Stickman Readers' Submissions August 16th, 2007

A Good Guy Gone Bad

I arrive at Hualampong station at 6.30 AM. It's been a nearly 9 hour journey, made at least bearable by my 2nd class sleeper carriage. I'm trying the underground for the first time and have to say it's most clean and efficient. Next a short BTS ride and I'm checking in to my hotel for next 3 days. This morning I have paperwork to fill in, and afternoon it's off to the British embassy to hand an application in.

Walking back from Ploenchit I'm stopped by a group of 3 young women and asked to help them with a survey. Yes of course I believe those Amazing Thailand shirts….and two of the girls are cute students too. The most forward I'll call her Mon was giving it her best to convince me to go listen to her boss for an hour and explaining how this would help her get a point towards 1,000 baht for the day. Well I'm in no hurry and unfortunately for them I'm well aware of what's awaiting me so ok, let's have some fun. A 10 minute taxi ride and I'm at a hotel being introduced to their female boss. 10 minutes later and I've sadly given the wrong answers as my free gift and 1 hour change to a sorry and thank you for coming anyway. The cute Mon well she has to go now, thank you and Khun Jai Dee Maak. I did give her my number, but she never called.

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Now I should note that in 4 years and many trips to Thailand and Asia I had never been to a gogo bar or any other P4P type bar. Although I'm sure a few of the women I've spent my time with have worked there or were freelance in their own way. The important thing is I had no need to go, I am 32 years old and still relatively fit and good looking. If I actually try to be friendly and polite in most places in the world, I've found myself in the company of women and in most cases and I'm talking 95% at least, this will eventually lead you to find yourself in bed with them. That's right, women like sex too especially non bar girls believe me, you just have to give them the comfort zone to feel ok.

So at 9.00 PM I'm sitting in my hotel room watching TV. I don't know 100% why but I had known all last week what I was going to do, it's just would I do it. So yes, I'm out the hotel and walking to Soi Cowboy, could have been Nana but I went for what sounded like a calmer environment. Now I wasn't really sure what I wanted I just well…wanted if that makes sense. I'm about 10 feet down the road when the girls start to call, but not pushy in anyway. I had decided I would try and walk all the way, it's not a long road after all. Making it to the other end in one piece and deciding to turn back I walked slowly this time, much more on the look out for the one that could tempt me.

I made near the end when a group of girls from one of the bars call me, and there she is. I'll call her Sa. A quick and simple hello and we're in to the bar. I'm showed a seat and asked if I want a drink. A beer for me and yes a drink for her after all she ask in 30 seconds anyway I presume. There are about 6 – 8 girls up on stage with very little on, and although slightly distracting for a few seconds, it's still just virtually naked girls. Maybe I'm too old to get excited over a pair of tits, or too young. But have you seen nightclubs in the west, there not that much difference a lot of the time.

Now before we get into anything she promptly informs me that she already has a customer for tonight sitting across the bar and sorry but maybe tomorrow. I told her as best I could with a straight face mai pen rai while I just wanted to burst out laughing. First bar girl and I'm done out of a lady drink for nothing in less than a minute. Ok I decide might as well view what else is on offer and enjoy my drink.

Then there she was, took me a while to pick her out, she wasn't putting much effort into the dancing and certainly not flirting with any customers like most of the rest. But her body looked good, no tattoos (a definite no for me) and a hint of a shy smile when our eyes met. She danced for a good 10 minutes and I kept eye contact, you could see the other girls notice and they tried to get her to flirt but she would not. Then I make it clear with hand signals that I want her to come join me. She's still got a unsure look in the eye, she asks one of the girls something and then we realise its the first girls lady drink still sitting next to mine, she thinks I have a girl already, a quick laugh and explanation and we seem ok. I'll call her Tun.

She finishes dancing and comes over, still rather shy compared to others around, but ok. I'll see where this leads, it's clear she knows just a little English only but I get her a drink and another for me, and we try a few simple questions. I make sure to ask if she has a customer already lined up for tonight and the answer is no. I ask if she wants to back to my hotel, answer is up to me but only short time please. Ok deal is made and first bar fine paid.

A few minutes later we're back in my room, conversations are short but I speak a little Thai so that put her at ease. It's a few minutes of TV then of to the showers, me first. She comes out with the towel wrapped around her and I turn the light off. A little kissing and it seems she's not into foreplay. Ok, lets go for it. Except well, not quiet, she's very tight and after a few attempts my trusty little friend gets bored and let's me down. Ok that was a let down but she's game to let me try to recover for a few moments then we try again. Finally I'm in and away we go. I won't describe the next few minutes but she runs out of energy. Unbelievable, but ok we stop and chat and she confesses to having a boyfriend. Ok here's where I expect the attempt to get paid and leave, but no, Tun's willing to try and finish the job.

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Then we're into it again I think she's getting excited but no they are tears, and plenty. I make a guess it's the boyfriend and yes, she loves him, blah blah blah. So I kick her out the room right…no I listen I don't know why maybe I am a good guy.

Turns out in 5 months at the bar I'm her 3rd customer. Her first chased her for a few weeks, took her virginity for 30,000 baht (seen the bank account to prove it too) <What's the code they used for that VFUK?Stick> used her and a month later told her he could not marry a Thai, liked farang women and went back to his home country, leaving her broken hearted. The 2nd apparently was 80 years old and just wanted to sleep. She spent the next 20 minutes crying to me about her first love. After I take her back to the bar and tell maybe I'll be back again tomorrow to see her, if she wants…UP TO ME!

Well actually next day I had plans, 2.00 PM and I'm meeting a women I've chatted online to for nearly 4 months. She speaks good English and has a normal job, university educated and while not stunning, looked nice. We meet near Robinsons and go play some pool for a couple of hours. She's fun and easy to chat to. We go to the movies and after for dinner a nice roadside Thai restaurant. She calls time at 9.00 PM and goes home. I'm enjoyed the simplicity of good conversation and despite no bedroom action it's a nice finish to the day.

Except I don't go back to the hotel. No of course not. I find myself walking back to Soi Cowboy. I'm walking back into the same bar and find myself a seat, quick look at the dancers and can't see Tun, get a drink and then as if by magic she's next to me. Looks really surprised to see me and happy. I get drinks for us both and she goes off to chat to someone I find out to be her older sister. Sa from the night before comes over and says she's free but knows I have a girl already, I tell her yes and never mind. Tun is back and I ask if she's wants to go with again. Answer up to me, ok short time or long time….up to me. Ok all night then, sure its ok, ok ka. Barfine and checkbin and we're off. Clearly the other girls know that this is unusual for her and a little teasing on the way out for her.

We stop off at Foodland for a few bits and she doesn't bother me for anything and in fact other than an English comic book, only gets things I ask her if she would like and the bill is less than 500 baht for us both. Back to the hotel and I admit to expecting her to find an excuse to go home at 2.00 AM when the bar closes. We watch some TV, chat a bit then shower time. This time we have no problem getting going and while not spectacular it's nice. Then the tears again, and she tries to keep going, but can't. It's another crying session and more explanation of her feelings and life this last few years.

Her sister is a half sister who got her the bar job 5 months ago because Tun was doing nothing except reading comics, watching TV and sleeping. She doesn't like showing her body, but the dancing is ok. She doesn't want to go with most customers and is emotionally attached to the first guy who while was nice and charming chasing her and taking her virginity soon got bored and returned home. She went with me because I was jai dee according to what the other girls had seen of me for 10 – 15 minutes and because I didn't try to grope her straight away.

We then fall asleep despite my guess she wouldn't stay. Next morning and waking her up is an effort in itself. I'm actually changed and ready for breakfast. But she now wants a second round of fun, maybe she felt I was paying and had too. This time was better again and after returning from breakfast she started round three.

I ask if she wants to go shopping and stay with me the afternoon and she's ok for that. We go to Panthip for some things I want, and she asks for nothing. I show her the Platinum Mall a quick walk away and we look in there, she's not asking just looking, and only finds a top with a cartoon character on it of any real interest 200 baht is all the trip costs me. We eat at the Big C food court for less than 100 baht then watch a Thai movie which at least had English subtitles. I'm feeling more like a teenager than a whore monger, and yet still waiting for a trick, a money request, anything.

I have to check out my hotel late as I have a 8.30 PM train to catch and we head to her bar. I'm the only customer as it's early and all the girls tease her about what's she's been doing. I tell her I'll pay her barfine for the night and she can see me to the railway station, then she can have a free night.

At the station we talk some more and it's clear she loves this first customer still, but is starting to ask about a future with me. I make no promises and tell her I will be back in Bangkok in about 10 days and will look her up maybe. But fell free to go with other customers and do as she pleases. She takes a quick look at the sleeper carriage then we're on our separate ways.

Will I go back for her, I don't know but suspect yes, I'm intrigued as to where it could lead and if she's as innocent and honest as appears. I not in love but its something that sounds like a challenge, and she is fun to be with.

I arrive in the northeast 5.30 AM and soon through the door, my wife is waiting and wants a look at the embassy document. It's the registration receipt for our son. I go back next time to collect the certificate. Tomorrow is our 1st wedding anniversary and son's 2nd month anniversary. I love them both and a better wife I could not hope for. She's educated, sexy, and a good mum. I've never cheated on anyone in 16 years of relationships, no intention of leaving this marriage.

Mr. Jai Dee maybe, but I have a secret I have to live with now…and a question.

Am I now a bad guy?

All I know is Tun is waiting…

and it was all to easy!

Stickman's thoughts:

Married less than a year and….. I bet you wouldn't have done that in the UK, so why did you do it here?! Thailand does funny things to some of us.

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