Stickman Readers' Submissions July 24th, 2007

The Farang Private Investigator Service in Thailand

This story takes place over several years.

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Quite a few years ago now, I began spending a considerable amount of time in Thailand because of my job. After a couple of years, I became quite good friends with a girl who worked as a manager in on of the Bangkok bars.

At about the same time, if memory serves me right, my marriage back home started falling apart. I can assure all that it was not as a direct result of my new friendship in Thailand. That may have played been a catalyst, however, as I began
to really contemplate exactly what it was that I was doing in my current marriage at the time, and what I expected from life. I must also add that for several reasons, I had yet to have any kind of intimate relationship with my new friend in Thailand.
And at the time, I never thought there would be any kind of intimate relationship in the future either. My friend and I talked about it once or twice and agreed that it would just ruin our friendship.

Because of my wife’s interaction back home with people I worked with, she eventually found out that I was not spending all of my time in Thailand in the work place, and that I had been out and about, to places including the bar scene.
I’m not sure if she did it because our marriage was already failing, or just because she was looking for justification to prove that the failed marriage was not her fault, but she hired a PI to see what I was up to in Thailand. She gathered
enough bits and pieces of information from those who had been with me for a drink or two in Thailand to give the PI some general direction as to where to go.

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The PI wound up at the bar where my friend worked. He asked for her by name to one of bartenders working there. The hook he used with the bartender was something like, “Do you know how I can get in contact with ‘A” (not
the real name of my friend), I’ve got some information on the condo/apartment that Blake (me) has worked out for her?” Now I must mention that I had never initiated anything with anyone with regard to a condo/apartment for my friend,
and I likewise had never told anyone where my friend worked or lived.

Well, it turns out that the bartender tried to get a hold of “A,” but she could not be reached. But the bartender did know a friend of A’s that was already on duty that night, and so A’s friend was more than happy
to sit down and tell the PI all about A. It turns out that A is a much older Thai woman, already has one kid, and has a history of making the rounds with the farangs. The PI gets some more details about A and shortly reports back to my wife back
home. It seems logical that A has just scored another sponsor with Blake and that their relationship is blossoming.

At about this time, our marriage back home between my wife and I is all but over, save the final paperwork. And in the final days prior to both of us signing the final paperwork, my wife sends some documents to my employer, with “proof”
that I have been committing adultery. The “proof” included documentation from the PI in Thailand, with the results of his “investigation.” This was jut a cheap attempt to try to get me in trouble at work, possibly to
lose my job I guess.

So next comes a standard office investigation to see what I rules I have violated. Just about every person I have ever talked to or travelled with at work was questioned. It turns out that no one, even the people who had originally talked
to my wife about my activities in Thailand, had ever actually seen me – or even suspected me – of do anything that was even remotely indicative of adultery. Mind you, having drinks and going to movies with another woman while one is still married
may be questionable, but it is not adultery. Investigation closed – false accusation. Also at this time, divorce decree granted. What a relief.

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Fast forward to today. I am now happily married to my “friend.” About a year and a half after my divorce, we finally decided that the time was right for our friendship to become something more. We have been married a few years
now, and have a one-year old daughter with a son on the way. We live here in the US but spend a great amount of time in Thailand still. My life could not be happier.

What the PI and my ex-wife don't know. When the PI went to the bar, and talked to A’s friend, he was talking to a relatively new girl working at the bar. She described “A” exactly, but unfortunately she was talking
about the wrong “A.” For anyone familiar with the bar scene, nicknames like “A” are not in short supply. The real A is quite young, and has no kids. Also when the PI arrived at the bar, the real “A” had
a friend who observed all of this go down. The real A’s real friend then called the real A to tell her that there was a tall, skinny guy, who spoke relatively good Thai, at the bar who had some information about a condo/ apartment for A
that Blake had set up. The real A knew 1. That Blake wasn’t doing anything with any condo / apartment and 2. That Blake surely would never tell anyone where the real A lived/worked. So the real A just stayed in her room.

Years have gone by now. It’s quite amusing to look back. As I said earlier, my life is happy as can be now. Lots of guys have horror stories about taking their wives out of Thailand , but not me. No regrets about anything.

Dipshit investigator. Dipshit ex-wife looking for an excuse for why her marriage was failing (and not knowing it was because of her extraordinary immaturity (as demonstrated here)).

Be careful of what you get when you hire an “investigator.”

Stickman's thoughts:

Of course you have piqued my interest with just WHO you hired. I have my suspicions as to who it is…

The point about there being two girls of that name and the PI getting it wrong shows to me that he was sloppy and that he didn't spend enough time on the job. Verifying facts such as this is not difficult.

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