Stickman Readers' Submissions August 7th, 2007

A Lao Woman Called Noi

This is my story. I traveled over to Thailand to work at a hotel in Nongkhai. When I arrived in Bangkok I quickly met a quiet local girl whilst out one evening on Khao Sarn Road. I stayed a week in her company before traveling up to Nongkhai. After a
week at my job I soon got bored. So I invited the girl to come stay with me. I rented an apartment so we could stay together. After a while I asked her to find work so that she could help me with the living costs. She didn't make any effort
and after a month I told her enough was enough and I sent her back to Bangkok. That was a horrible thing to do and she phoned me crying several times which made things worse as I knew what I had sent her back to in Bangkok.

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I decided to leave the job, leaving my bad feelings behind In Nongkhai. Next I traveled across the Freedom Bridge and into Vientiane. I was feeling really low at this point so I went out and ended up meeting a Lao girl called Noyna at the
Don Chan Palace in Vientiane. Noyna's friend was interested in me, but I wasn't on the prowl for a girl after the month I had just had in Thailand!

I ended up staying with Noi and not the friend that liked me and we traveled to Vang Vieng and then to Luang Prabang where I suggested we met her family. She informed me that she had not seen them for 10 years due to work in Vientiane. I spent the whole
of the Lao New Year with Noi and her family. I was introduced to her community and everything was brilliant and I had never felt so happy. I spent 3 months with Noi.

I flew back from Vietnam and Cambodia to see her. Both times she had been lying to me. I found pictures of men she had been with on her phone whilst I was away.

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She smoked yaba and went crazy on me one evening. Actually smashing a glass bottle on her head, they drink too much and although seem sweet and innocent, they actually have hidden agendas. My favorite line used by Noi was; "where
is money you"! She didn't care about the use of condoms and even though I spent the whole of the Lao New Year with her and her family that didn't seem to matter to her.

We try to speak now, but she has forgotten me already and jokes about other men. I fell head over heels for this girl. Now she doesn't care at all. On one occasion after flying all the way from Hanoi to Vientiane to be with Noi, who I missed too
much after 2 weeks apart, I arrived in Vientiane and Noi was on edge. To cut a long story short, two days later Noi disappeared after saying she was going out to get food. Her friend informed me that Noi had gone to Pakse in the south of Laos.
I stupidly traveled their in hope of finding her. Her friend had lied as she hadn't left Vientiane! I came back 3 days later to find she had been staying with an ugly long haired Australian who she had told me about a month before. I found
their hotel and managed to get the room number by lying to the receptionist. He was shocked to see me, a little scared too. He actually told me that Noi had informed him about me. So why did he stay with her a week. What a bastard! <Not his fault at all. She was clearly a working girl and getting it on with half the townStick>

I actually gave her another chance as I truly loved this girl. Then on the second occasion just before I was due home after 6 months away, I flew from Siem Reap to Luang Prabang for my final 4 days with Noi. She wasn't there, but in
Vang Vieng. So a 6 hour bus journey, 1 night in Vang Vieng and then Back to Luang Prabang. I visited her family and then to my horror I managed to get a look at her phone which she always had on her. She had done it again! This time their were
pictures of her and a back packer. I was devastated. The first time was bad enough, but the second ripped me to pieces. We had kept in contact regularly when I was away and I believed her. Another line she used was; "we are not married"..
What a dark hearted person she is!

I went to the Don Chan Palace several times with Noi and met most of her friends. All I can say is that prostitution is rife in Laos; the women are just shyer about it and lie well. Every time I went to the Don Chan Palace, Noi's friends
had different men. Some even spoke about their boyfriends abroad. But later that night they would be back on the game. The Lao girls are beautiful, yes. But you have to realize that they do anything for money. One girl who seemed decent was later
joined by an old German man whilst I was in a group of Noyna's friends. I soon got up and left as I didn't want to be seen with this man – which none of the girls could understand.

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The truth is do not fall for Asian women. The main reason they want you is for your wallet. We westerners are walking cash machines after all… I gave this girl hardly anything as I had already experienced Thai women's ways. Now I feel
like I wasted 3 months taking care of her and meeting her family, who liked me a lot. Now I have been home 2 weeks. She talks to me like a stranger and goes out looking for men. Her reason is she wants to take care of her family. But then if she
had stayed with me, not cheated and used her head, I would have been back with her in 3 months and all of her problems would have been answered. I spent most of my time in Laos looking for work so I could stay with her and planning a good future
for us both. She most be crazy to let me go.

Asian women are selfish, and play games, but you will learn that yourself if you trust them. I am 23 years of age, she is 26. Now she will keep getting messed around and lied to and maybe one day has to settle for a wrinkly 50+ man

How stupid is she!

Stickman's thoughts:

You're 23, so you've hardly hit your peak earning potential yet, and doesn't little Noi know it. That long-haired Aussie and the older German most likely had a few more boxes of Lao Kip than you did. And come on, you're 23! No-one should settle down at that age! Go out and have some fun!

The next thing is…if you want to meet a girl for a serious relationship then the bars of Khao San Road or Vientiane's hooker bars are not the place for them. Those girls are for a bit of fun, and nothing more.

Finally, you went looking for work in Laos? WTF!! And you worked at a hotel in Nongkhai? Myself and a friend checked out what were supposedly the best two hotels there a couple of months back, and these are not thriving 5 star joints like Bangkok so I can't imagine you earned much there – especially if you had to ask a Khao San princess to help with the bills in cheap Nongkhai.

I don't mean to sound harsh yet….but really, enjoy life for the next several years and then think about getting serious with a bird!

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