Stickman Readers' Submissions August 23rd, 2007

Why Did I Let My Girlfriend Have Paid Sex With A Thai Boy Part 2

Please understand: SHE WANTED IT!

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I think my report gives already some hints why it happened respectively why I lost, step by step, my self confidence to try to strictly reject her special desires.

Probably I made the decisive mistake right in the beginning, when I gave her a wrong signal:

Instead of reacting outraged (…like she does furiously when I dare to only have a look on other girls), when Claudia cautiously uttered that she has 'fantasies' with Thai boys, I reacted depressed, sad and kept silent. I think it was this instant lack of aggressiveness from my side, which made her slip away through my fingers towards the point of no return.

Secondly I was surprised that Claudia was at this time already in extreme heat for a Thai boy. From my initial reaction she obviously did sense 'space for tolerance' from my side.

After my initial reaction the dam broke: The more obsessively she wanted it, the less I dared to stop her with a clarifying: STOP IT NOW!

It is not easy to explain, but I think after reaching this point I increasingly avoided emotional confrontation with Claudia, fearing I might lose my girl. Like I pointed out, she is a beautiful, very well shaped girl…a lot of guys turn after her home in Germany…but all of them she let 'starve'. ''Sorry gentlemen…no chances, Rainer is my partner!" In the Bangkok surroundings this was totally different…her mood changes quickly, not I, but she was after some extreme fun…breaking taboos, etc.

So losing my girl or rather learning to accept to share her with a paid Thai guy, who is bedding her in our holidays?

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Then there was this desperate hope from my side ''…okay it will be some kind of ridiculous one night stand and she will be disappointed and fed up with this rather slim Thai guys afterwards.'' As you can read in my report this was an illusion…and latest at the breakfast table it was sealed that Claudia was in a 'rewarding' sex-relationship with a Thai.

It seems to be a paradox, but after she did it several times with the Thai boy (..they had even four hours before our return flight was due a last 'good-bye bonk', it still upsets me somehow) our relationship normalized quickly back in Germany and Claudia is very kind and attentive to me…calling me ‘tolerant’ and a good and reliable partner. This let me suspect that maybe quite a number of girls and women who enjoy a stable relationship would go simultaneously astray to look for extra 'sex-kicks', once they

a) are sure that the will not endanger their relationship and

b) can rely on their male partner that he will not start to date other girls.

It annoyed me extremely to think about what has happened behind that 'do-not-disturb' hotel door in Bangkok…the disturbing images in my they he touched her tits…how my Claudia opened finally her legs for an exotic stranger…how they came both in a hot Bangkok night! On the other hand it is these images what made me even more jealous and probably that is the reason why I am very much after my girl.

So, I hope I could give you a least some kind of answer.


Stickman's thoughts:

This is a seriously messed up situation. She can bonk Thai guys but if you so much as look at someone else she growls at you? You’re under the thumb. You need to harden up! Where is your spine?! I thought German men were known for being emotionally strong? Tell Claudia what you want in your relationship and if she does not accept that, then it is time to move on.

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