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Farangs and Bargirls

  • Written by Astor80
  • September 3rd, 2007
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Near Past of Bar Scene In Thailand

In the early nineties Thailand started to get a bad name. According to the media, everyone had AIDS and child sex was rife. All this seemed totally bizarre stuff to residents of Thailand
who read all the newspapers open-mouthed. The happy country began to acquire the completely undeserved reputation of being depraved.

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A lot of what was written and reported was nonsensical, sensationalist shit dreamt up by journalists who had never been to Thailand. Even so, it began to affect tourism badly. Any lone male going to Thailand and especially Pattaya for their holidays was
suspected as very probably being a child molesting pervert, or at best some kind of a weirdo. In the mid to late nineties the truth began to come out.

Leonardo Di Caprio’s movie “The Beach” was released, and suddenly everyone wanted to g to Thailand. Why not? Thailand never had just been about sex tourism. The people are friendly and tolerant of foreigners. It is safe
enough if you behave yourself and there is loads to do and plenty to see. Everything is ridiculously cheap and the food and the weather are great.


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Most of the farangs that come to Pattaya are good-hearted, but they are often very stupid over the bar girls. When the American servicemen came, and even the very first German tourists, the girls used to treat
them like Thai men and take care of them very well.

But over the course of time, the farang men have acted so foolishly that our girls have now realised that they are completely different from Thai men, and that they will still give them plenty of money and gifts even if they behave badly.

Those first lucky farangs who came to Pattaya and paid girls to stay with them were treated as companions and pampered properly as they would a Thai man. And who would never argue or speak badly to their “boyfriends”. Even the tourists who
only took the girls for a night or two would be massaged and would have their finger and toe nails cut; and their bodies would be washed from head to toe before being pleased with the best sex that a girl could offer. This was the Thai way then.

Now, every ban nok (upcountry) village in Thailand has girls who have worked in Pattaya and the softness – if not the stupidity – of most farang men is almost legendary, so much so that now even new girls from upcountry know that they
do not need to try too hard to relieve a tourist of his money.


Of course, there are still some good girls around Pattaya but they are very few and far between now. And the poor farangs continue to fall in love and end up broken-hearted when the girls get bored and the romance is over.

Many farangs come to Thailand with the idea of saving a poor but beautiful Thai girl who will surely love him forever for rescuing her from a life of poverty. These men very often end up hopeless drunks who sit around in miserable groups bemoaning the
stupidity of the Thai girls who it seems, did not want to be saved at all and who have no concept of the benefits of a comfortable and secure life with a partner that they cannot even communicate with. Now and again I see a marriage or a relationship
that seems to be working, but no matter how long a couple stay together there is always the danger that one day the girl will decide that she wants to be a Thai again.

I do not live in Thailand but I am a frequent visitor. I spent 700 – 800 days of the last 10 years in Thailand. I read a lot about, the history of bars and about Thailand and Thai people. I did not have any serious relationships with a bargirl
and I hope I will not. Do not relate bargirls with common Thai girls. Most bargirls are uneducated people from villages who cannot point out their country on a world map nor their hometown on a Thailand map (just a simple example). I have many
common Thai female friends who are well educated and speak advanced English who avoid the red light scene and tourist areas – they even avoid walking next to farang not to be surmised that they are a bargirl.

Most bargirls have a Thai boyfriend or husband who is waiting for baht in the room and ride them to work, call them early morning to check out. Do not believe they are all divorced. “I am finis my husband because him drink too mut, him gamble”.
That could be true but if all the bargirls I met who told me they are divorced and if it was all true, Thailand would be the leading country of deviation between couples.

Many an experienced traveler or expat would know that most of bargirls enjoy having sex with a Thai man more than a farang. Do you know some even pay to have sex with Thai man at karaoke bars? There are Thai men working at karaoke bars like
bargirls. At some time around midnight men line up on the stage and girls choose them. Girls buy them drinks and if they like him, pick him up. Just think twice or more before falling in to it.

I would be very glad if that helped you or if you got any little different point of view.

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