Stickman Readers' Submissions August 27th, 2007

You Can Love Me Long Time?

I many read story here and not know how to think. Make me so angry. Why you can think girl who work in bar really love you? I not say all bar girl bad but most want only take your money. Not want to love you. How you can believe? I not understand you.
You know she go with you for money. She many go with farang for money. How you think she can stop for you? When you go she many go with farang again. Why you not see?

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My English not so good so I not understand many story. Farang so crazy. Talk so ting tong. Many story talk about Thai lady all bad. How you can say when you only know bar girl? We not all same same. When I read story tell about Daeng I many
have water come in my eyes. Make heart hurt mak mak. Why you not look for good Thai lady? Maybe you not so good farang huh?

Do you think it so hard to find good lady? Many good Thai lady want to meet farang but farang all want to have bar girl. I only 25 years and I not work bar. I see some farang but them all butterfly. I not want butterfly. Farang all want lady
who let them butterfly. That not me. You think Thai lady all bad. Farang many look bad but I not say all. I still think I can find good man. Why have to so hard?

One time I have farang same old me. When I at work him want to sex my friend. Then him mad me when I tell him go. Not want any more. My friend him lady boy. Why farang so crazy about want lady boy? Why you want more than me? Now I look for
farang him maybe 40 years. If when you see maybe you think I only want him money. That not true. I want to have man for love me. Not only want money. If when man good Thai lady can so easy for love.

Now I many have thing for look when pick man. Want him maybe 40 years. I same you lady. Same you. Want to have secure. Think man him 40 now be ok in him job. Not have to worry money all time. I not want him money for always spend. Want only
for him can take care me and baby. I not have baby now but want to have with good man. Him can not butterfly. If him need for be with more lady I not want. Him can not smoke. I not like. Smell bad. Can not kiss and like for jup jup my
man mak mak. I not want for him drink. If drink only nit noi can ok. If go bar and always so much for drink I not want. When him drink all time maybe him go with bar girl. Have to worry all time. Not have secure in my heart. Not want
for have baby with man like that. If one day him do so bad make me think poor my baby. Not want to think that.

Understand? I not care so much how him look. Not have to so handsome but just not for be so ugly. A little bit fat ok but can not so fat. All the time see bar girl. She go with man so fat and so not look good. You know she only do for money.
Oh how she can do that? Not have to rich but have to dress ok. Not want for have people think bad you. Farang tell me not care what con Thai think him. When say that same you say not care me. If when con Thai look at you low then them look me
so low more than you. How you can say love me and let people think me so low? Oh no. Not want to have man like that. And like so much if can make me laugh. Like sanuk mak. Many have time for sad. Not need for man make me sad.

Thai people many take bath each day. Why farang not like for bath so much? Con Thai always take bath before go to bed. Why farang not like? Farang say only take one bath. Take in morning before go to work. Not need to take when go to bed.
How him can do? I like for be so close to my man why him can not care if men? Farang so many only think about what him want. Why him not think so much about Thai lady? If when think so much about lady only when think for sex. That why you not
get good Thai lady.

Many Thai lady out there who look for good man. We not hard for find. Maybe you blind or stupid like buffalo. If you want for find me must look with your heart. Not look with your jew. Farang so much look like only care to sex Thai
lady and leave. If that you then stay in bar. Many have bar girl for help you. If look with you heart you can find me. That all I want. If when make me love you then I'm only have room in my heart for you. When look my eye only see you. If
that you then you not worry for your jew. I'm take good care him too.

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And not think you can come play game for me. If that you then not stop here. If you the one for get my heart I show you every day how I love you. Love you mak mak. My heart I can give so easy. My hoi I not give so fast. If you not want for
wait then I not want you. I not give to everybody. Understand? If you can love me you not be sad. But I not the girl for give everything so fast. Farang always want for go fast. I good girl. I here. You need for show for me your true love. Can
you love me long time?

Now I go. Not want for trouble you any more.

Stickman's thoughts:

A good Thai girl lor?

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