rent. I can stay with you a few days. Well, I DON’T HAVE MONEY FOR YOUR RENT I said.

She just jumped out of the bed and got dressed and just walked out the door.

You have good heart and you good man! Yes, of course you are. But pay more money and you will be fine.

Ohh, pay for ladies…

Sure, a friend of mine is renting an apartment for 85,000 baht a month plus laundry, electric, maid, UBC, Internet and phone. It’s a very nice apartment. He has no money he says. No job. No money in the bank.

He convinced me that his girlfriend is very wealthy. The bankbook has at least 2.5 million baht.

WOW, good for you that you have found a rich girlfriend.

The house in ISAAN is paid for already. It cost 3 million baht. Who paid for it I asked? SHE DID.

The nice clothes from Siam Paragon and Emporium. Who paid for it I asked? SHE DID.

All the dinners and entertainment is paid for by my friend. This is what I have seen so far…

New pool table in the apartment? Who paid for it? They paid 50% each…GOOD!

But when I heard a Thai lady telling me that my friends sexy girlfriend said : If he not pay me I go back work (Have you ever heard that expression)?, He has to MUCH money. He has too many credit cards, he buys everything I want. etc.

Yes and this lady is the only lady my friend have had in Thailand…He wants to have a baby with her too.

She has a kid in Isaan already…

You pay my family and you pay my baby! Sure sweetheart I love you. If I pay you more money…Will you love me more?

One day I got a call from my POOR friend with the RICH girlfriend.

He was frustrated…He goes to Bumrungrad Hospital every once in a while. Soar throat, aching knee, cold, pain in the toe, etc.

He said: – I don’t know what to do? She is just sleeping and watching soap operas on TV. I will take her to my psychologist. OK? (So, taking a BARGIRL to a shrink will do any good). Well, I didn’t say a word.

He took her to the psychologist a few times and also made them do a BIG health check on her. They checked everything! They even scanned her brain.

WHO PAID? You’ll be the judge! LOL

So, no money. Overdrawn bank account. Living in a expensive apartment with a skanky bitch WITH money. Just for you information: HE IS ALSO PAYING HER MONTHLY = 100,000 baht a month!

Yes, that is great! Don’t you agree? No further comments…

I am moving away from the Nana district very soon. How the hell could I have lived here for over 18 months? LOL

I have seen it all! I sometimes see the same ladies with a new man everyday.

Nice ladies! Yes, of course. And they have had sex with the WHOLE WORLD! So you really get the good feeling.

Have you ever seen a bargirls phonebook in her cellphone? Have you ever seen a bargirls MSN contact list at various internet cafés? It’s a spectacle…

One night I was talking to this freelance lady on the street. She usually works at Biergarten.

She told me that her record was 11 customers in one day. Do you want to be customer number 11? Sure go down on her too…Well, get her a visa and take her to your country. She will be the wife of your dreams…!

One day I was checking out a few dating websites…FIND A THAI GIRL ONLINE!

I even paid for one month subscription to see what is was like.

This has to be better than a lady from the Nana parking lot?

I read and I checked pictures I also chatted with some ladies.

This is what I found out after 2 weeks:

“I'm looking for a single man who is single and can look after me and my parent forever. He must be one woman man, romantic, good heart, non smoking, and don't drink too much, not fat.” Well, some of the girls like fat men too!

As longest you can pay…

I met a guy from USA in Pattaya a few months ago. He told me: FIRST YOU LOVE THEM AND THEN YOU HATE THEM. He had lived in Thailand for 27 years. And I can sometimes agree with him. LOL!

Why are farangs coming to Thailand? For the food? The culture? The temples?

Naah, I let you answer that…

First time I came to Thailand I didn’t like it. Too hot, no air con, hookers, under-developed etc.

Well, look at me now. I am living in Bangkok… Yes, and I am living here because of the food and the fresh air! SURE!

One other thing I have noticed. There are a lot of farangs in Bangkok complaining a lot. <Good to hear I am not the only oneStick>

It feels like some guys really has taking it to the limit. Bad food, Bad coffee, Bad ladies, Bad traffic, Bad air, EVERYTHING IS BAD. Why are they living in Thailand? Why are they in Bangkok living on Sukhumvit where the air is bad?

And the taxi is expensive and the footstall guy ripped them off…-“I paid 45 baht when I was supposed to pay 35 baht”. They can argue about 10 baht for at least 30 minutes!

After the argument they can just walk in to a bar pay 5 lady drinks and have a few beers. Ring the bell and pay everyone inside the bar without raising a eyebrow! That is economy my friends…

Then we have the other ones who complain about EVERYTHING! And they would never pay 60 baht for a lunch. Yes, and they would never pay a taxi 100 baht from Silom to Sukhumvit. NEVER! But they can pay a HOOKER 1,000 baht just for company! Yes, and they can give away money and drinks to HOOKERS they have never seen before.

The last thing I want to write is about a lady I met on the Internet a few years ago.

First time I met her. We met in Bangkok she wanted to have a visa and come to live with me in FARANGLAND. She was a top student. And she had been studying political science in Bangkok. Very nice and sweet.

Nothing ever happened. I was just too busy running around Nana as a tourist back then.

I went back home to my country. And we continued to chat. After a while she told me she had met a man from USA. He lived in Utah. OK? So far so good. He had never been outside the US. He had found her on a Thai dating site. Now all of a sudden he came to BKK to see her. He got her a new phone and gold necklace. And she was chirping like a bird on a twig.

He was also paying her a monthly fee. And he told her not to start work. He wanted to take her to USA to be his wife. She was so happy now. After a few months he came back to BKK again. This time they applied for a visa. She waited almost 9 months. And then finally she got a marriage visa. She called me and said that she would have a goodbye party in Lad Prao. I was more than welcome.

I went there with one of her friends in a taxi. And I met all her best friends. And I also met the man from USA. A big guy in his late forties. Big mustache, big belt buckle, and boots. No, cowboy hat though. And the political science lady had a new platinum diamond ring on her finger. We sat and talked and we had a nice dinner. All the ladies ordered the most expensive dish on the menu. They had a few bites. And was probably waiting to get out of there to have some som tam! We all had a good time. And the US guy asked for the CHECK… I said I could pay half since it’s her goodbye party. He just kindly told me he would pay for everything. He grabbed his wallet and passed it over to his beloved girlfriend.

Do you know what she said in Thai?

She said: Look girls I have farang now and look how much money I have! Yippee!

I just thought: Good girl?

After a few weeks she was online on MSN. And I asked her.

-Are you happy now in USA?

Yes, very happy.

So, he takes care of you well?

Yes, he pays for everything I want. And I have a new computer now. And he will buy a house for me.

So, can I ask you? Why did you go to USA with a man who is maybe 20 years older than you? And do you think he is attractive?

– Hmmm, he is very good and have a good heart. I don’t care about age.

Ok, so why did you not get married with a Thai man from same class as you and same education?

– Hmmm, you have to understand in Thailand people poor.

So, you are telling me that you went to USA just to secure your future?

– You not understand! In Thailand very poor. No money!

So, why is a lady like you not a BARGIRL or a BAD GIRL, going to USA and getting married with a big fat man? You could have found a very nice handsome Thai man your own age? WHY?


Anyways, I went to the nightclub at the basement on Ambassador Hotel 2 month ago. I saw her with her friends there. I was alone and I walked to their table and said hello to everybody including the POLITICAL SCIENCE LADY! I asked:

· How do you feel living in the US now?

I am very lonely!

Sure, living in the desert in Utah might be very lonely…

It was so loud in the nightclub and I had nothing more to say. So, I said goodbye and walked back home…

Are the bargirls and the ladies at True or 7 11 different?

Or is the Political Science lady a gold digger?

Take it easy

Take care ya’ll’

Stickman's thoughts:

I erupted in laughter when I read one part of this submission. The bit where you said women had said in their profiles online that they want man to look after them and respect Thai culture and buy them a house. I was going to write a weekly column about this, using various women's profile messages to show how similar they are to the bargirls.

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